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  • ZaTTu - Great news about the knee.

    Brilly - sounds shit, hope things sort themselves out soon.

    CD - Hope the grazes (and pride) heal soon.

    DanA and Gobi - Some really impressive training from you guys.

    BEJ - Enjoy the track and I hope the little one appears soon, our second was 15 days late.

    Any news from PP?

    3 slow miles and no pain/ache in my pelvis, so progress of sorts, hopefully I'll have no reaction over the next 24 hrs.

    Thanks for the advice on ultasound machines much appreciated.
  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭

    Getting a dog on Sunday.  Puppies can't really run any distance until they're about a year old, so suspect it's going to play havoc with my training, but hey.  I'm quite intrigued by the sport of "Cani-X" though - cross country running with your dog.  Some people just run with them on a lead, but really serious ones have a harness and get hauled along at huge speed.  That sounds like loadsa fun.  My one is just a cocker spaniel though, so not really expecting husky-type heroics.

    Anyway, managed a reasonably punchy 11-miler this morning, so it looks like a week of eating and running and not much else has got me back in form.  Just 2 weeks to go before the critical 3rd Surrey League fixture.

    All the best Wardi.

    Might be tempted into a Richmond Parkrun too Dan A, especially if it's at 10 rather than 9!

  • With the ice gone and no wind, I had a chance today to try another experiment, doing alternate miles in normal or modified style, enough to get some meaningful statistics. (I did that about a year ago and it showed clearly that reducing my cadence was better -- and I haven't looked back.) This time I wanted to see if I would be more efficient by concentrating on pushing back on the ground with a flick of my toes, while minimising overall leg motion. (I've been thinking during holiday lie-ins how I might improve things looking at the fundamentals of running action like this.) So I did:
       1M light warm-up
       10M reasonably hard (slightly slower than MP), alternate style miles, perceived effort constantish
       3M light
    The interesting thing was that doing the more 'toe-centric' style didn't feel any harder, and was maybe a smidge quicker, but my HR invariably dropped markedly on returning to normal style. So the normal style won in terms of HR/pace measured efficiency, even if it didn't feel easier. I also noticed my HR wandering around a lot during those 'normal style' miles, whereas it stabilised in the final 3M. I don't know if that was a dodgy connection -- maybe not, as that normally results in unrealistically high readings, and it doesn't explain why it behaved normally in the first 1M and last 3M. Here are the stats:
        Normal style: 6:19.8 +/- 0:02 min/M; 142 +/- 3 bpm; 897 +/- 17 beats/M
        'Toes' style: 6:17.6 +/- 0:02 min/M; 150 +/- 2 bpm; 947 +/- 9 beats/M

    So I haven't found a magic improvement in efficiency with this style change. But I might have found a hint that mixing up running style during a run might give temporary drops in HR (maybe by resting and then re-employing certain muscles?) that could give an advantage. In fact my HR was similar in the last easy-paced miles. Here is a picture by the way:

  • Yup, sounds cool, Gobi.  Have you taken MiniG round a parkrun yet?
  • I'm sure it will come back in no time BEJ. Could always be worse - currently my easy paces predict a mara in the 2:55-3:00 range...... The condition I was in at the start of April seems a long long way away. Good luck with the imminent arrival.

    Ouch CD. Family side of Christmas was great here. Nothing like 2 kiddies to make it fun image

    Hilly - as per Drifter I was a bit surprised to see you back running already after being diagnosed with pleurisy. Take care of yourself.

    Interesting as always CW.

    9.2m easy run this am @ 8:18m/m / 68% WHR. Seem to have finally gotten the HRM sorted by a combination of a new gel, repositioning of the strap, and further tightening of the strap.

  • Thanks.  The antibiotics worked really well in my case.  I do sometimes think the fitter you are before illness strikes helps in the recovery stages.  I'm a tough cookieimage

    Some amazing long run you  guys have been doing!

    ZaTTu - I'd like your current fitness marathon predictionimage

    BEJ - best wishes for the arrival of baby BEJ - hope all goes well!

  • hmmm, I hope this isn't true -

    BEJ - good luck

  • Hilly - I totally agree on the fitness beforehand - it was one of the things they said pre-op.

    Looks like Wanjiru has really flipped this time!

  • x-post coro. Tbh, I think it has been coming with a while. Some of the stories going around about him since Beijing have not boded well.
  • Hmm, I'm now on antibiotics as well.  The blisters I picked up when I wore my XC spikes for the first time in yonks back in November have turned septic.

    It's enough to make you wave an AK47 at the missus, it really is. image

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Coro - lets hope it is a silly

    CD - MiniG has done about 28 parkruns, started when she was 5.

    Hills for me tonight. Still lacking speed endurance and have excessive body weight.
  • Grim reports about Wanjiru.

    Checking in as off to Yorkshire soon. Monthly score on the door:

    Miles: 180
    Pace: mostly 8mm but with some tempo work and hill sprints
    Longest run: 15 miles
    Weight loss during month: 13lbs
    Current weekly mileage: 50mpw

  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Not been posting much recently, as I haven't had anything witty and/or interesting to say. Been a bit ill last few days but not feeling bad now. Just keeping the training ticking over until we start getting a bit more daylight, then I can start more proper cycling in evenings after work.

    Have joined a local chain of gyms, so not so worried about rubbish weather now. One of them is about 100m from my office, so will be aiming to pop over for lunchtime swims a couple of times a week to fit in a bit more training. Trying it today for the first time to see how much I can fit in the lunch "hour".

    Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and good luck for 2011. Particularly the BEJ family for the next few days (or longer?).

    Marigold - I'm coming down tomorrow for a few days (hopefully shouldn't be thwarted by snow this time) if you fancy an easy run (tempo for me).

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Sorry to hear about the woes of various folk on here. Hope things pick up soon.

    Well, not counting any chickens but I *hope* I'm properly on the comeback trail now. Been running quite a bit, and even carded my first run in double figures earlier this week. The pace is still slow (mostly 8'00+) and HR is woeful - but I'm getting there. So feeling quite hopeful for next year now.

    Happy New Year everyone image
  • Mmm, calves a bit stiff today after my style experiments run yesterday -- whether that's because of running 5 of the miles in a more calf-intensive manner than I'm used to, or just being generally too unfit to do 10@6:20/M in a 14 comfortably at present, I couldn't say. December stats:

    150M @ 7:46/M avg (bit slow from snow)
    12 rest days
    no races, only long run (>15) was the 28M canal tunnel adventure.

    And 1946 miles in 2010 (37 mpw avg), with PBs at all distances I tried and a good number of trophies -- I'm still in the honeymoon period as a low-V40, and started this running phase only in Sep2007, so I've still been improving up to now. But I wonder when my training gains will be outweighed by my increasing age and PBs stop happening? And in the meantime, an influx of current 39-year-olds will replace me in the local V40 scoreboard, eroding the trophy potential... ah well, I'm pretty happy with what I got out of my debut V40 year, and hopefully I've not quite peaked yet. Sub-2:40 in VLM would be nice before I get the zimmer frame out though...

  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭

    130 miles for the illness-ravaged month, and 2,157 for the year, including 24 races (22 finished), and for the first time since 2001, not a single marathon completed.  Ah well.

    Barcelona and Nagano coming up in the new year, as well as a John O'Groats - Land's End relay and helping organise the Green Belt Relay, but first a big couple of XC months.

  • Dec stats

    Miles: 163 approx (low due to icy roads and a chest infection)
    Pace: 7 3/4min miles 7 3/4mph (I call it square root pace)
    Longest run: 16.5 miles
    Weight gain during month: 4lbs
    Current weekly mileage: 52 (with 6 in Hyde Park still to do)

    Have a great New Year especially BEJ.

  • Thrilled to be able to post some running stats for Dec with 67M for the month. Suprised to see I got 3139 in for the year despite a 10 week hiatus. No PBs this year, but looking to sort that out in 2011.

    I have just signed-up for Berlin.........again.

    Happy New Year one and all.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Nice to see you back MMM

    Running stats

    208 miles @ 7.40
    rest days 1
    Races 8 mainly parkruns 2 wins including a marathon

    Did just over 2500 on the year so pretty much to plan.

    PBs on the year 1 as I ran a 2.59km
  • December: 245 miles, mostly slow/easy, no races.

    2010: 2,148 miles, over 900 of which were before London marathon. 25 races (including 4 parkruns), PBs at 2m, 10k, 10m, HM (all but one set in training for London) and Marathon. So very good first third of year and a bit of an anticlimax thereafter.

    Thanks for all the help, advice, discussions and sharing of news good and bad during 2010.

    Happy New Year to all!

  • I'm also done with running for this year:
    December: 250 miles @ 7:43 pace (probably the first time I've been out-paced in training by Mr Gobi!) which required 146bpm... the snice underfoot didn't help.  Nor did the 10 day long chesty cold and minor knee / hip niggles.  Pretty sure I only managed one faster session in the whole month.

    2010: 3523 (14:59 5km, 2:28 marathon)
    2009: 3579 (15:11, 2:31)
    2008: 4090 (15:23, 2:34)
    2007: 4189 (15:34, NA)
    Does anybody else notice a pattern over the last few years?!  Goes to show it's not all about miles / short term gain.

    PBs over steeplechase, 5000, 10000, HM, M and, given the chance, I'm sure I could have smashed any others at some point between August and October.

    Meanwhile Mr/Miss Baby continues to stay put with the consultant checkup today revealing that it's about as un-engaged as it can be.  It'll be smoked out next Wednesday / Thursday if it doesn't make more of an effort.

  • Dec Stats

    Miles - 240
    Avg Pace - 6:18 m/m
    Rest Days - 6

    2010 Stats

    Miles - 3054
    Avg Pace - 6:22 m/m
    Races - 5 (last race was June)
    PBs - 10k, HM and M

    My last mile of 2010 was around Marders's marathon pace

    Happy New Year to you all

  • I'm now back in grey Engerland after a most satisfying week in Mallorca. I didn't run at all, but we did some serious mountain walking for 5 of the 7 days which hopefully kept my fitness up. Commiserations to those who didn't have an ideal holiday.

    I'm not sure how much I ran in December (one of my resolutions for 2011 is to actually update my running spreadsheet). No PBs in 2010 (other than miles through snow), but I predict HM and M will fall in 2011.

    Happy new year peeps!

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    December stats:
    Miles - 106
    Pace - very slow!

    2010 stats:
    Miles - 2010 (what a coincidence!)
    Pace - circa 7'40ish
    PBs - Mile, 5k, 5 mile, 10k, Half, 20 mile and Full (didn't do a 10 mile race). Nailed the sub-3 image
    Oh and set a PB for 92 miles too! image image

  • Evening y'all.

    Bit short on time to read back at the moment, so a me-me post for now image

    Had a good run today - averaged 86% WHR for 8.1m, though the last 6m were close to HM HR. My one run per week uncontrolled/off the leash/not by HR. Done with 2 laps on The Nutcracker Suite loop - a 2.2m very hilly/undulating loop with about 30% on mud/grass/trail, with a wide variety of uses - long gradual downhill, some good climbs and some BIG rolls. It will be the loop that will make me in 2011 (yes I am feeling very optimistic at the moment image ).

    Dec Stats:

    Miles Run: 60.5 @ 7:58m/m (only brought under 8m/m by today's run).
    Total Training Time: 18:11

    In both cases, I've had about 4 months worse than that this year!

    Yearly Stats:

    Miles Run: 2139 (half of last year) @ 7:05m/m
    Total Training Time: 380:47 - this included > 40hrs on the Elliptical in June - a hard month!

    Still it can only get better! image

    Happy New Year y'all! image

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Too funny to discover I actually ran faster than BEJ for a whole month.

    My yearly pace was 7.28 - take note Twiggy !!

    Probably should have mentioned that by the end of the year I did 793hours of training.

    Coro - there I was thinking how impressed I was that I ran a little faster this year and you knock out 3000miles at 6.22.
  • Ran for the first time in weeks today, a very slow 10 miles but achilles felt relatively pain free, I am  now really hoping to be able to put togethor a decent run until April.

     Happy New Year everyone.

    2010 Stats

    2905 miles ( would have loved to have hit 3 thousand)

    PBs in every distance I had a go at.

  • A slightly early happy new year to you all.

    LS21 - good to see you getting back to it.

    Reading end of year stats, very interesting, anyone fancy doing a yearly mileage/marathon time comparison?

    2085 miles (most ever)
    just under 300hrs (Gobi - 700+ ?!?)
    pb's at all distances raced (5k, 10k, 10m, hm, m)

    Dead chuffed with how it all went - here's to 2011 being just as good!

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Drifter image
  • 2011 stats

    Total distance: 3.1
    Total time 0:21:19
    Average pace 6:56
    Best place 3rd

    Back to bed

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