World Cup Fantasy Football

For those that competed in the EPL fantasy football and those who want to try their luck:

World Cup fantasy football,

Code to join this league: 152620-27657

League is 'Sven for the cup'


  • Joined, but there don't seem to be many so far.

    Perhaps if I boing this?
  • Braw Soup Academical ready to kick bum.

  • And might I say I am clearly the only one with a sense of style.

    Everyone else's strip is feckin hideous.
  • Nosferatu signed up!

  • It's only for Premiership players?!
  • yeah I thought that was a bit rubbish too id.
  • Does that mean supporters of Championship sides are excluded? (All Owls players are being kept fresh for the new campaign.)

    Bratwurstfresser signed up anyway.
  • and I couldn't select the one Dundee player to be going :)

    Kelvin Jack of Trinidad and Tobago

    (good job as he's rubbish :)
  • The dude said 'And might I say I am clearly the only one with a sense of style.'

    Does that mean you have gone to the bother of checking everyone else's strip?

  • uh huh.

  • How did you manage to look at the other teams' colours?

    When I try to look at other teams I get 'It is only possible to see other people's teams after their first Gameweek has started.'
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