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    Jools - whats the plan going fwd now? Will you find another marathon once youve recovered or do you move on to track racing ?
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    Just dropping in from the 3:15 thread.

    Have followed TR and Jooligan's Brighton campaigns with interest.   I managed to squeeze under 3 hours last year and thought you were both unlucky with the weather this year.  Brighton has often been blessed by good conditions so you were both very unlucky this year.

    I ran Worthing HM this year in a time a lot slower than yours TR so expected you to mail the Sub 3 with ease.

    We can invest a lot of training in a campaign but be unrailed by the weather on the day.  With different weather and without the other life stresses you would have both nailed Sub 3 comfortably.  So don't be disheartened and just move on to the next campaign.

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    I haven't decided yet TR. I was tempted to sign up for Newport (May 5th) but entries closed on Monday & I certainly wasn't ready to commit by then. I'll see how recovery goes before deciding. Originally my plan had been to focus on sharpening my 5K time over the early part of summer before picking marathon training back up for Chester. Unfortunately the 5K series I usually race couldn't get a licence this year due to Highways England objecting.
  • Cheers Wardi.  I stalked Dan's result so it's good to know he's OK.
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    SBD - cheers, i expected to nail it too around Worthing time. i remember you did well at Brighton last yr, so knew it had sub3 possibilities for me. The wind sunday was very worthing esque, i thought the lady winner of worthing (1.20ish) would go 2.50ish but she was 2.58.5X. Would be good if i could quantify how much the various factors cost me...well done at Boston, great run, good to still be sub3 as an going back to Brighton next yr, the logistics were good and its local enough for my family to come over, so hopefully its a better day next yr.

    Jools - May 5th would be too early, i was after doing southampton and brighton as a pair originally, but it got the veto by the boss as we have a family wedding the day before. If i wait til yeovil it gives more time to prepare again.
  • FiL is due to move today so not quite an end to the stress but hopefully a huge reduction in it. Does that mean I have to fall back on my age as an excuse if I don't run well at London now?  ;)

    Don't rush things Jooligan.

    No issues with your hammy then TR? Good to hear that you are recovering well. 

    Sounds as though you should be posting here instead of the 3.15 thread SBD, always good to have new input.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Jooligan - I was going to say that didn't sound like particularly excessive weight loss for a marathon, so unlikely to be the cause of your troubles.

    LMH - the supplements I'm taking are really ramping up my appetite so, like you, I'm eating loads but still losing weight (though managing to keep it to a slow rate). Great news about the funding and your FiL.

    Al_P - write it off as a good tempo and carry on. Fleet says more about your shape. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Menn - nice 1km reps.

    TR - I might see you at Brighton next year then. Thinking of that as a spring marathon instead of London.

    I'm still having to play a balancing game with training at the moment. The 10k took a nice bit out of me, and confirmed that my original plan not to do an autumn mara is the right one. This week so far has been 6m easy, 0, 6m moderate. 
    London wise, the 10k with my usual conversion rate would put me around 2:33 shape, so in theory a 2:45 to retain the option of a champs place should be a good training run without putting me in a hole, so if anybody wants a 2:45 train driver I'm available*.

    * though if I feel ropey at that pace at any stage during the race I'll back off so it's a tentative offer.
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    LMH - Glad to hear the funding got approved, hopefully a bit of rest will give you a boost for London. Did you do the Newark half last year? Would you recommend it? Struggling to find a half for Berlin prep and that is one of two options

    TT - Good to see you are able to manage things. I could do with a 2.45 train driver for Berlin!

  • Too fast for me I'm afraid TippTop!

    I did Stevie. Quite well organised, a bit exposed in places. Vale of York is better - don't know if that would suit you?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Good to hear that Dan is OK, yes he will have quite a story to tell.  
    TT - Tempted by the train for some of the way.  What start are you?
    LMH - Good news.
    TR - A different day with a bit more luck you would have had a 2.5X something. 

    If you have a spare 10 minutes, my Paris report:

    Paris Marathon        14th April 2019                                   Time: 2.48.17 / 416th  Wava 86.2

    I’ve long coveted the Paris marathon.  Training had gone well with my first 350m+ month in March and the hope was for a sub 250 time.  

    We arrived late on Saturday - thanks Gillets Jaunes!! Pretty frantic as we dashed across Paris for my younger sons Paris marathon fun run around the Eiffel Tower which was great, got to the expo, had a good walk around central Paris and then had to find my older son who got lost on his way to his hotel!   A nice bistro a few glasses of wine and in bed at 11.30 to be awoken at 3.42 am!   A few weird hours in the hotel lobby and joined 50,000 others on a very chilly Champs Elysee with the Arc de Triomphe behind us for the start at 8.27.   I felt very lucky to be here.  

    BANG, the elites and c800 other / corporate runners disappeared up the road from their wave start to leave an empty Champs de Elysee.  BANG, my wave were off and couldn’t resist an empty Champs Elysee so I and a small group legged and led the wave through the historic centre with mile 1 coming up in 5.41 - opps!

    It steadied into 6.15 minute miles and from mile 2 started passing runners from the earlier wave, spending the first half of the race running around groups of slower runners and off the race-line but in time thankfully this wave thinned. Crowd support was good (not a patch on London), there was plenty of music bands on the course and conditions were good, a gentle breeze, dry and sunny but key it was cool/ cold.  Found a good rhythm, just knocking off the 5 k markers - decided my race would be 8*5 km chunks – in a surprisingly consistent 19.26, 19.30, 19.55, 19.40 and half way in 1.22.48.

    As it was cold, I took 4 SIS gels as thought my body would burn up more energy trying to stay warm, taking them at 10m, 15m, 20m and 23m. 

    I felt really comfortable and loved running this course and through the city.  The next 10 k passed the Bastille along the Seine, seeing Notre Damm, the Eiffel Tower on the opposite bank with there being a few underpasses – which were pleasantly warming as I was getting cold.

    (25k, 19.43   30K,  20.21   35K   20.34     40K  20.20)

    I like to lock-in time, as when you do hit a bad patch or the breathing gets a bit tight, you can ease off and recover, so took the section from 30-40 K a bit easier as knew a 2.48 or 2.49 time  was on if I kept focused and positive so kept a decent pace and running down target runners ahead.  What was odd was in places  you shared the course with Sunday runners, scooter riders, cyclists and some cyclists filming their sons running the race – quite surprised to see this on such a major city marathon.  Also surprised at this point to see two sets of identical twins, who featured in the pre-race publicity, both walking to the finish at around the 32 and 35 k mark.

    40K came  @ 2.39.20 in the Bois de Boulogne Park which I found to a really calming end to a marathon without thousands of over-excited screaming spectators, a slight hinderance being plenty of cobbles to run over.  I felt good so sped up a touch.  The finishing line came into view with the Arc behind it, an amzing and welcome sight, and crossed in 2.48.17.

    This report sounds like my race was composed and planned, and it was to a point, but on the day and in the moment, as we all know it’s nothing like that, it was tough and you are always aware that problems or an injury could be 100 metres up the road.  Really pleased with the race gets a 9/10.

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    Nice write up and splendid pacing OO (apart from the first mile ;), how did you fare in the senior gents category?  Oh and how did you feel the event compares with Valencia/Barca etc.
    LMH.. don't know if you had been made aware but after the parking glitch at Vale of York last year they decided to abandon the airfield as HQ.  The start and HQ is now near Wistow village (which was at 7/8 miles last year) but uses almost the same course..
    Flat as a billiard table in other words!

  • Nice report OO and superb running. I did get a very serene vibe from it, but I know it's never easy!

    Well done for getting back out there TR/Jooligan - I'm going to stick to a week off as the legs feel OK but groin still a touch sore and hoping the extended break finally lets the hammies heal.

    Glad to hear the final VLM preparations are coming along well - admiring the heat adaptation commitment Al! I think I'm going to watch from the 10 mile point, so looking forward to adding you all to the tracker once it's live. 
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    Great report OO, ive been considering Paris marathon for next year so good to know you enjoyed it!

    LMH - Looks a really fast course but two weeks from Berlin is a bit close for a flat out half

  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    Good Paris write-up OO, congrats on a great time. Ran Paris 2 years ago on a very hot day and did love most of it, although found those cobbles in Bois de Boulogne and the slight hill a bit of a killer - think maybe a good crowd would have helped there; fantastic when you turn the corner for the final stretch and the crowd is back with the Arc in sight beyond. Really a great event; and I think everyone goes off too ast down the Champs Elysees - nice to have a bit of space at the start for a change!

  • Nice racing and reporting OuchOuch.

    I didn't Wardi - thanks - is the parking likely to be ok there? At least there was lots of it at the airfield. Are you intending to do it this year?

    Ah - didn't realise it was that close Stevie, just a week too near really I agree. Newark is one I'd run again but I didn't get the time I hoped for there which I put down to the wind on the day and running solo for most of it. If I recall correctly the field towards the front wasn't that strong.

    That sounds like a sensible approach EE.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Nice work OO, sounds like you ran a really good race. I've got fond memories of Paris, being my first 'proper' marathon (discounting my run around Edinburgh at 18 years old - 4:35, carrying a bit of extra timber) in 2014. Would love to go back sooner rather than later. Hopefully bump into you at VLM.

    TT - good of you to offer some pacing services. Hoping to be a bit quicker, but if not feeling it on the day B goal is to nab another champs qualifying time. 

    Been a weird, body can't decide if I'm slightly ill or not, definitely not feeling 100%. Meant to be racing a 10km tomorrow, but it's going to be a wake up and see how I feel job I think. 
  • Be sensible Joe - especially after your recent episode. Do you monitor your RHR? That's always my guide as to whether there's something wrong or I'm just not feeling it/going mad in the taper etc.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    LMH.. looking at the new map for the VOY Half I think they will be using the premises of the old Wistow coal mine (it closed in early 2000's but still can't agree on a use for it!).  Should be plenty of parking there.  One of my clubmates lives in Wistow so I'll double check.  Yes I have entered as it's in our club champs.  Hope the taper isn't driving you to despair ;)
    Joe.. very sensible to see how you feel tomorrow morning, no point in stressing a virus or whatever a week out from the main event. Hope everything turns out ok for you.
    Good on you for offering Pied Piper services TT, should be an enjoyable run for you (hopefully!).
    Steady 5.5m in the sun this morning, nice to be out in t-shirt & shorts again.  Last night's 'thorough' massage has yielded results - my quads now feel like individual muscles rather than one lump! :#
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Nice write up, OO.  Sounds like you had a great day, and very nicely paced (bar the 5.41!).

    Nothing very exciting here: 'long' run is now 8 miles and I've done a few runs with 8 sets of strides in them.  Body seems to be holding up, and although I probably could push the mileage increases a bit more quickly, I'm so terrified of breaking down yet again I'd rather build up to 60mpw from my current 40mpw over 3-4 months and stay in one piece!  I move up an age category in July, so that's quite a nice target in terms of trying to return to racing, although FV40 looks like a very competitive age group...
  • Wardi - thanks for that. I have had so much going on that I'm not going mad on the reduced mileage - yet.

    Sensible to do it that way Joolska. I seem to find fast old women whenever I move up an age group!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    TT - that made me laugh, we both have a bad record for getting to the start line, so a possible meet up will de difficult to predict.

    Well done OO, the streak goes on. How many more this year ? Keep going to maintain the level?

    Joolska - all vet age groups are competitive.

    6m easy today, still producing snot like its going out of fashion, best replace the fluid loss with some beer.
  • TickTockTickTock ✭✭✭
    Well done OO on great run in Paris and good report. Nice to see the slightly laissez-faire approach to spectating hasn't changed over the years. I did Paris in about 2007 and remember a family with pushchairs, picnic hampers and children just amble across the road mid race with us runners all having to weave round them.

    Hope TR, Jooligan and EE are recovering well post Brighton exertions.

    Lovely and warm in London today. Probably lucky we aren't racing this weekend as it could have been a bit of a shock to the system. Did 7 with 2 miles at MP, although I got carried away and they came out closer to HMP, which wasn't surprising given them were mainly downhill and the sun was shining.

    Good to see you back Jools. It is only us runners who look forward to passing significant age milestones!
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Good report OO. Gives me envie to have a crack at Paris un jour.
    Things tail off quite a bit by MV70 TR :D 
    10K along the riverbank again for me. Definite progress on the recovery front as despite going over 50% further pace was 15s faster for similar HR. Piriformis is still tight though.
  • OO - lovely race report from Paris and glad you did admit to it being an effort as the report did read as though it was just another regulation sub 2:50! 

    TR - hope the lurgy isn't too bad. Good to see you getting back into it so soon after Brighton.

    LMH - as others have said glad to read the situation with FiL will finally settle with the right outcome, fingers crossed. Very timely for all concerned. 

    Al_P - thanks for congrats and congrats to you on your recent HM PB. Excellent training during this block should see further improvement at London. Looking strong. 

    Wardi - cheers for VoY info and salt gargling tip (fortunately not required this time). I did enjoy VoY last year so will look to see where it falls within autumn campaign. Is a cracking course and on a still day would yield super quick times for sure. 

    Jools - good to read more steady progress being made. I would do exactly as you are and ease back up slowly and steadily. A nice long term goal should pay dividends in the autumn with a return in investment this time next year. Best wishes for no more bad luck. 

    Jooligan - good to read you are recovering well and planing out the rest of your year. 

    Joe - hope you feel 100% in good time for London. 

    Almost feel better after illness. Decided not to rush things as work has now replaced regular training with some long days Nd late nights. Have managed to get out for 30mins yesterday and will go a couple more times over the long weekend, which I'm not working thankfully. 

    Still tired so no thoughts to autumn targets or races just yet. All in good time. 
  • Glad to hear that you are feeling better Jooligan and sj.

    No rush TR, enjoy a bit of a break and get yourself well. Nice weather for a beer or two.

    I'd be happy if we get this weather TickTock but I expect I'm in the minority.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    OO - Nice report, glad you enjoyed Paris!!
    Hope all those with niggles are recovering well
    Nothing much happening here - lots of miles going in and an onset of DOMS which I havent had for quite a while but othersise same ol same ol
  • CharlieWCharlieW ✭✭✭
    Mennania -- nice reps! I usually carb load a bit from Weds eve, heavily on Fri, but then only eat lightly on Sat (but all pure carbs and maybe a bit of cheese, no fruit/veg/fibre).

    Great stuff in Paris OO.

    I'm on a 2-day running break now before my standard one-week-out 10K MP test run (in the middle of 20M or something) on Sunday. Yesterday I ran slightly overdressed, on my reduced-carb diet, and ended up feeling a bit peculiar in terms of unfuelled legs, hot, thirsty, bit hypo maybe. All perfect for marathon adaptations... called it a day at 16M when I might have done 20 though.

  • How did you get on when you saw the specialist Mennania?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - you have the comforr/pride of a man that nailed his spring mara, very nice.

    LMH - id take this sundays 20 degrees and still over last sundays 10 degrees and howling wind.

    Menn - you are getting back to it nicely.

    CW - dont go digging yourself into a hole, nows the time to get fresh.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    CW - do tell what the test is? 16 with 10-12 at MP 12 days or so out is my marker for the run.

    It went as I hoped @Little M.iss Happy. take off strapping as much as I can except when under stress and crack on :)

    Just looked at training between now and Edi and there really isnt much time to do anything significant other than half a dozen quality sessions or so think I am just going to concentrate on MP as much as i can.

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