Hotel in or just north of York

I have to go to York for a couple of days and i want to go somewhere with a gym, can anyone recomend one, Google is rubish!


  • dunno about gyms, but i can recommend some good running routes if you like? where are you going to be?
    There's also 2 council-run swimming pools, one of which has a gym attached.
  • Yes please DG, I will be staying (I hope) somewhere between york and Haxby, i may stay at the Hilton cos i get family consession there, but they dont have a gym or pool so a running route would be great :-)
  • I used to live in Haxby, PB, no idea about hotels though, I'm sure DG will sort you out with routes etc. :-)
  • Hi BB - I am taking teen 2 to visit bf after GCSE's and i need to keep myself ammused for a couple of days.......I'm sure they wont have that problem!!!!
  • lol

    <<shakes head in sympathy>>

    I know all about teens doing GCSE's and having bf's :-)
  • Question is BB.....will i ever survive? and how much will this constant hair dye cost me over the years!!!!!

    Or do i just give up and go wrinkley and grey overnight :-(
  • I think we'll survive, other people have :-)

    i know what you mean about the hair dye, I don't want to grey yet but I hate looking stripey :-)
  • DG - if you have those runs avaliable i would be very grateful for them.

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