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  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Wardi - That's a big few days! Before Christmas I was running my tempos on a 0.6m loop. I find it alright once I get into a rythym!

    TR - Ive been doing plenty of calf exercises as set by the physio but they felt fine today. The left calf was actually tight the day the right one went. No idea what's going on
  • I did 5 laps of Holme Pierrepont boating lake for the middle 15 of my 20 on Sunday. You can get into a nice rhythm. 
  • Stevie - damn that is unlucky to have an issue with the untroubled calf. Hope all goes well at the physio. Target for April 7 is to beat time at Abo. I'm not getting too carried away. I'd love a small PB to make it all worthwhile like us all :)

    TGO - nice marker set down with the 10 miler.

    Wardi - keep those hands warm. Mrs SJ isn't enjoying these chiily temps either.

    EE - nice little tester session. Hopefully you can build on it gradually.

    Jooligan - nice double today and some speed to keep the legs turning over. How comes you aren't sleeping? (Sorry if I missed it mentioned).

    TR - nicely done staying upright and backing up yesterday with more miles.

    Ditto everyone else for getting it done and not going over. My commute over to Sheffield was fun this morning :)

    I too successfully stayed on my feet tonight at the club road reps session. 2x1450, 2x900, 1x550. Should have been 2 of the last rep but the road became too icy.

    Interesting that talk of short loops has come up; as I mapped out a 3 mile and a 4 mile loop tonight. I don't much fancy being miles from home tomorrow night for mlr so will do some laps instead... Conditions permitting.

  • Sorry to hear that Stevie.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Wardi - I've been known to run laps of the racecourse as well - 1.5 miles of the Derby course, plus half a mile to get across from the finish to the start again.  This is on the footpath/road just inside the actual track - the downs conservators go spare if anyone actually steps foot on the course itself.  Aside from a 21 miler done at a track last year (not as mind-numbing as it sounds, as long as there are other people about) I've got various loops ranging from 0.3 miles to 2 miles that I use regularly.  For some reason I find that mentally easier than one large loop.  Alternatively I just go out with no set route in mind, just a vague idea of the direction I'll go in.  Not a good idea for night runs in bad weather, though!
  • TR - I'm not necessarily targeting sub-3 at Brighton (despite being on this thread lol) so that tempo session would be a bit faster than race pace. Have been logging 45mpw for the last 4/5 weeks, so happy with progress at the minute but will start ramping things up. 

    That said, I've got a HM on Sunday week and I've got no idea what to aim for. In the past I've always looked to nick a PB while marathon training/peak miling, but don't really want to risk the hammy at the moment. Maybe more of MP effort than flat out.

    Fair play to those of you lapping on long runs - I think the temptation to drop out early would be too much for me!
  • I had my entry for New York confirmed yesterday, so that's the late summer/autumn training sorted.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    EE decent LR with HM at MP with company sounds like a good plan to avoid risking the hammy. 3-5M wu then try 6:50s & see how you feel?
    First time CD? Are you ticking off the MMs?
    Good plan SJ: take a minute or so off your Abo time in Manchester which'll then give you another achievable PB target for the next one.
    Not really sure why the insomnia. I read late both nights but then just couldn't drop off. Normally find reading when tired puts me out within 10 minutes max. Slept OK yesterday but that lurgy appears to have surfaced so not sure whether to sack off tonight's MLR yet.
  • CharlieWCharlieW ✭✭✭
    TR -- actually I have an emergency £20 for a taxi in my little shorts pack, too! Worried that some things are tending cashless though...

    Wardi/CC2/CD -- also if you're running laps at least you don't have far to go home if anything goes wrong! (I still like a distant adventure sometimes, though.)

    Stevie -- sorry about the calf situation. At least they can heal relatively quickly.

    Jooligan -- you can't beat one of Melvyn Bragg's _In Our Time_ podcasts to get to sleep. Choose one you're not too interested in!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Stevie.. blimey sorry to learn of more calf troubles.  Either yours are made of eggshells or you have been very unlucky.  You are wise to see the physio again, if the calves are tight they can tug on the achilles leading to more problems.  Best of luck with the recovery again.
    CD.. nice work getting into NY marathon.  I know some who weren't too keen on being shipped out to the start early doors, something that will usually affect point to point courses I guess.  Just like VLM infact :)
    Jooligan.. I don't get nervous before full or half maras anymore but I find a couple of glasses of wine the night before helps me to relax & nod off.
    SJ.. good session last night and full marks for staying vertical!
    My hands froze scraping ice off the car this morning despite 2 pairs of gloves.  The lovely clear day and blue sky did look very tempting but it was just too cold for me, so rather than risk cold/swollen hands again I bashed out 10m on the treadie.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    I like the podcast recommendations for getting off to sleep  

    CD - good news re New York.

    SJ - well done on the club session, hope you get the mlr in.

    Wardi - swollen hands sounds grim.

    We had rain rather than snow yday afternoon and evening, but it froze up again over night. Luckily today was a run home day and most of the ice had gone, so i bagged a very cold and miserable 15m, which will be of no use on a warm spring day in london, luckliy im not at London.
  • CD - nice one on the NYC marathon place.

    Jooligan - hmm, not sure either as I'm the same as you re reading before sleep usually end up having to re-read entire sections the next night - fully paid up member of the slow readers club :)

    Wardi - wise decision staying in doors and well done on staying focussed for 10miles! You must be well versed at the treadie runs by now though.

    TR - cracking run home tonight and even better that you had to tough it out. You must be getting up towards 85/95mpw at the moment. Perfect Daniels formula of long run being 20-25% of total weekly mileage. I am nowhere near that and maybe around 30-35%.

    Managed 4 laps of my 3 mile loop tonight and would have done a little more but my hands in particular were starting to hurt with the cold. Decent 95 minute run anyway.
  • Ditto on the cold hands tonight. It was icy so had to run slowly as well. Randomly windmilling the arms helps keep the blood flowing to the fingertips. You look odd, but who cares? 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SJ - yes, was really cold tonight. Well done on sucking up the 12. No doubles and a couple of deliberately short runs is keeping it 80ish. Not much quicker running though. Chichester 10k (as 6m, 10k, 6m) in 10 days and then im going to have a real easy week before the Worthing 1/2.

    CC - well done, i had ski style gloves worn as mittens to try to keep my fingers warmer.

    Warmed up a bit by watching jimmy take a few wickets in the Caribbean.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Got the MLR in despite feeling rough all day & I feel better for it. 16.3M on the TM certainly makes for a sweaty session. Figured I'd stay indoors as I didn't want to be running along an icy towpath in the dark & also if it felt bad I could stop at any point. All was good however & I did 5M at 8, 5M at 7:50, 5M at 7:40 then finished off with a mile at 6:45 & 400m at 6:25.
  • Jooligan - yes, first time and yes, ticking them off.  A clubmate & I are finishing off the ones we didn't get done 10 years ago - Chicago last year, NY this year and if we can get places, Tokyo 2020.  I know the NY start is a bit of a faff but VLM and Boston aren't much different. 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Congratulations CD. Guessed that was the motivation as I recalled you doing Chicago in the Autumn.
  • Nice work on NYC CD - I did it when I was more of a casual jogger and wish I'd been able to enjoy it more rather than it hurting most of the way round due to a lack of training! Great event though.

    Good mileage logged in the frigid conditions everyone - TR I know you say it's not great acclimatization for a warm spring marathon, but I still think we deserve extra brownie points!

    10.9 miles for me with the club last night (including 10min tempo, then 6x3min pushes); then 9 mile recovery run this morning in -3 chill! 
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Well done everyone for getting out in the cold/on the ice and continuing to bag some miles.

    I didn't run at all Mon/Tues/Weds as mini-P has been sick so have been at home with him quite a lot and trying to squeeze in work at the other times (including early morning and evenings). Managed to fit in 3M with the dog this morning though, in the dark and off-road (to avoid ice) - good fun with the headtorch and trying to keep track of her haring around the fields!

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Stevie - Hope you have good luck with the recovery and get some tips on how to minimise  in the future.
    Nice one Jools - sometimes we just go to JFDI.  
    That's something pretty good to look forward to CD.   
    EE - That looks a good session but the recovery run in -3C chill great respect.  
    Thanks Wardi, SJ and LMH for your comments/ concerns.  Suspect its an inflamed seasmoid, a bit overuse and partly as got a kick playing football. Carbo loading starts at lunch for Sundays GC marathon.  Its (dare I say this) warmed-up a bit, looks like 18C for the 8.30 start and 20C at the finish, but the sun will make it feel a few degrees warmer. So sub 3 will take some doing off the back of a relatively easier than normal lead-up. But love a challenge so plan is HW 1.27 30K 2.04 and then focus on keeping a decent pace. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - well done on the mlr, im really trying to those in this campaign.

    EE - all brownie points are good i guess.

    Padams - hope junior picks up

    OO - all the best for the weekend

    Very icy again here as expected, so i just did the minimal 6m commute.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Jealous of those temps OO, have a safe flight and a good race.
    Good stuff on the treadie Jooligan; is it yours or is a trip to the gym required?
    EE.. that sounds like nigh on 20m covered in about 12 hours, good work in the chilly conditions.
    I did manage a steady 5.2m outside today as the temps reached the heady height of 4 degrees this afternoon, still felt a touch icy in places.  I will save the longer effort for tomorrow as it is forecast to be an almost spring like 10-11 degrees!
  • Enjoy OuchOuch.

    Forecast warmer here too today Wardi though the wind is picking up - roll on better weather.

    Hope mini is on the mend Padams.

    I'm beginning to think that I'm going to struggle to get my usual miles in for London due to the extra time demands of the in laws. Too early to worry I guess and there are more important things in life, I'll just have to do what I can when I can.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Great news @Cheerful Dave ! I did NY in 2008 (and missed it in the infamous 2012 cancellation). Unless they changed the start since 10 years ago, it's not that bad. I stayed on UK time so being the library at 4:30am actually worked well for me! 

    @Jooligan you are mad, 2 hours on a TM. I can't stay on one for more than 30 min before i start to go a bit crazy. 

    Good luck @OuchOuch - sounds like a good strategy. 

  • Wardi - my Wednesday night/Thursday morning runs are almost a double given the time in between but it's the only way I can fit them in really!

    Go easy on yourself LMH - you might actually benefit from not smashing the miles (especially given the hammies) and be fresher than you think for London. 

    5/6M tomorrow and 16M Sunday planned here. Good luck to all those racing this weekend!
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    OO have a great run in the sun. None of us are even slightly jealous 😂
    Wardi treadmill is in the gym at work so no extra travelling required & nobody else is waiting for it hence being able to do 2hrs+
    Just 4 yesterday and 5 at lunch today. Might do another 7 later though.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    EE.. kudos for getting them done that close together, when I was working (retired now) I would get the bus to work once a week and run home (13m).  I thought it a good way of fitting in a MLR during commuting time.
    TGO.. I tend to use my treadie when the weather is too cold/icy/windy for my rayauds condition.  I did bang out 20m on it during the cold snap last spring, my all time record is 22m.  I do have both TV and audio in the room for distraction purposes :)
    LMH.. you must be good at juggling lots of miles in between work etc so just do what you can when you can.  Hope the in law situation settles down a bit for you.
    A brisk westerly wind today so to avoid a buffeting I headed for the York to Selby cycle trail which is north to south, mostly sheltered and traffic free.  The complete trail is about 8m each way so with an extra loop over to the racecourse on the way back I finished up with 18.2m on the board.  Pleased to get that one done.
  • I've experimented with run commutes before Wardi, but it's a truly horrible route (hugely busy, lots of roads to cross, cluttered street furniture, pollution) and the logistics of it just give me a headache so I'm happy to suck it up and go early!

    Cycle trail sounds like a great LR; nice planning! 
  • You are right Wardi, I'll just keep doing what I can. Lighter mornings will help as I'll be able to get Grace out earlier and therefore fit a few more miles in myself.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - excellent 18, top work, sounds like a nice day for a run.

    LMH - you can only do what you can, more life stress needs less run stress anyway. We have a glowing ball which the doggy and me play with up the park early doors in the dark before i get to run.

    EE - im running home one day snd back the next morning twice a week some weeks, and its going ok.

    7m easy today, i had to bail the 3min reps tuesday and ydays progressive 10 both due to ice, so ive had an easier week, but thats not a bad thing.
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