Just how many dead wealthy Africans are there??

why oh why oh why (in true Radio 2 style) do people, apparently from Africa, keep emailing me claiming to have inherited a zillion pounds but they need my help.. oh, and will I give them my bank account details and I'll get 10%..

errm.. let me think about that.....???

do these scammers ever get any replies??

blimey wimey...


  • lots
  • Take a look at <a href="http://www.419eater.com/">419eater</a> - entertaining site where people have scammed the scammers ..
  • erm.. links not working?? It's

  • Not all of them are scams....

    ...I have just inherited £10 squillion from my tax exile great, great uncles, nephews, next door neighbour. I desperately need to smuggle this money out of the country so that the evil dictator Anthony B-LIAR doesn't get his hands on it. If you send me your bank details I will transfer all the money out, erm, I mean in to your account and let you keep half - honest!
  • Blimey Gordon!! You are a saint!! I'm emailing you my bank details, credit card info, PIN numbers and code to my burglar alarm right now!!!!!

    I know I can trust you.. you told me so, right??


    I'm going to be rich!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I got one of these from Equatorial Guinea once. Could I help transfer gazillions of dollars out of the country.

    It was signed by some bloke calling himself Sir Mark Thatcher.
  • I had a look at 419 site.. some people take it all very seriously...! :)

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