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  • That's a real shame RWH, hopefully 2011 will bring on some good vibes.

    HH - I suspect the lack of female attendance on here is more to do with the sub 3 being a lot harder for the lesser spotted variety than it is to do with TR scaring them off with his non existent pecker image

    Silly weather has got me all confused now.  Was going to do some kind of session at lunch but the park seems to be frozen up so will be no good.  I did run up the canal today and from Vic Park right up to Regents Park it's pretty ice free so I may head there to do some reps of some sort.  Though it's getting on in the day so I'll probably just run home instead and make that a decent pace (canal has been pretty empty in this weather which helps).  50 miles from 5 runs (30 of them in the snow/ice) so far this week so I'm not too worried if I don't do anything.

    Monthly stats for me were 454 miles @ 6:57 pace, so 52 and a bit hours training, all running.  Average weight for the month came in at 67.1kg (there's a new stat to add).  Amazingly (for me) I only ran 3 races last month!!  Probably why my average pace is slow as normally all my racing brings that down a good 10-20 seconds.  This month will see some more miles and depending on how things go I may even hit 5000 for the year which will be a slight increase on last year's 4800.

  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    RWH - sorry to hear your news, you seem to have had a bad run. You're due some good luck so hopefully 2011 will be a good year.

    I don't change my tyre for the turbo - like TR, I'd never get any training done if I did that. I quite often do easy rides on the turbo even in the summer, so would be almost alternating road and turbo, which would get a bit boring (especially as I am rubbish at changing tyres!).

    TR - I actually find music passes the time quicker than TV, and I tend to ease off if something good is on TV. I only watch TV on the long turbos normally.

    Don't know my stats this month as I didn't keep track on holiday. Quite low though, probably about 30 hours' training, including about 100M running.

  • As long as he's not wearing the French Maid's outfit OR the pelmet I think it's okay Marders!

     Easy 10k for me very slow today around the common in the snow - very much just looking to tick over this week. Will try and get exercise bike session in as well. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Padams – I listen to music too….maybe that’s cheating too…..

    RB – great stuff. Life affirming indeed. RWHs news is the 3rd such piece of news I’ve heard since Sunday. Folks never know whats around the next corner.

    Happy to apologise to any present (or potentially present) ladies if any of them have taken any.  Although like Marders said its probably more likely that 100M weeks and plenty of folks bagging sub 2:40s puts them off more.

  • No 100m weeks this end TR so they are safe with me image

    Nov Stats

    Miles - 325 ( You beat me by 2 RB!)

    Average Pace - 6:36 m/m

    Rest days - 4

    Doubles - 0

    Races - 0

    Exciting running moments this month - 0

    This "normal" training malarkey is a bit boring.

    Good to hear you will hopefully be joining us for the Xmas 10k BR/Hilly ,did see your names on the entry list. Looking forward to my first race since Toronto.

    Snow is apparently expected this evening in the Bournemouth/Poole micro-climate so doesn't look like we're going to escape the chaos down here either, used to like the snow before I took up running and became a postie!
  • It is proper cold out there. 14.6M along the canal and to be fair I enjoyed the first 12. Wish I'd stopeed then. last couple of miles were less fun. Not sure I could have run had I had any more layers on either!
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    TR - I would recommend buying a spare whel if you can afford it (although a mate of mine used a disc wheel on the turbo as that just 'happened' to be his only spare wheel!

    Flesh Wound (formally Do2) wrote (see)

    Keir - You don't originate from the Yeovil area do you? 

    Sometimes raced around Yeovil. Originally from Gloucester, so not too far down the road. Why do you ask?

    158 miles in Nov for me. A solid post Abingdon recovery and first part of base build.

  • Hail Hail

    marigold - desperately trying to stay ahead of you on Fetch image.  First and only time I reckon.

  • Turbo tyre here, but only because it's an old bike that's only fit for turbo duty these days.  Previous experience with road tyres was mixed - some were pretty robust but one brand just got so soft with the heat that it expanded rather alarmingly. 

    Nice run to work today, but that was because I had to abandon the car there yesterday and walk home, collecting the kids on the way.  The roads around Epsom were awful last night, no gritting at all anywhere.  At least the school is still open.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    CD - for now ! 

    Marigold – they said on local TV the other day that folks from Bournemouth were the happiest in the UK, don’t start letting the (local) side down. I would never have believed em if they had said Poole though.

    Keir – I intend to get take my stabilisers off and get some better wheels in the spring (I’m still using the pram wheels that came with the bike), but I still cant see myself swapping wheels just to turbo. I don’t actually ride outside at any time of yr unless I have a minimum of 2 hr window. Not enough bang for my buck in going outside for less than that.

    40 mins of drowning drills bagged at lunch

  • RWH- Sorry to hear that mate. Thoughts with family.

    A paltry 165 for me in November which followed an injury ridden 150 in October. Lowest I've run in 2 consecutive months in 4 years I think. 

    Blew the cobwebs away this avo with a progressive 25k on the treddie ala Njord although a lot slower. It was boring in a basement gym with nothing to look at.

    Another vote for the Sirius this end. I think TR should get commission from Rutland cycling! As should Njord from Alpkit. Bought another headtorch today. Great Christmas Present. 

  • Sorry to hear that, RWH

    No running for me today as long day  in court and a quartet rehearsal this evening.  Hope that the heating works in our rehearsal venue!

  • Hail Hail

    Happy Birthday JAP.

  • Rotten news Mr & Mrs. RWH, so sorry for you.

    Jools - I was going to say that in the event of the heating being off, that at least you fiddlers keep moving, and I feel sorry for the bloke with the triangle. But then I realised that there probably isn't one in your quartet.

    Not a great November set of stats here:
    176 miles
    8:03 pace
    Long - 17, 19
    Races - 0
    Rest days 17 (!!)

    That's not exactly a big winter base in the making, but at least a third of the zeroes carded were resting an iffy knee - which a few days resting hasn't cleared up, so I'm off to a physio tonight. Runner's knee? Jumper's Knee? Cinema-goer's knee? Housewives' knee (hope not)? Postie's knee? Place your bets. My non-medical googling has me thinking patellar tendonitis, but we shall see.

    So I'm left with Movember as my achievement for the month. £295 raised, and I won the Mo-off at work (voted for by lesser-spotteds). Who wanted a 10k PB anyway.

    MTriton wrote (see)

    Descriptions blah blah.  A well known phrase is apposite here "No pic, no proof".

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PtB - top work, A real General Burnsides job. Did you sport that for the whole month or shave it from a beard on the last day. I sported my daft tache for the whole month.

    Ode - that shop owes me big time, cos as well as recommending folks buy that turbo from there, they sent me 2 (by mistake), and I was honest enough to send one back.

  • Hail Hail

    I'm showing that to scare the kids before bedtime!

  • RWH - sorry to hear the news.  That's very young which can't help.

    Monthly stats:
    Miles: 280
    Pace: 7:25
    Days during which I've actually felt 'myself' (ooh-eer) - the last 7-10

    It's great to finally feel like I'm actually running and check HR to see that it's well under 140bpm - though still well off pre Amsterdam stats. 

    In other news our boiler decided to pack in over the weekend... it's working just enough to heat the water and stop the house from freezing, but not great with the Mrs celebrating 37 weeks of being preggers on Sunday.  The 100+ year old steel casement windows don't do much to keep the cold out.  The boiler was one up from the type you have to put coal in yourself, so realistically a Worcester (Bosche) will be on its way... unless anybody knows better? 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    BEJ - oh dear thats not good. Worcester Bosch condensing Combi at this end.
  • Anyone else in Hull struggling to run through the snow storm at the moment?

    Decided to try and do a my first run in a good while but really struggled to up the pace in such thick snow and I nearly tumbled over about 6 or 7 times. A number of passers-by shouted the usual comments which I always find amusing.

    There were a number of different things I noted on my Garmin which I found slightly startling. For the first 10 miles my average heart rate was 175 and hit a maximum of 222! Is this even possible?!

    Average pace for the first 10 miles was a rather slow 8:11 but the effort level was definitely up there. Every stride was a slog!

    Hoping the rest of December is a good month on the sub 3 quest, providing I don't end up buried in a landslide!
  • Keir -

    I used to race on the bike against someone called Keir O'Donnell many years ago - he was a very good rider, with Yeovil CC I think - 2nd or 3rd in the GHS National Schoolboys 10 mile TT in '84, and was challenging for aplace on the GB Students team for the Worlds the same year that I rode.

    He's the only Keir I've known until you on here, so wondered if you were one and the same.

    Managed 12 in the snow and ice today - mostly on grass verge and canal tow path as the roads were too busy by the time I got out and the pavements too slippy. Caught in a minor blizzard, and back in the dark. Ah, how I've missed the joys of running! image

    If I keep this up my December milage might even surpass Ode's "paltry"  November 165 !! (How are you mate - must catch up for a run once I've cast off another 30 seconds a mile.)

    PTB - What Lemmy would look like if he ran Marathons?? (From his good side obviously!)

  • RWH - Sorry to hear of your family loss.

    PtB - Top 'tache!

    BR - yes, Percy Pud looking decidedly dodgy. 12 inches of snow last night and heavy snow showers forecast for tonight. Did my work close today? No chance! And people know I run in so no escape - one downside to commuting doubles. 5 out of a team of 30 made it in: manager bought pizza for us though image

    Messi - Certainly possible as mine today were much higher too. I put it down to trying to keep my balance whilst pedestrian-dodging.

    Nov stats:

    Miles - 248
    Average pace - 7:41
    Long runs - 0 (only 3 x 10M)
    Races - 3 (XC)
    Rest days - 4

    Been putting on a few pounds since the marathon and, like a couple here, have hip flexor issues. Which gets worse the longer and/or faster I run so long and/or fast, apart from races, have been out. Have written off December and will try to pick it up again in the new year.

  • Like barnsy I have not yet shed my hip niggles -- I was disappointed to find a complete week off didn't magic them away. Ran commuting doubles on Mon and Tues purely for the wonderful convenience over cycling/triking/driving, but just did the bare minimum 3M each way in the lovely XTalon212's. Triked today, will probably run again tomorrow. Nov stats:

    87M @ 6:45/M avg
    17 rest days!
    1 charity race (no PB... tapering for next one...), 1 HM (scraped PB + V40 prize)

    I couldn't help computing that Marigold's average run was 12.5M or thereabouts. Impressive. As was coro's average pace.

  • BR - Percy Pud update: just looked at the Striders website and the race is postponed a week to December 12th - 9.30 start.
  • RW-H and family, I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

    PtB, that is rather fine.

    My November stats:

    Miles - 224 (first time I've ever kept count)
    Average pace - not sure, probably high 7s
    Long runs - 16, 21, 16, 22
    Rest days - 6
    Races - 0
    Moustaches - 0
  • Messi - I'm struggling through the drifts in rural East Yorks.  Todays run went up and over the nearest hill, bad move wearing shorts as the drifts were knee deep, and the snow was being blown about and was stinging my legs.  Had to do about 2 x 400m of high knee lift drills simply to run without tripping up.  Called it a day at 7.5m, far slower than 8:11image.
    Schools shut tomorrow so I'll be out again in daylight.
  • Messi - I suspect the "high" heart rate is due to lack of contact on the HR monitor. I find it takes a lot longer to get a decent reading in this cold weather as it takes a lot longer to work up a sweat/contact.

    Went for the tempo home this evening and managed 10.5 miles at 6 min pace. Very hard to keep the pace up on the slippy icy bits but lucky majority was clear. I enjoyed the off road bits over the reasonably untouched snow the best. At this rate I'm on for a 140M week but that should all go out the window with a xmas party on Saturday starting at lunch time! I'd like to do a race or 2 this weekend but looks like most will be off or not worth doing to get a crap time and risk falling on my ass!
  • RWH - Sorry to hear that mate.

    Just 123m for me in November. Ready to start building up though. Finally sent off for London form. Some high mileage reported here - wonder if I'm a bit behind the curve?

    The pavements here are not runnable, so tonight's club run was laps of some fields, which was good fun: cross country in the dark.

    Agreed to work from home tomorrow, so should be able to keep up with the thread. Shame the cricket doesn't start tonight.

  • Some amazing mileage posted.

    I tried something a little quicker (for the first time in 6 weeks) and it looks like I'm nowhere near being ready to run fast as this morning my lower abs are very painful, so sadly I'm going to post a DNS this weekend. ;-(

    Back to lots of short slow sessions.
  • Barnsy - thanks for that.  We're due to be doing the Christchurch 10k that day!  Bugger.
  • morning from Berkshire where we do have a little snow.

    Rach and I have been using old road tyres on the turbo as we have spare wheels for outside. For my birthday I got some turbo specific tyres and we start using them in the next few days. I shall report back after a few weeks use.

    Hill session this evening if we can get there ok
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