Race for Life - City of London

Is anyone doing this event who knows where the start and finish is ?

My girlfriend is running for the first time and has received hardly no info at all.

All I can find on line is a vague route description, any one have any details.



  • My wife is running too and yes, info is rubbish! that's fairly typical of the race for life series - she did Paddock Wood last year and there was little info (none on course) then either.
    However, on day organisation was very good and I think that is typical too.
    Seems start/finish is near City Thameslink station/Holborn Viaduct/Smithfields market (a fairly small area really). I'm sure we'll find it on the day. Good luck
  • Hi

    I'm running the racxe for life on Sunday as well, you're right about the information it's rubbish! A quick question for you Beads - was there a baggage drop at the paddock wood run last year?

  • I'm doing this tomorrow too. The start is apparently on Giltspur Street, St Paul or Farringdon would probably be the closest tube stations.

    Map: http://streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=531795&y=181409&z=1&sv=giltspur&st=1&tl=Giltspur+Street,+EC1&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf
  • And I've just checked the website and discovered that they're not handing out water at the finish! That's a bit rubbish...
  • Hi all,

    how did you find the race skinny? It was hot wasn't it and thankfully they did hand out water at the end, phew. Can't say I noticed a baggae drop though....

    Loved the aerobics warm up certainly got me ready for anything.
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