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  • BTW, I never pay much attention to shoe talk, but would someone be kind enough to humour me on what to wear when running in snow? 

    Any tips on types of hanky to tie on my napper, or sunglasses to wear in the gloom, also appreciated. 


  • Much impressive snow running in glamorous locations: Basel, Skye, Barnsley. Bit shocked to see tough northerners racing in more than shorts and a singlet.

    Eased back with a gentle 16m at 7:30 with no reaction from calf strain. Planning to run slow for a couple of weeks to get in position for the eighteen week programme.

    (With apologies if I've missed stuff), but what news of the bench: mmmMarmite, PP, others? Great to see Zatu up and running.

  • OS: I found my Inov8 XTalon212s were fab in the ice and snow last year. I was flying past people struggling to even stand upright... they have some lighter ones still now. Hey, and well done in the intriguing race.

    Scobos -- that sounded awfully quick for the slope and snow.

  • OS great that you're getting back. Sounds great fun and you did well. Isn't it good to see the youngsters out running?!

    Edit - good running from CL, CW, MtR, Wardi, RB, Scobos and others.

  • OS wrote (see)

    BTW, I never pay much attention to shoe talk, but would someone be kind enough to humour me on what to wear when running in snow?

    My screw shoes worked a treat in last year's ice and snow. I couldn't find the exact type of screw as described but they still worked fine.
  • Have to pop back on just to say:

     Thanks JockItch for the help - it helped, I never would have pushed as hard in the interim if it were not for the sesssions you sent, I think they helped set the tone for what we did.

     Also, filthyrich, it is a shame you did not splash your immense cash and come down here as I think it is a race to do well in...if I wanted a late November marathon, this would be it! 

  • Nice one OS.

    10 miles done by 7am this morning with a big fat 8.XX in the pace department. Cold and icy but pretty nice once the first 3 miles were done.

    So who is at Luton this weekend ?
  • Gobi - I guess there is a good chance Luton will be cancelled seeing that it's not forecast to go about 0 before Sunday.

    Nice running yesterday. Scobos - wow, sounds wonderful. A good thread day out for RWH, BR, Hilly and Njord. OS - I like the sounds of that race, great fun and well done.

    Busy weekend for me including a satellite launch on Friday night, England vs S.Africa with the prawn sandwich folks and then off to see Primal Scream play the whole of Screamadelica (it was like I was 20 again). Finished it with a quick but cold 18M on Sunday morning with Pieter.

  • Coro - if that happens I will just find something else :¬)
  • Morning all,

    Flipping cold outside.

    BR, Hilly, Njord and RWH - Sounds and looks like a lot of fun.

    OS - Good to see you getting back into it.

    CL - Nicely "eased" back into it.

    Gobi - Nice early miles

    15 miles yesterday, put me on 75 for the week and no real reaction from the niggles, although on Saturday I took a tumble on the Mendips and have a swollen ankle.
  • I commute to work by bike, only 2 miles and although I wore full winter wear I can report "Frozen Veg"

    Lunchtime will have me training inside.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Got back yesterday - not read back at all, but will skim back when I get a few spare hours.

    Had a great time in the Carribean. Minimum temperature (including night) was about 25C, so was a bit of a shock getting off the plane at 4am yesterday!

    Managed about an hour a day at the gym on average, but didn't do a lot of proper training. For a laugh I had a go on the rowing machine to see if I could remember how to do it - it came back quite naturally so thought I'd try to break 7 mins for 2k, and did 6:46 without completely destroying myself, which I was very surprised by. Maybe I should go back to rowing!

    Gobi - I'll be at Luton (relaying) assuming it is not cancelled.

  • Padams - nice 2km, which leg for which team ?
  • jeez padams - good rowing.  That's pretty much exactly my best-ever score, but probably a minute quicker than I could do now.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Gobi - haven't decided our relay order yet. Probably not 1st leg, as one of the other guys likes to go first. Probably last leg. Our team is called something like "Two Englishmen and the fastest Spaniard in Luton" - all members of the tri club.

    Tmap - it's about 20s off my best, but I'm about 5kg lighter now and technique is not as good (arms were the limiting factor, which means I was probably bringing them in too early, and they're not as strong as they were).

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    nothing but 8 min miles going on at this end (running wise), still getting the odd twinge though. I've upped frequency and dropped the distance.

    Padams - another minute quicker and you'd be doing ok. ~460 Swash places sold, it'll be full very soon. I'm in ! 

  • Afternoon all.  My ears were burning so I thought I'd pop in.  image  My supposed MRI appointment never happened, and I'm still not sure whose cock-up it was but I'm back on standard NHS time, so it's not until December 14th now.  'Maintenance mileage' has dwindled somewhat if I'm honest, and not helped by an extremely boozy weekend in Newcastle.  4 weeks before Christmas is a dangerous time to start putting weight back so I'd best try and find my mojo again.  There's no way I'm riding my bike in this feckin weather though!
  • selbsselbs ✭✭✭

    u sound in a similar place to me at the mo PP - athough i am yet to start looking for a diagnosis/hoping rest will do the trick although it hasn't yet.  good luck and chin (soon to be many chins) up! b*m about the MRI appointment.  Good that you can keep ticking over TR.

    Nice training and racing over the weekend folks.   Hope they manage to not have to cancel Luton this weekend.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PP - keep ticking.

    Selbs - chins up 

    There was steam coming off me on the Turbo at the weekend, its freakin freezing in the garage !

  • TR - would you believe I haven't entered Swash ?
  • That is rather fast on the rower Padams.  You have a huge amount of power for a fast runner. 

    Selbs, PP.  Great to hear from you guys.  we were all wondering.  Please keep us posted on progress. 

    Off to LHR tonight for a wonderful trip to T4 Hilton.  Should be time for a wee run tomorrow- Just trying to work out how many layers I will need. 

  • I've got shorter, stubbier levers than Padams so I'm quite proud of my sub-7 2k, but I don't think I'd get anywhere near that at the moment.

    OS - Lovely.  Go far enough, you might be able to fit in Slough!  image

  • OS - Or he has a huge amount of running speed for a rower.  Probably why he's now inclined towards the multisport (dark) side of things . . . .

    No snow to report in my bit of London although it was -1 / 0 whilst I was on my long run yesterday.  Given that I wussed out of my bike ride on Saturday (too cold and danger of black ice so I ran instead) I decided to give it a bit of welly on my long run.  Knocked out 20m (moderately undulating) @ 6.39min/m and then did a bit of swimming in the evening.  I feel my running fitness is starting to come back.  Bit more swimming this morning and then hopefully a womble sometime this afternoon.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Gobi - didnt see your name on the entry list, funnily enough. I need to tame that swim so I'm going back.
  • Hail Hail

    Another vote for the X-Talon 212s.  8M in the snow/sludge/ice this morning, and not a slip at all.  Superb shoe.

    Well done OS - quite a big field.

    PP - obviously not your fault.  Fingers x-ed.

    Welcome back Padams

  • TR - going longer on the bike next year so Alpe d'Huez for me. I may also do Cowman as I like the routes round Olney last year I did the Duathlon, the sprint and the Oly up there.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    TR - a minute quicker would be close to the WR (I think, can't remember it exactly). No Swash for me, probably going to do Belvoir (aka the Little Beaver...) instead.

    PP - pretty decent for short bloke. I guess you would make lightweight (when fit at least)? Anything under 7 is really good for a lightweight.

    OS - I think MT's assessment is more accurate (except for the "huge" bit - I not really that good, especially on the Pug scale). Too big to be a proper runner.

    Gobi - Alpe d'Huez is on my list (not 2011 though). Seems like everyone who's done it loved it.

  • Padams wrote (see)

    PP - pretty decent for short bloke. I guess you would make lightweight (when fit at least)? Anything under 7 is really good for a lightweight.

    *ahem* A few pounds off at the moment but yes, just about there when fit.  "Making the weight" would certainly be a good incentive for keeping the hand out of the cookie jar.  image
  • MtRMtR ✭✭✭
    I need to buy a turbo trainer for my dungeon. Any recommendations?  Not too expensive ideally.
  • MtR - Can I hijack your query please?  Are turbo trainers very noisy?  Would they be a bad idea in a (conversion) first floor flat??

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