Sub 3



  • Predictor, JEJ, CY
    JEJ - 16:37, 16:58
    DN - 16:44, 16:59
    n2 - 16:51, xx:xx
    BB - 16:25, 16:50
    NJ - 16:05, 16.33
    Ode- 16.40 17.01

  • Predictor, JEJ, CY
    JEJ - 16:37, 16:58
    DN - 16:44, 16:59
    n2 - 16:51, xx:xx
    BB - 16:25, 16:50
    NJ - 16:05, 16.33
    Ode- 16.40 17.01
    CRAb - 16:30 16:45

    d07 I'll try and stub my toe to keep your spirits up over the next few days. RB Thinks he proved blue shoes are quicker than red - although I think it was more to do with the colour of my pants (internal).
  • Hail Hail

    I'll put my blue (or for that matter yellow as well) shoes up against your red ones any day CRAB. Well not this week cos I'm resting. But my blue shoes (and both pairs of yellow ones) have gone faster than your red ones this year. It must be due to the fact that they have a better (fully heated through) diet than your red ones!
  • Hmm.. Slightly nervous now about the pressure of everyone suggesting I'll beat CY by several seconds. Bear in mind there were only 5s between us in the marathon, so in theory it should be (approx) 0.592s over 5km.
  • RB Thanks for that. What makes the adistar better than the all the reviews on here seem to suggest the supernova is the best seller.

    .....and what does this "How to Run" scheme involve ? £10 off but get bombarded by spam (e mail not luncheon meat) for years after some spotty teenager telling you a half assed story about something running related when we already know more about it because CM's already told us once twice and thrice for good measure ?
  • Hail Hail

    D07 - In my humble opinion (not saying much though!), the adistar is better cos it's got a the Ground Conntrol System which REALLY helps control pronation, and the Geo-Fit for the heel is a real improvement from the supernova which doesnt have it. The whole shoe feels better than the supernova, although thats just my feet speaking. Yours may not like them.

    Its a scheme really aimed at absolute beginners, but the amount of input you have is up to you. You dont have to commit to doing anything you dont want to. So if you only want to get £10 off (and future discounts on Adidas clothing etc) then that's fine too. Just dont tell your local Sweatshop that I said so! If you're gonna buy the shoes, you might as well save some dosh!
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    i now i shouldn't say say this but the response (by others)to your ailment has cheered me up no end.thank you dull et. al.

    get well soon,


    i haven't had a good belly laugh for weeks!
  • 16:52ish

    Chuffed to go under 17 mins, and a pb by 15s over last month, although not quite as quick as my last (wind & gradient assisted) 5km in the Berlin 25km.

    It was quite windy in the park, so I started out in the leading pack of about 10 people going slightly faster than I'd have liked, but not dangerously so. Didn't notice 1km, but 2km was about 6:35, 3km 9:40, 4km 13:25 (hill between 3 and 4km). A fairly strong finish probably means that I could have kicked for home a lot further out - it's almost like I've forgotten how to race 5kms.

    Think the prize goes to n2
    I made a couple of places up the hill and one more in the last km, but one of the hill-losers went through at the end. Think I was 6th ot 7th overall.

    Finished with a familiar feeling that I could go a lot further at the same pace. Experience tells me that probably means that I can. Confident that a sub 34 10km will happen in September. Also think a 16:30 is just around the corner this summer. I may try a LFOTM race soon.
  • Well no-one was even close for my time - I did 17:33. Compared with the estimates it seems as though I should be disappointed but I knew that there was no speed in my legs and it's still a PB, so I'm pleased enough. I set off a bit too quickly and slowed towards the end. It was very windy and I knew it would be a mistake to keep up with the lead pack so I was running alone for most of it.

    Unlike JEJ I definitely couldn't keep going, let alone run the long way home like he did!
  • Morning guys

    Firstly many thanks to everyone for their support and kind words. Really appreciated.

    Starting to feel a lot stronger physically (not so mentally) with the running now. Feels like I have finally recovered from Halstead. Starting to knock out between 8 and 10 miles a night at the moment. Long run still only at 13 for the moment but will be looking to increase this over the next few weeks.

    Need a goal though guys?!!!

    Not sure I fancy another crack at sub 3 this year? Takes too long to recover. Perhaps maintain a good base of mileage until the winter and try (again) to get a place at London?

    Any thoughts?


    PS the wife(ex) says I should change my RW name to:

    That Boy Sure Is A Running Git

    (she still has a sense of humour!!)Bless
  • not in the best of moods this morning.. had an utter crap (literally) 1/2m last night.

    Fool, autumn marathun is the way to go. It should only take 1 month of easy running to recover from a marahton.
  • Cartman

    Only 4 weeks really? Perhaps it has been a mental bloke then? Anyway, even if I went for an Autumn marathon difficult to find a decent one prior to FLM cut off point for entries.

    We'll see though......
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    yeeeesssssss! good pacing!

    spill the beans

    don't focus on a marathon unless you are really going for it. 10 mile races or 1/2 marathons can be a good focus. marathon training requires 100% focus and commitment and even then you are likely to be disappointed.
  • 1:26 @ 91%HR :(, LOEs*;

    - includes a 50.9 sec (approx) av HR 159 magoo stop**..
    - I did have a hellish 2.5 hour training session yesterday
    - 20+mph winds on the night
    - just have not been running enough lately

    all the same, not pleased, very bad day at the orifice. Average mpw for the last 2 months has only been about 40-45, as opposed to 60-70 in the preceding months (which gave me a 1:22 1/2M @ 89%HR), which I think is the main culprit reason.

    Def not in sub 3 shape at the mo.

    * (L)ist (O)f (E)xcuses
    ** yes I was sad enough to take time split on the old HRM
  • CRAB: Sorry to hear about the gout.

    Had a great run yesterday avePace of MP+20% at aveHR of 75%MHR for the main section. Including w/u and w/d did 12miles in all.

  • Gold RushGold Rush ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    JeJ- Well raced and a nice new p.b for your efforts. I'm sure a sub 34 10k is on the cards.....well done

    Crab- Sorry to hear about the gout.....and i thought it was only a thing that piss heads got:0))

    Fool-I'd be inclined to try and get my half-mara time down a bit and then build up to another mara attempt next year.

    C.M-chin up mate, you haven't been training for a half mara perhaps all those miles in the saddle had some effect.
  • Odeon1085Odeon1085 ✭✭✭
    Hey all,

    Jej- Well done mate. Little Steps and all that.
    When I was at college, lived with a sports scientist who was a 150-200m a week cyclist. He was light ie 9 stone and did run at school and imho had supreme running form. Genuinely, on 2 weeks running he ran a 34min 10k. It is only now that I realise what an awesome performance that was.

    Did nads out 5k yesterday 18.55. Bit disappointed and recovered very quickly but no speed in legs at all. Seem to have recovered after Ed with no adverse effects, but was hoping for bit quicker?

    Prediction time again Folks. Bourton-on-the-Water Hilly Half on Saturday:

    Ode - 1.29.59
  • Good runs JEJ+CY - Bubka-esque pbs rather than destroying em is the way to go anyway, gives you more hope for next time.

    CM - my feeling is "a hellish 2.5hr training session the day before" has gotta add at least a couple of minutes to your time - bit like Crab complaining about his 5k race times and then telling us that he did 10m at Nads out pace in the morning with the race in the evening.
  • TBSIARF, forget about good for age this year, just sign up for an autumn marafun and get focused.

    NM2, could be, but I have expected the affect the previous days exertions to be an inability to get my HR up. On the contrary, I had trouble keeping the fck'er down !!!

    not going to get many miles in this weekend either, as I've got two 100 mile bikes back to back.

    I can't wait to get back to running again, definitely giving up on tri (now that I've got my IM wings), I'd far sooner be a good/reasonable runner, than a mediocre tri person.
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    Ode - 1.29.59
    n2 - 1.27.15

    you will still have yout endurance from Ed.

    borehamwood for me

    n2 - 1.39.59 (!)
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    TBSIARG - Running Giant rather than Running Git, mate. Best wishes.

    Odeon -
    Ode - 1.29.59
    n2 - 1.27.15
    OuchOuch 1:28:00

    Like n2 there will plenty of fitness positives coming from the Edinburgh run, though maybe not as many as envisaged by n2.

    n2 - 1:39:59 - come on tiger, more up and at them please. I say 1:32.

    Torbay half for me on Sunday - maybe 1:23.

    Crab - 104 miles a week with gout, we will have to come-up with a new table just for you.

    Slightly Bemused from Devon.
  • 90% decided to have a go at cardiff after doing 3.07 at Edinburgh.Am away to south of france next thursday so will start serious training when I get back. Still aim to run 40 miles a week while away and have also managed to find a 10 k on 2nd of july near montpellier. Aiming to do it as 3 weeks after edinburgh. My legs still feel tired but I am hoping that will be gone in another 10 days . Am I right?
  • Odeon1085Odeon1085 ✭✭✭
    Odeon -
    Ode - 1.29.59
    n2 - 1.27.15
    OuchOuch 1:28:00

    N2- 1.39.59
    OuchOuch- 1.32
    Ode- 1.34.30

    OuchOuch- 1.23
    Ode- 1.23.40

    Getting comlicated.
    Goals- Gotta do Cardiff Mate. We can all wear green ribbons and get a photograph on the BBC Sport Website. Lol
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    JeJ & CY - thread leaders; well done

    CRAB - my mate has had gout for a few years, and he gets these pills from the doc that sort it out OK. Not sure what they're called. That said, he's my age (33) and weighs about 20 stone, and drinks like a fish.

    CM - don't get too down about a 1.26; we all have off days. I did a sneaky half two weeks before Edinburgh and only managed 1.29, feeling really tired all the way. In Edi, I went through half reasonably easily in 1.25.

    Good luck for those racing this weekend. Prediction time again - I've decided against most sensible advice to run the Pennine 100 on Sat/Sun. No faith in Achilles injury to see me through it, but we'll have a go anyway. 100 miles X-country, navigating the route with a backpack on. All in one go, no stopping other than for drinks top-ups. I predict one of the following outcomes:-

    1) Injury gets better of me after a couple of hours and I DNF
    2) Injury gets better of me, but I shuffle on regardless
    3) I manage to finish in a poor time
    4) I manage to finish in a respectable time
    5) I get lost, while cold, wet & hungry up some godforsaken hill in the arse end of nowhere at three in the morning, questioning my own sanity
    6) Combination of the above.

    Anyone fancy a prediction???
  • Hi All, Back from the World Cup. Don't fancy our chances of lifting the trophy though.

    Managed to keep the running going throughout, managing doubles most days. Those beer bellies were all the inspiration I needed and those were just the English women.

    NM2 - I have an entry for the Yateley 10k in August but will be away so you are welcome to it if you want it. I am also doing the Cranleigh 10k - no 146. Hoping to get a PB and break 37.30

    JEJ - I've just bought some Protein suppliment as you suggested. Do you take 1 portion a day? There are no recommendations on pack, so I have been using 20gms once a day.
  • This morning my legs were aching more than they had any right to after a 5k. I also have sore balls (of my feet).

    I like the 5k official results with the age grading, even though I lose ten places when sorted to the grading. I'm not sure that they're thorough enough though as they don't seem to take into account shoe colour.

    I've got a 10k in a couple of weeks, although what used to be my favourite distance is now probably my least favourite. I should at least aim to get my pb to a quicker pace than my HM pb. Please no predictions after the last time.

    NDO - I'm impressed that you got any running in while at the WC, I know I wouldn't have. I had planned to go when it was announced that they'd host it, but then my family appeared before it came around.
  • NDO - The stuff I now get (just called Nocte) is in 45g sachets. I'll generally only take it the evening of a hard session, or sometimes the following 2+ days if it's given me sore muscles / was a long race.

    CY - hear what you're saying about the 10km - similar pain to a 5km, but takes twice as long. My favourite is 10M - you only have to run a bit fast, so not too uncomfortable and it's all over in well under an hour;)
  • JH 1JH 1 ✭✭✭
    Have been a bit demotivated about running for the last 3-4 weeks for some reason and have to really push myself to go out.
    Did 2m on the road last night then came back to the gym and did another 3 on treadmill. Think it was the only way I could get a 5miler in. Did the 3 miles in faster pace. 1st mile 16kph then mile 2 16.3kph and mile 3 16.7kph for a grand time of 17.39. May have a go at a 5miler on the treadmill next time and increase to 17kph for 4th mile and 17.3 for 5th mile if I have anything left.

    Anybody fancy a 3k challenge on the treadmill if you get access to one and one that goes over 16kph?
  • OuchOuch

    Many thanks for the variation on the name theme. Not sure "giant" is the correct word though mate. I'd have felt slightly better about my running if I'd broken the sub 3 but was not to be!

    Many thanks for the thought and best wishes though mate. Appreciated!!

  • OO I may be a bit odd but the gout appeared after the 104miles not during!!

    Dan A I think it's called Indomethacin or something. Taken it before but would rather not if possible. Funny thing is did a little websearch t'other night and the two of the top culprits were injury (anyone mention pf) and unusual exercise (104mile week anyone). The words self and inflicted spring to mind. Took 24 Ibuprofen yesterday and then read on the back of the packet (note to self : Read Dosage instructions prior to commencing treatment in future) that you shouldn't excede more than 6 in any 24 hour period. No wonder I felt a bit sick.

    NDO Weren't you claiming to go sub3 at your homeland or something just after FLM? I had you down for a dodgy moustache and forearm tattoos (hopes to god he hasn't hit the nail on the head or he might have to give Cardiff a wide berth). So are you really English or just English once every couple of years since 1958? (Bet RB will mention Joe Jordan if you're Welsh!). Either way top effort on the running at the WC - as opposed to running to it and taking HRM Ave like CM.

    Well we've had talk of darts, cycling, swombling, Tri and UniLever Fun Day so let's go for a bit of all round sporting greatness. Played golf yesterday (everyone but Dan A and DN press scroll down at this point) after having played 3 times in the last 8 months. Bagged the Winner's prize of copious amounts of booze and golfing stuff and managed to keep out of the acceptance speech "What the fck does a teetotal non-golfer want with all that carp. Can I trade it for some (RED) running shoes?" Daddy CRAB will be pleased when that lot gets dumped on him at the weekend.

    Dan A Haven't got a scooby on a prediction all I can say is fair play for even contemplating it let alone entering it and then considering lining up at the start. My only prediction would be the first 26.2 will be outside 3 hours.

    Nothing much to report on the running front other than my womble suit is looking a little bedraggled after some serious overuse of late.
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