Lambourn 6km Fun Run

Does anyone have any comments or info about this race??

I'm thinking about taking my 10 yr old daughter to this one, but was wondering if it's worthwhile?? (it'll be a good 1hr 15min drive to get there)


  • I did this last year. On the plus side there weren't many running, it was a good course with some nice scenery and was a friendly race. On the minus side there was a steepish hill close to the start and the small field encouraged me to go off quicker than I would usually. Quick start & hill meant that I found it tough for the rest of the race. Not sure this would be ideal for a 10 year old (unless they are good on inclines). Why not try Buscot Park 5k at 2.30pm July 2nd? Maybe a bit far from Hants though?
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