Science In Sport

Has anyone out there tried Science In Sport's new Go Nocte drink. Described as a hot chocolate drink that helps in recovery and sleep?


  • Not me.

  • I have tried the strawberry one and i almost gipped. I have also tried normal Rego chocolate with the same kind of reaction. If you can force it down you it alledgedly helps and I certainly did not have aches or fatigue but I reckon peanut butter on toast with some nesquik chocolate milkshake is the recovery combination of choice :o)
  • Have tried the choc nocte, but not the vanilla. Mixes ok cold, but when i heated it, went a gooey mess. Doesn't taste great, similar to rego (which is not the tastiest imo)

    I find Maximuscle's recovermax better than rego for aiding recovery, although i do use SIS GO which i think is good.

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