2nd Effort

Well no running this time...

My boyfriend and I decided to walk to a new housing development and take a further look at some property. It was a half hour BRISK walk... then some questions at the show house, followed by walking around the estate and then another half hour BRISK walk home.

Certainly not as exhausted at after the first session... but we lasted longer and we kept the pace up.

Roll on Wednesday! lol



  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    Doing well Sue - an hour's brisk walk AND a look round some nice new houses into the bargain. Can't be bad. What are your plans for Wednesday then?
  • Well..a bonus of the route we went along is that I have discovered an area which I thought of as waste land, but which in fact is covered by a network of LIT footpaths. FLAT LIT FLOOTPATHS!!!! So it appears I have found somewhere to run!!! eek... Did I say that?? lol Also it is on the final uphilly bit to where I live... so a slight downward slope to return home! Rats!! my excuses are fast disappearing!

    Maybe we'll go and look at the houses in the town centre.. wont want to run along busy streets! heehee

  • Sue, it's not your excuses are disappearing - you're now making excuses TO run (unlike last week). hee! Now that's funny and well done lass! Come on get the trainers on and get going nevermind waiting for Wednesday :o)
  • I agree Cath...

    But I've decided to take things VERY slowly and follow the programme...

    The bonus being... I've been wishing it was Wednesday today so I could get out and run! (walk with the odd jog I mean).. So I'm happier leaving it another day if it means I'll be more motivated.

    Roll on tomorrow!

  • Sue, it's excellent news that you are feeling so motivated! Keep it up, and enjoy the run tomorrow.


  • Hi Sue
    just checking up on you how you got on with your run tonight. I've just recovered after a 3mile run. I've had 4 weeks off (rehab after op.) and it was a bit of a struggle, but I'm getting back into it quite quickly.
    Talk to you later
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