Leg pain

Can anyone help?

I've been experiencing a pain in my right leg whilst running (about half way up between the ankle and knee on the outside of the leg), which disappears with rest. There's no swelling or bruising either.

I've been out of running now for about 5 weeks and a injury specialist didn't know what it was and even said that whatever it was had gone - but it hasn't (or has come back). I'd had my trainers for about 2 months before getting the pain and have covered about 90 miles in them - so have ruled this out!?!?!

Does anyone have any suggestions/previous experience with similar problems?


  • Hey Oliver,

     Sounds like you have shin splits my friend. Not all bad i have suffered (worked) with them for a few years now.  Trial and error really! Cycling and doing other sports in between the running really helps and some months of the year i don't get them altall.

     Can't stress enough warming up and stretching!! RW have alot of stretches that help in there tips section somewhere. Hope this helps :0)


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