Personal at Pewsey

So pleased, I've just got to shout it from the roof tops
....I did a personal by NINE minutes at the Pewsey half !!!! 2 hrs 03 minutes. And the winner only did 1hr 20 !!!!!!!! AM I going to come down with a bang ????? Or am I going to go under 2hrs at Windsor ????


  • Well done George.
    I hear Pewsey is quite tough.

    Windsor was my PB until I did a really flat one at Bristol.

    I think the atmosphere at Windsor will pull you through.

    Good luck.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Well done George. You WILL go under 2 hours at Windsor because everyone will be watching you - now is that puting you under pressure or what?
  • Well done George,
    sorry I didn't get to see you, I only planned to go Saturday evening and I didn't see anyone looking like your picture to say hello to! Being such a small venue, we most probably passed each other several times. I was with two other runners who had kindly given me a lift.

    I've never done this course before and think it was quite a toughy, very undulating, so you should get under the 2 hrs at Windsor.

    I had a good first half then basically hung on until the finish. Still not running well for me, but running that's the main thing!
  • Hilly,

    Didn't realize that you might be there and in reflection, didn't notice anyone resembling your picture. Nevermind .... Anyway,,,, what time did YOU do ???
  • My time was 1.45 I think. I was a little disappointed by it as I don't normally run slower than 1.41 for 1/2M. But I was pleased to run the first half in under 8min miles as with my recent problems I've been finding it very difficult to get under 9 min miles never mind anything close to 7.30. So things are improving and I shouldn't moan as at least I'm still out there running!

    What did you think of the course and was this your first time doing this race? My friend and I made the most of travelling that far and went in the swimming pool after, very relaxing!
  • The exact times are on the net.....

    This was my second half marathon - the first being Reading in March when I ran 2hrs 13 minutes so I was very pleased with the time especially when you tell me it was a slow course !
    I ran the first 6/7 miles @8.5 min mile pace but found the undulations strength sapping and after the last water station the road really hard on my legs and feet although that was probably because I was tiring and using the last of my glycogen also, I had no one near enough to pace from.
    Because my New York training plan had Sunday down as a 185 minute steady run, all the way round I had in mind to finish the race and then do two or three laps of that large field at the start .... have you ever tried running again after you have stopped !!!!!! I settled for an hour in my friends jacuzzi at his house in Marlborough.

    Overall I thought the course was harder than the Hilly 10 mile race I did at Brecon two weeks before . But a personal is a great feeling however much it hurt !!!!! Roll on Windsor
  • Yes you're right about a PB being a great feeling it must give you so much confidence going into Windsor. Good luck and I hope you achieve your sub 2 goal.

    My next event is on Sunday, 'The Beast' 14 miles off road over very tough terrain. I MUST BE MAD!
  • Hilly,
    Just back from a 14 mile steady run ( my longest since FLM ), and I'm knackered! Hope you feel better after your race on sunday. Good luck and keep us posted. George.
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