Waterproof alternative to Asics DS Trainer!

I'm going to be getting a new pair of trainers soon.

Gait analysis is pointing towards something like the Asics DS Trainers which I don't mind apart from the cost!

However as most of my running (a good 75%) is done on grass and all of my races are on the road is there a shoe of similar weight which I can use for both?


  • shoes aren't meant to be waterproof - if water can get in, it can get out again!
    If you are really bothered, try sealskinz socks.
  • What are they?

    I just hate squelching along in my present trainers and want a more waterproof alternative to my next pair!
  • the asics mesh designs do make for comfy shoes but yes almost see through to water!

    i wore sealskinz at the weekend which were ok if a bit warm at times.
  • waterproof socks - try hiking shops. a lot of people use them for fell, but i'm fine with wet feet.
  • Just got onto their website.

    Which sock have you used Ed and Duck? There are about 4!
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