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  • TR - Your right, half the time from London Gatwick to Valencia compared to getting there from Cornwall. Wish I lived far closer to a major airport, be running overseas marathons every week, be a member of the 100 club by now. 
    Jools - That's a good looking session, might copy that.  Good luck this weekend, where are you racing? 
    I've inadvertently given the impression I am older than I am, as the Malaga marathon is weekend of 14/15th Dec, though I wouldn't mind it this weekend, 20C there, 60 miles per hour here. 
  • Gwent League XC at Blaise Castle in Bristol. It's 10K over an undulating course. Fortunately it's been drier for the last 10 days or it'd be a right muddy slog.
  • That's the issue TR - I don't have a payment card as Mark used Pay Pal - he's been on the live chat with them today and they have offered him 10% off the current price. Awful customer service as we had to call them in the first place to arrange the exchange and get a different returns note to the one included in the box. I'm giving up and will just have to train harder. Nike can stuff their magic shoes, I'll do it the old way or not at all.
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    OO - agreed 20 degrees would be nice. Shame re rhe cornwall to london time.

    LMH - shame you didnt get to speak to someone, id phone the help number and explain what you were previously told. Esp at £102. I had my problems with them too cancelling my orders, but got a decent deal in the end.
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    P and D said 17 inc 8mp, i did 8mp last week so thought id try to up it a bit if i had the beans, ended up with an even paced 10 av 6.29 within 18. Proper running through treacle last mile of the 10.

    76 for the week. 
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    That's a great week TR, great running and time management/ logistics, key when running that mileage at this time of year. Tasty 10 miles at a good lick. 
    Last decent session for me, and to spend some time in the Hurt locker. Ran 7m with 3 fast into the breeze, turned out 18.00 and felt comfortably uncomfortable, so really pleased with that with a 5.51 last mile. Just some easy running with a few faster segments now. 
    Looks like being a real hoolie tomorrow, good luck Jooligan. 
  • Great week TR. This far out it's good to be up with plan! 12.5 miles run/walk for me yesterday in the peak district. weather was absolutely dire. Couldn't find my trail shoes so ran it in my old road trainers and paid the price. joints really sore today.

    Against my better judgement ran a parkrun this morning. started middle of the pack so was a slow first mile but moved through the gears for a close to 6 min last mile. really enjoy running at that pace  especially when you're passing so many people. A more sensible week to come I think.
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    OO - thats some sharp pace, bodes well as you dont need to get anywhere near 6mm.

    Joe - dont push it too soon by running fast.

    9m easy for me today, my legs were tired after ydays mp running.
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    10m @ MP is impressive TR, nice miles this week!
    OO.. that's a decent confidence boosting run, cotton wool this coming week? 
    Joe.. nice progressive Parkrun.  Was that Peak district outing a race or training run?
    Only had time for 5m inc Parkrun yesterday, shame as it was a decent weather day.  Had to wait in for a delivery today so banged out 11.3m on the treadie.  Didn't mind too much as it was blowing/raining sideways outside and Euro XC races were on the TV.  57m for the week.
  • TR - Only for the first mile when I let the excitement get to me!!
    Joe - Must be pretty wild in the Peak District this weekend.
     - Chapeau - 11m on the treadmill, so much better when something relevant to watch on TV.  Yes, that would be the plan but a pretty busy work week,  a few kiddie Christmas concerts with lots of sniffling kids and the office party - water and tea only!.  The only running thing I need to do is a trial 4 mile run with the VF4 midweek. 
  • Howdi gang,

    Nice running TR - very early on in the plan to be pushing them out, 20 with 14 at MP is my big marker run and your not too far off that already.

    Hilly 15 today 64 miles this week with 4 x 5 at 5.30 session and a 20 min tempo coming in at 6mm. Base is built.

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    Wardi - very wise, it was a windy day !

    OO - hope you avoid any lurgies.

    Menn - good news, youve made good progress. Im taking a leaf out of your book and trying to dial in the mp although its more mara effort and see what the pace comes out at the you say if i can do 14 in a 20 it will be a good marker. Theres no more mp running until the new year, so we'll see where i am then.
  • More great mileage out there. Well done all. People getting on their way to the spring marathons.

    TR - It felt ok pushing the pace but I can tell that I'm not running with perfect form at the moment and I also had my older shoes on. But it was a running/walking weekend so it would have been lame for me to jog it around. 

    Wardi/OO - Peak district outing is an annual running/drinking weekend. Was there running around in the snow in Feb for 20 miles. Weather was dire this time around so we got up to Kinder Scout and then got down as quick as possible, just 12.5 miles. Went a bit off piste and my shoe managed to get stuck in the bog.

    Few days off running now and then start up the gentle running later in the week. Work towards full training in a couple of weeks.
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    Hi all - haven't been posting as not much to post, not been running much since Abingdon, unlike some...

    Congrats RJR on joinging the club and JoeB on thge sub 245 champs time, and TTock for a pb, like a fine wine!!

    TR, man you have just kicked on and banging out already impressive marathon training, if you can keep that sort of thing up until next year (is it London or Brighton?) then you will be smashing that 255 target and then some i think.

    Good news for those who picked up some bargain shoes as well!  I went fora  2nd hand (hardly used) pair of the Next% for £150, yet to be worn, so now have a 4% and the Next% which shoudl see me fine for races for next few years i think as i don't race a lot.

    OO, good luck for this weekend, you seem to have got yourself into decent nick again so should be fine, you know what to do on the day!

    Men, great to see a bench sufferer back off it and getting proper fit and fast again too.

    LMH, hope you sort out the shoe ordering issues.

    Wardi, you're still banging out the miles too!

    Well the pain i experienced leading into and during Abingdon has not abated.  I've tried rest.  tried Physio.  Tried ibuprofen.  Tried stretching.  Sitting at work now, still in pain.  literally a pain in the b*m!  nothing seems to work, which all leads me back to it is nerve/disc related which i always suspected as opposed to muscular - although it feels like constantantly sore muscles.  I guess it's basically a form of sciatica or something similar anyway (and i know from past MRI scans i have bulging discs in lower, and upper spine).  I will just try and ease back into training with london main focus i guess (already missed a planned 5km race, and a planned half marathon (Milton Keynes, i think ES was planning to do it) which was supposed to be on Sunday. 

    So instead i've done the usual leading up to Xmas thing of lots of festive eating and drinking and putting on all the weight i managed to drop (although don't want to weigh myself so don't know how much).

    Guess i will start trying to build back up in January now and just ignore the pain, as i've done in the past, what with Xmas/New Years, a gym closure at work, and a ski trip coming up.  Eventually it should hopefully settle down a bit.

  • I've been wondering where you were selbs. Sorry to hear about your back. Is there nothing else the NHS can offer? I gave up on the shoes.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Selbs - that pain in the bum is a continued pain in the bum, hope you can get on top of ot as you were able to ger in good shape for Abo. Bizarre that someone sold some Next% so new, guess they either didnt like them  or bougght them for an A race and then sold them straight after.

    12m here today.
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    I've obviously missed loads but the magic shoe talk had me in stitches. I'm not having a bar of it. I'm keeping it old school :) 

    So, super well done's to RJR for running a sub3 debut in impressive fashion. JoeB on knocking out a champs time off self declared non optimal training. TickTock for the PB and giving old father time an ass whooping! Wardi for the podium, nicely done sir. Err.... struggling now from memory!

    Wardi good work on the Samsung installation. I've had a rotten run lately, replacing a boiler £1800, new vacuum £200 and most recently a new washer/dryer. Having sent a Samsung back, it didn't fit (advertised size was inaccurate by 10cm!) We got an LG which as it goes is fantastic and doesnt compare to our old 10 year hotpoint for drying performance. There, that's redressed the washing machine chat on here. 

    Good to see some progress from Menn climbing off the bench. Sorry to hear you are struggling Selbs. Assume the cold has shifted LMH, glad to read you are keeping it real too :)

    Jooligan nice to see you getting back into it. I might join you in the start line for Valencia 2021. Defo on my bucket list. 

    TR as others have noted, all I've read this past 45 mins has been some awesome training and consistency. Making me look totally fraudulent and an imposter again :) Top stuff mate. Keep it going now. Not sure Jonesy would condone all this shoe purchasing though :) 

    I've had my head well and truly up my behind recently. Took the extended break which coincided with work kicking off big style for a milestone delivery. Easy how that happens isn't it?.

    Then started jogging and couldn't get back into it. No more than 20k a week for a few weeks with 2-3 jogs max per week. Finally felt reasonable last few days so have got going finally. No mileage at all but not feeling carp when running again. Will pick up from here but hoping not too much lost as I pick the mileage up.

    Had an interview today at another studio. Still a commute but far easier and hopefully a better work life balance. Mrs SJ suffering with some mental health issues so need to sort myself out so I can be more supportive.

    Onwards and upwards. Run well all. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - hope the interview has gone well, sounds like it might help at home, best wishes to your wife. ......i was only recalling Jonesy stories the other day, his WRs in the 80s were awesome, he was a proper tough guy.......yes, my moral compass is still not happy with my shoe purchase, but its the future, saucony are about to launch some too.  I wanted to run sub 255 and 80min without them this yeat, and very nearly managed it, but they arnt going away. Even if they banned them for the pros, they must have sold loads to AGers. I reckon theres a lot of folks ahead of me in the m50 mara rankings who wore them, and unfortunately shoes worn isnt listed with date, place and race time.
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    Meant to say earlier.......i heard a podcast with Greg Mcmillan the other day, he said that when he gets folks come to him that have run some maras and then plateaued.........he said he simply puts some variety into their training, as it always turns out that they have been doing what they enjoy/like time after time.
  • Sounds familiar Selbs, I found that core work and pilates helped me with my back issues - You been checked out for piriformis syndrome?

    TR - MP effort/Pace is tough on any run, glad youre getting on well with P&D. 100% on with with the Mcmillan analysis - youve got to enter the hurt locker once a week for improvements. 

  • Good to see you sj - sorry to hear about your wife. I hope that you get the job if you want it, less time spent commuting can only be a good thing. The break will probably have done you good, plenty of time to get back to it. My lurgy is lingering but definitely much better than it was.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I was mainly out of the office last week (and tend to come here of a work lunchtime), so I'm a bit out of date.

    Congrats to RJR though on that metronomic sub-3!

    And to you on the PB TickTock!

    So glad you're back on it with a great result in Valencia JB.

    Sorry about your nerve woes though Selbs, I was lucky my similar piriformis trouble went after a couple of months.

    Hope all works out well with the new job, SJ.

    So I've been ticking over training wise, though with a couple of 20M steady runs thrown in now to keep my endurance adaptations from fading too much. And on Saturday I did the very low-key club pre-Xmas mile race (5:29 unofficially -- not great, but not quite as awful as I feared).

    I was a bit rudderless, but have new-found focus: poor old LS21 had a Brass Monkey half place for 12th Jan but has decided not to do it, and generously lobbed it in my direction. This restores my original birthday weekend plan -- family outing for a long weekend (both kids being currently in York), and I get to race as an MV50.003. Perfect.

    And I'm not saying I would never do a foreign marathon, but so far I have resisted because of the environmental cost. Flights are pretty awful for one's carbon footprint. (I buy carbon offsets for work trips I can't get out of, not as good as not flying in the first place of course.)

  • Sorry to hear about your wife SJ. Looking out for her is more important than arbitrary running goals though looking after your own mental health is also essential. Good luck for the interview. What line of work you in?
    Sounds ideal birthday w/e CW. I was lucky enough to win my age category in a local club 10 miler on my MV45 birthday. I was optimistic about picking up a few more prizes this year until it all fell apart around Spring. 
    Back on it now & seeing slow progress: still a long way from where I was a year ago but heading in the right direction at last.
    Saturday’s XC went reasonably well. I finished in exactly the same position as last month but the field was 7% larger & I wasn’t giving it full beans as, for once, we had such a large quality team I was never going to be scoring. Still did enough damage to turn Telford 10K into a training run rather than a race.
  • It's good to hear that you're firmly on the comeback trail Jooligan.

    See you at Brass then Charlie:-)
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Another good read through. Echo sentiments regarding the missus SJ - keeps it into perspective. Selbs - I had piriformis hassle, sorted by acupuncture. But I suppose the disc info is telling too? Good luck getting better. 

    And I admire your Nike 4% stance too SJ. I'm with you brother - also, a nice pair of black Adios against the green bogies and the ridiculous pink ones? I'll give up the extra 3% I'm missing out on for that ;). Seriously though, I'm happy for others smashing the times, I'll just try and battle against myself and improve my own times.....Until Adidas possibly up their game LOL...

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    Guys, your making me feel bad, not only am I running in Malaga this weekend in the 4% shoes, I have just booked with a mate to run Geneva marathon in May. My mate however is traveling by train from London. 
    Best wishes to you and Mrs SJ.
    Chucking it down here and I am in a hotel in the countryside in darkest Devon so the thought of a 4 mile taper run not too appealing. 
  • in the spirit of the VF4 s - Just do it OO - I have - Just under 8 at just under 6.30 on lumpy, stormy, emptying down lanes. Didnt feel too bad, and according to my wonderful elevate app I am now fitter than when I ran Edi and as Fit as I was when my legs/nerves started to play up, which would be nice, were it true, but it aint so it aint. 
  • OO- Loved Malaga when I was over last September for the World Masters. Great place. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done Menn, its been a tough einter so far, either freezing or raining!

    OO - just avoid the hotel bar !

    Nice one on the Brass 1/2 place Charlie, youve run that before, so itvwill give you a marker.

    9m inc strides for me today.
  • Cheers Menn, needed that. Found a lit 300 metre path, run up and back down it like a complete loon until 4m d&d. Sounds a good app. Well done on getting your more ambitious run done.
    SC - Agreed, a real eye opener. Ran it last year, liked it so much back for more.
    TR - it was hard but resisted the charms of an IPA Gold for a pint of lime and soda. Marginal gains. 
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