Turning up my toes

I appear to have a tendancy to push my big toes out of the top of my shoes.
This not only gets expensive but results in lost toenails.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to address this or a shoe which has a large toe box which will allow my tootsies to roam at will


  • thats a tough one cos some people do seem to have roaming toes, and in my experience get holes in almost all running shoes they wear! i work in a specialist store and its always the same customers who get the holes. I know its odd but hopefully you'll eventually find a shoe that wears longer. Apart from wet toes in the rain, the holes dont affect the performance of the shoes. Sorry i cant be much help.
  • I was recommended Saucony by a specialist running shop as I have broad feet. They have a wider toe box than most apparently.

    As for holes in the shoe, have you tried taping your big toe to its neighbour?


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    Dan, I thought your name was runningguy1...
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