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  • Not 34 mins in one go but just about as good as went from 2:58 in sep 07 to 2:28 in april 08 to 2:24 in sep 08. 2009 was a bit of a let down on the marathon side with 2:26 in april then 2:23 in sep (which I was pleased to salvage due to injury). 2010 was a good one though (eventually) as went from 2:21 in april to 2:17 october.

    Seville target is a pb! 55 seconds to be precise but i'll happily take a few more.
  • Hi everyone.

    Not posted for a week or two, training a little sprodic in Dec with the snow / ice but now running well, although not much going on just a bit of XC.

    Won local Huncote Hash XC in a dress on Sunday (first time ever - first man and first lady).

    Looking at Shakespeare Marathon in May..

    anyone ran this? If so what's the green-way like? Looking at the course profile there is a bit of a hill, how bad is this to run?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    marders - just a mere 30 minutes in about 6 months then ! There cant be many folks that have posted a 30 min PB having already run sub ! Keep doing what you're doing, its working well.
  • You might be in luck for a 10k smackdown too there TR. It's either that or a controlled half at just below marathon pace to take a hopefully sneaky win!
  • I feel slightly out of my depth reading about sub 2:20 marathons! Seriously impressed so I will stick around image

    I managed a 30 minute improvement between London and Amsterdam last year...although the first marathon was just starting out running, with the second on more decent milage. I am now aiming to improve by a mere 9 minutes to crack 3 hours with a minute or two to spare, so hopefully it will be ok.

    Managed a very decent session (measured against my standards) tonight. 2 miles warm up then 15*1 minute @ 3k pace with 1 minute active recovery finished off with another 2 miles to cool down.

    I managed the intervals at an average pace of 5:30 mpm without slowing. The last 5 felt really hard and my heart rate touched 165 at one stage.

    Glad this is over; the rest of the week is fairly ok running with 8 miles + 10*10 second hill sprints tomorrow. Friday will be 2*15 minute @ hm pace and I have to work in an easy long run of around 15  miles over the weekend with another easy run if I find the time, as there will be a long-ish bike ride on Saturday for good measure.

  • MR -- ain't life a drag? Well done!

    Bum. I've just discovered I'd somehow got my dates wrong; I thought I had county XC champs on Sat and a big birthday lunch on Sun, but actually the XC is on Sunday -- I'll have to bin it. Mind you, I'm not on top form right now (but then others might not be after Christmas either...) Might do a parkrun at least on Sat instead.

  • Sorry to crash this thread.

     I have got an entry into the Edinburgh Marathon that I can't do now as my wife will be 39 weeks pregnant on the day of the marathon and I don't think that being 5+ hours from home is going to be a good idea.

     Edinburgh Marathon organisers have said that I can officially transfer the place to another person through their website if you know anyone who would like to run it. I am doing London for Save the Rhinos so I would love a donation for my chosen charity in return for a place in the Edinburgh Marathon on 22 May. I do not want to sell or profit from the place.

     Just click on message member button below if you would like the place. It would be a shame to waste it if someone really wants to do it.

  • Marders - I am truly in awe of that progression and commitment to squeezing the very best out of yourself.  You truly deserve every second you wring out of every race.

    Selbs - at least it will be good to see the pace shoot up over the coming weeks!

  • Nico van der Westhuizen wrote (see)

    I feel slightly out of my depth reading about sub 2:20 marathons!

    You and me both! It's inspiring stuff though, no?!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Marders - nice one (if you mean Chichester). I think I'd need about a 7min head start. You might be able to bag yourself some dosh as well as a fast time on that course.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Nice target marders. Do I assume NZ have stuck with the IAAF time for a change? image Also, I'd like to second BR's sentiments!

    PP - fingers crossed it gets you somewhere.

    Funny the way these things work out Marigold. To me the whole approach is logical, though a complete switch from what I had been doing previously. It would be nice to be able to start MP stuff with some good speed in the legs rather than having to grind my way through the gears until the legs catch up! I shall watch with interest! I must check out that book too.

    Nice day's work TR.

    Pleasingly my legs feel great after today's 15m. Hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep tonight and tomorrow's run will yield a more respectable pace/HR relationship. I had been wibbling a little as tomorrow is 8 weeks post-op, and the last injection wore off very quickly between week 8 and 9 (I know it was a different situation, but still, sometimes wibbles are illogical image ), but today has gone a long way to resting my mind!

  • I agree that marders stats are amazing and so very very impressive. A++ for effort.

    Likewise, I'm very impressed by Padams's numbers, even with the x-training 2:33 off 1500 odd miles is outstanding. Padams - good luck at the county champs, sorry I won't be there to battle it out with you.

    ZaTTu - great to see your recovery continuing 

    TR's running doubles........ image.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    marders - scrap that, just found out that JC is injured and won't be running Seville.

    First meeting as the club's secretary this evening.  I keep bloody volunteering for stuff...  I'll be finishing the Sidcup 10 before anyone else this year (even if marders does decide to turn up - or does that not fit in with Seville???)  That's right - I'm the lead bike! 

    BTW, serious question - anyone got a klaxon they can lend me?  image

  • Midland Runner wrote (see)
    Won local Huncote Hash XC in a dress on Sunday (first time ever - first man and first lady).
    How did you calculate your WAVA score? Good tactic.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    CW: thanks for the feedback on the 212s. I look foward to having a go in on the ice but don't mind if it's not until next winter; we've had our fair share already this year.

    Progressive 14mi for me tonight: 5mi@ 7.27; 5mi@ 7.14; 4mi@ 6.58

  • Happy new year everyone. I hope everyone has an excellent year ahead of them. I've a had a truly rubbish December to be honest, and I'm still trying to fight off underlying niggles which I hope a few weeks of rest will sort out.

    I think what has happened over the last few months is that I've become subconsciously pulled into the heavy mileage and effort approach within this thread and tried to apply it to myself, admittedly being a pretty poor and inexperienced runner. Not necessarily a bad thing per se, but trying to do more than you are capable of and not listening to your own body is not good in the long run.

    What I'm hoping to do this year is set realistic targets and try and train very smartly (something I've yet to do), not trying to hammer workouts and chase after the big boys. In that respect I guess my targets for this year are a Sub 37 10k, sub 18k and a sub-3 hour marathon. Neither too ambitious nor too easy to achieve in the course of the year!

    I'm really hoping for a major breakthrough this year with my own running. Fingers crossed. I think I'll keep more of a low profile until in the coming months and get my head down.
  • BR, looking carefully he did a triple if you count the paddling.

    We seemed to have missed the end of year awards but Marders would get my vote for a big mara PB while already at the pointy end.

    Great to see Zattu back on it so well.

    Stick around Messi, and keep posting. This is a thread for aspiring sub 3ers, not olympians. We all enjoy the journeys.

    Sticking with singles for now, so will run home again tonight.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Coro - I don't think I'd have been much competition, don't think I'm running well at the moment, and 12k XC will certainly find out any weaknesses (although it shouldn't be too muddy and is not too hilly). At least it's only about half a mile back home!

    TT - looks like you doing a fair bit at the moment. You should be able to smash some of your times from last year by the summer, if all goes to plan.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Padams - not really doing much yet, and the paces are very slow. Should be in the 50s this week, but from 5 runs - my aim has been to start working my two longer runs up towards more respectable distances, and the rest will follow over the coming weeks. I'm interested to see how I react to speedwork though as restricting my pace by HR is leaving me much fresher than I'd have hoped for at this early stage.
    Out of interest, on your stats, are you planning about the same mileage this year, and what kind of volume of other cardio training did you do with it last year?

    Nice running Mr Boat.

    Had a lie-in this am as I wanted to see if there was any reaction to the knee from yesterday's lunchtime 15m. Still being particularly cautious about leaving slightly bigger gaps at times when I've upped the run length. Will probably allow myself off the HR leash for a few a little quicker this evening though as I find it allows me to 'deal' with the slower pace I'm getting from the HRM at the moment.

  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    TT - oops, meant TR actually, but interesting anyway! This year's mileage may actually be slightly lower as I upped it a bit in Jan/Feb last year before the marathon (only to about 200 per month), and I really just need to hammer the cycling from now until July.

    Last year I did about 460 hours split about 60 swimming, 190 cycling, 180 running and 30 circuits/weights etc. This year I'll hopefully split the hours about 15%, 50%, 25%, 10% - although I have just made those numbers up randomly! As I'm not doing a marathon I shouldn't be tempted to do more running. Hopefully the total hours will be higher too.

  • Anybody have an opinion on Adizero Tempos or Saucony Fastwitches? I'm thinking of adding a new model into the mix.
    More good running going on as usual. selbs, you sound similar to where I was in the late fall after a rubbish 10k and feeling like normal paces were too much work. After weeks of unglamorous miles I feel like I'm really back on track now. I reckon if you were at 2:45 in the fall you can get in the ballpark as London approaches.
  • MtRMtR ✭✭✭
    KB: Adizero Adios for me. I'm now wearing them for most of my running, they're the perfect combination of lightweight, mild support, comfort and loud colouring.

    Great to see ZaTTu back to running regularly.

    PP: Really hope you get your hip sorted.

    MrB: Very impressed with that run. That was on my schedule as well, and I started work early to finish at 3.30, ride home and head out. But my Christmas lurgy returned with a vengeance yesterday. Loads of coughing in the office, followed by shakes and shivers and muscle aches. So no running yesterday or today. Can't be the same bug after a 10 day gap can it?

    I had 4 rest days, then ran for 9 days, getting increasingly fitter, then knocked for 6 again.

    One less than sensible run in Bristol last week was the steep climb up Nightingale Valley from the towpath to the Bridge. As my heart rate was elevated, I had a couple of max efforts. Got to 188bpm (previous max is 190) and felt I could have got it higher if I hadn't collapsed. managed an impressive 7:51 pace for that effort!

    But two days later I managed 3x2 miles @ MP effort and clocked 6:26 for 163 bpm average.
  • MtRMtR ✭✭✭
    And a friend of mine is trying to convince me to enter the Outlaw with him. Not sure an iron distance race is the ideal debut triathlon event - but I am tempted.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    MtR: Over the Christmas period I thought I was going the same way; really bad coughing after a run. I came in from one session, threw my gloves on the kitchen floor and told the wife 'that's it for a few days until the coughs gone'; big sulk. Calmed down a bit, took one day off and looks like I got off lightly; hope you're feeling better soon. It's interesting what you just said about the Adizero Adios. I'm considering doing more training in mine since they've just messed up the Waverider 13s. I was concerned about training in flats but don't appear to have any adverse reaction after a session in them. Those 3x2mi efforts look on the money.

    KB: The Adios are definitely worth a MtR said; seriously red.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Not even a running single at this end today though, its Turbo and swim today. The next running double is planned for tomorrow.


    Messi – I agree with OS, stick around theres plenty of us in the 2:50s here. Don’t get caught up in a peeing up the wall contest. Consistency is the most important thing.

     Padams – I’ve been on the road to lower base camp for a while but kept it reigned in a bit – max length run and turbo has been ~90 mins, effort level has all been pretty easy so I’ve bagged lots of easy running and turboing, I’m just upping it a bit now. I’d like to beat my Swash and NF Middle times and beat 2:55 at VLM. A stronger swim will see my race become a lot more competeive like you said before. Nice %s - whats the rough plan going forward from now, how much run, bike and swim each week in terms of hrs per day? 

    MTR – the Outlaw ! nice. Certainly doable, but you’d need to start soon and it would compromise your VLM hopes a bit, but WFT you (or I) arnt going to win VLM anyway, and you have that swish bike now………….

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Coro – Sundays kick off time means I’m in the jam jar at 9am, but I couldn’t run 20M at the mo anyway, or anything faster than approx 8 m/m – so you’re on your own. But, I have produced a few route notes to go with Sundays run route (if you choose to use it). Print it out and tuck it in your pocket with your alfresco wet wipe, and emergency BFH/drink £5 note (or is that just me ?)

    Keep on the left of the main road from Purbrook heading due south up to the top of the hill. As you get to the top of the hill you follow the road round to the right and it drops down towards the city (make a note of the George Pub on your right at the top of the hill – if all else fails this is your reference point and can be seen from right down in the City, all suburban routes out of the city will end up near here). Keep to the left and head South West down the Hill, as soon as you get to the traffic lights at the bottom follow a left fork and cross St Georges road, turn left at the traffic lights just after this, (you will see a small shopping precinct opposite and the Red Lion Pub to the right). After you have turned left you are now heading due East parallel to the hill (on your left). After about 1.5M you turn right at the traffic lights into Eastern Road and head South towards the M27 and the city. Keep left and head under the M27, go slightly round to the right and you are now running on a cycle path next to the main road that will take you right down into the city. Do not deviate from this road, it will eventually bear right and bring you face to face with Fratton Park. Turn left here and stick on this new road all the way to the sea front. When you hit the sea front turn right and head West past the golf course and cricket pitch (where all the magic happens), keep heading West, your 10M turn around should occur before you hit the fun fair. Turn round and re-trace your steps back. As you head North you can see the Hill in the distance (and your target point of the George pub).

  • kinaseboy,
    I do all of my "regular" training in Tempos. They're just as loud as the Adios too now.

  • I think I'm still looking for more support that the tempos would have. I'm (supposedly) a big overpronator who was sold serious motion control shoes for years. But lately I've been moving to lighter and lighter shoes with no ill effects. I think because I'm light and don't heel strike I can survive with less shoe. But I'm still wary of anything that doesn't have 'overpronator' in the description.
    BTW the tempos come in seriously red too!
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    kb: I was diagnosed as an overpronator and bought the correct shoes accordingly. Calf probs went away and came back soon enough so I undiagnosed my self about 13 months ago, running in neutral Waveriders. The only change I noticed is I'm now more of mid-foot striker than I was before. And yes I've seen the Tempos and they are very red too!

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Matt: my cold/flu type thing seems to be coming back again - felt tired and had a sore throat yesterday and feeling ropey today, with sore throat and a bit snotty.  Well and truly fed up because this is my third episode in 6 weeks and my 4th in 2 months.  Am necking vitamin C and lemsip and will see how I feel this evening.  Might restrict my run to the treadmill so that if I start to feel sh!t* I can step off the mill and walk the 400m home.
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