after many years of subscribing to this magazine, i've reached the conclusion that i no longer enjoy it and wish to stop my subscription, i'm sure there used to be somewhere on this site where you could check how manny issues of your subscription were left but i can't find it any more :(

don't get me wrong i still like to read the magazine occaisionally but due to injury running just doesn't do it for me at the moment hence the last 2 issues still being in their plastic bags, i just can't handle any more salt being rubbed in the wounds.


  • Just shout very loud and then spin around three times shouting "UNSUBSCRIBE!" continually.


  • cancel your direct debit, that should get their attention!!
    the mag is so american now it is unbelievable!!!
  • earl,
    i tried that and i fell off my chair like that woman who's insurance company "makes her happy" (they made me very misersable when i phoned them)
  • Try emailing rodale or whoever it is that does these things.
  • right then i've stopped my direct debit, just in time actually as next one was due in a couple of weeks. and have just found a phone number 01858 438852 and spoken to a lovely lady named andrea who's cancelled the subscription from the runner's world end. well that was painless enough.

    who knows in a few years or so i may be back plodding along and subscribing again (oooh i wonder if the free gift will still be a watch?)but for now i'll just buy when i fancy it.

    adios amigos
  • Tatty bye.
  • Thanks Ducky 2 - just used that phone number to do the same!

    No time to read mag since having baby and little time to run either.

  • I found this website under "customer services" which shows you all your subscription info.  It's for the parent company but you just select "runners world" and all is revealed.


    It shows you how many editions remain on your sub and when the direct debit expires etc...  I wanted to unsubscribe because I's got everything I needed from the magazine, i.e training plans, advice and inspiration for the London Marathon.  With that done, I don't need the mag.

  • Can you remain a member of this forum even you you do not subscribe to RW?
  • Yeah, no need to subscribe to be a member. Subscribers do get premium content though, whatever that might be!!
  • Some events on here are subscriber only - never understood that!
  • The forum is commonly known as the best thing about RW. Must be loads of people on here who don't ever get the mag.

     Funny someone mentioned how 'American' the mag was becoming - as the best ever edition I had read was the US version. Much more in depth and interesting!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    A five year old thread?  Someone will be along to sell us toilet seats in a minute.
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