I'll listen next time

I recently posted that I'd started running again and how much I was enjoying it, shortly followed by a post about how I was now injured and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Although I was sold the wrong shoes and that obviously didn't help, I'm almost certain it was me pushing far too hard far too early that caused my injury.

Even though it was the first bit of advice anyone gave me on here I still found it almost impossible not to push too hard.

I'm finally after what seems like an eternity ( even though it was only a fortnight) back to doing very steady runs on the flat no more than 35-40 minutes.

The trouble I have is that I'm quite fit, I regulary cycle and my long weekend cycle ride is 60+ miles, so with that and walking my dogs I'm fairly fit.

So when it comes to running something I used to be able to do quite well many moons ago, the heart and lungs are willing but my poor legs are sadly not.

So I just wanted to post and say I'm actually listening this time and not going to run like an idiot and injure myself again, so thanks for the initial advice and this time I'll actually take it.



  • Good luck this time Steve.

    Don't worry, you will soon build up the stamina, then you can work on strength, like hills, then get to grips with speed.
    Got any races in mind?
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Good luck Steve. It must be frustrating for you to have to rein in your enthusiasm but, as BD says, you'll soon be able to do more.
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