Long story, this, so bear with me! Tonight I ran for the first time since I was 13! Older members of this forum might remember me running round my lounge...but I know that didn't really count. The second attempt was about 2 years ago. Joined a gym - went for about 2 months and then winter arrived...too cold. This time is DEFINITELY different (heard that before?) For a start, if I don't sort myself out I'll be dead soon. My motivation is that I've signed all the family up for the Sport Relief Mile (I'll have to tell them soon!) and it's 7 weeks away. I managed 2 x 1 minute runs (at 8.5 kph)in the middle of my walking programme (6kph) so I'm well chuffed. I know it doesn't sound a lot but I hope to increase it as the weeks go by until I can manage that magic mile. Keep it up, there's a good chap!


  • ooooh
    I remember the lounge posts

    ok, ignore me if you want
    last time you did too much too soon
    build up slowy, and keep posting on here
  • and the lounge counted
  • Sorry - didn't mean to ignore you...I was changing my picture!!! I'm not sure I did too much but I certainly expected too much too soon! I will be posting here - I've been secretly visiting and reading again for the past month or so - in fact it's made me join the gym again. Oh, yes - and the mile thingy!
  • Good luck Plodfather! I think having a goal like the Sport Relief Mile is tremendous motivation. I signed up for a 5K when I read the plan on this website, and do you know, I'm actually sticking to it and my training is coming along pretty good!
  • RoobarbRoobarb ✭✭✭
    Well done and welcome to the madness........
  • Well done....and I agree with PH - the sitting room run does count! Take it steady....and you HAVE to keep the training up this time....because you need to be able to out-run the family when you tell them what they are doing in 7 weeks time!!
  • PF,


    I am turning 40 in a few weeks and I don't care who knows it...last year I promised myself fit and 40 not fat and 40. signed up for a race for life last running 10k's (slowly and always a back marker not kidding check out Larkfield 10k results 2nd to last but what fun).

    take your time and just remember when you are plodding.....there are loads of people just sitting at home not plodding but not are doing something about it.

    keep us posted.

    Lynn :)
  • I turned 40 over a year ago
    i am fat
    but i bloody run
    marathons too
    just do it!
  • PH,

    you just inspire me....again and again

    Lynn :)
  • me????????????
    cos a fat blimp keeps doing slow maras

    well, if i can , anyone can
    never say never
  • I can't Hipps!

    But I'll persevere with this 5k ... I hope.

    Well done plodfather. I love hearing of other newbies. Then I don't feel so lonely.
  • Disable email!
  • You cant get away with a disable
    never say never
    I mean it
  • PH,

    I will let you know if I ever plod the 26 miles or so

    Lynn :)
  • well, why woulndt you Lynn
    go for it
  • Easy does it man. You'll more likely keep going if you have goals in your training. They don't have to be big races - it can be things that are significant to you. For example for me it's getting up Pier Hill (in Southend-on-Sea) without feeling as though I need a tow! I know it will happen (eventually) but only if I keep attempting the hill!

    Good luck with the mile; I'll looking out for your updates.
  • overthehilloverthehill ✭✭✭
    Hi Plodfather. I've been doing a beginners running schedule for four weeks now and have only just reached 8 repeats of 1 min run / 2 min walk ... so you are doing marvellously.

    And ... I've just got my first injury to boot - by pushing too hard - so will probably still be on this schedule for a good while to come! Take heed of what peeps say about taking it steady etc.

    Why don't you join us on the 'very fat unfit beginner needs advice' thread and keep us up-to-date with your progress - we can share in your achievements, and you in ours. We keep a running list of who is in what race and when so we can support, encourage and inspire each other - and many of us are very new to running or have not run for a very long time too.

    OTH x
  • Hi again,
    Haven't posted for a while but that's 'cos I've been on holiday - not 'cos I've given up already! Just been to visit the in-laws at a well known seaside resort...Mrs Plod now knows about the mile (our race numbers came through the post!!!) and has started running too! She, however, has the confidence to run (wait for it...) OUT OF DOORS!!! Quite amazing really as no-one seemed to bat an eyelid. In fact there were loads of other plodders, joggers and runners making good use of the prom. Might even venture outside myself soon. As for me I've been sticking with it. My SIL got us a couple of passes for the local gym as I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get on the treadmill for over a week and I would lose interest and motivation. I'm now doing 5 mins 'brisk' walking, then 5 lots of 60 secs jog at 8kph (dropped down from 8.5 as it was too much at the minute)and 60 secs walk at 6 kph finished with 5 mins steady walk. I'm managing that fairly easily. Still a long way to go before I make a mile but at least I'm feeling positive about it! Thanks for all your encouraging comments, too. Hope we both keep it up!!!
    Thought I'd update you on this thread before joining in the other one - so as you know I'm still alive!
  • well done plodfather (and plodwife!)....see you on the other thread :-)
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