First Race.

I've just started running again.I've never been in a race before.I have been keeping myself quite fit doing bodyweight circuit training.Despite this I've noticed that running is a different type of fitness and alot harder than what I can remember.

Anyway Im interested in doing a race fairly soon.I was looking for one July but there doesnt appear to be any then.The latest one is the 25th June and is aproximately 6.5 miles.

Ive only been for two runs.The first was aprox 5 kilometres(3.18miles) it took me 24.16.The second was 3.85 miles it took me 31.48.
Do you think Iam fit enough to go for a race or should I wait until about August.Im not expecting to finish anywhere but near the back but I dont want to embarass myself.
BTW Iam a 27 year old male.



  • Ian, sure why not! I entered a hm after 8 weeks of starting running, did it slowly but did it and the high has sustained me since.

    Good luck!
  • you doing manchester 10k? with them times your more than fit enough to enter a race and youll probably be a bit further away from the back than youd think...
  • Ian... if your comfy at the runs your doing now go for it.. you have a few weeks.. you can push one of your runs each week up so next week do 4.5miles and then 5miles the following week

    You always manage to pull something else out of the bag on a race day

    Is good to just do one and get the feel of how you feel and from there decide waht you'd like to do.. some people like to stay at 10k and go for speed.. or you might want to go to a half or marathon

    Go for it..
  • I agree. I just did my first 10k race last week, and finished in around 56 mins, and there were plenty behind me. You'd be fine I'm sure and you wouldn't embarass yourself at all.
  • Thanks for the quick replies and positive reponse as well.I think I'll give it a go.

    Sprinting, Im not doing the Manchester 10k,Im planning on doing a small club run with about two to three hundred people in the race.Does this make any difference,Im just running by myself at the moment but hoping to join a club

    Thanks again

  • Ian,
    if all these times are based on runs by yourself, then you'll be amazed at how much quicker you can go with others to compete with - go for it!
  • I posted a similar message about my first race a few weeks ago. Turned out I had nothing to worry about and came second in the end (very small race). Just aim to run for you and nt worry about where you end up in the field. As long as you have done some training and aren't going to collapse half way round (Jade Goody style) then you won't make a fool of yourself.

    Good luck :)
  • Ian
    On race day just treat the race as a fun thing to do and a learning experience. You will find a small group all trying to start at the back, start with them, and allow yourself to settle in, then if all goes well, speed up towards the end.
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