Ive just started running again and Ive got large blisters on the arches of both my feet.Ive been wearing cotton socks and trainers which Ive had for about 18 months but never really ran in them,but have used them quite abit for other exercise and just walking about in them.They are,dare I say Nike Air Max.I know they arent the ideal running shoe but do you think they are causing them? Or do my feet just need to toughen up?



  • I would suggest getting yourself properly fitted for the right shoe. This may or may not help with blisters, but will help avoid injury (as I have learnt!)

    Cotton socks arent great for running in. They 'hold' onto sweat and cause extra friction. Get some proper running wicking socks. I find twin skinned types work for me.

    So those two things could be causing blisters. But some ppl are just more prone to blisters than others. Compeed plasters help whilst blisters are healing.

    Once blisters are healed you could try taping up your blister prone areas with Zinc Oxide Tape to give an extra layer of protection.

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