Nike Air Structure Triax

Martin JMartin J ✭✭✭
I'm on my second pair and get on with them ok. I need soon to buy a new pair. I wondered if there was an alternative to the Nike shoe that I could consider instead.
Would be grateful to hear.


  • plenty of alternatives but why change if you get on with it? i love the structure and im on my 8th pair. If its not broke , dont fix it.
  • Couldnt agree more,if you have no problems then stick with the shoes!!They are coming out in different width fittings in the summer version so look out for that?
  • Thanks
  • They are lovely and i did last years marathon in them. However as i've got fitter and am doing more speed/tempo work, I've now moved onto the Mizuno Wave Maverick which I find feel a little faster and lighter while still having stability features.

    It's well worth having two types of shoes anyway - I've heard this described as "cross-training" for the feet and ankles.
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