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  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Nonstick - the 4% are quite wide, read some reviews.

    OO - good news that your race in on. As you say no prep for a sweaty day in the city.  P and D has a 6 and 4 or 6 and 5 double for tomorrow,  I'll aim for the 6 and see how i feel as to how much further i go or not.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    OO.. Stamford 30k has been postponed until next week.  Good luck with your race tomorrow, sounds a pleasant route.  Hope it's not too wild & wet!
    Bravo TR, 24m on a breezy day deserves a beer or two, did you get rained on as per usual?
    Joe.. nice one getting that 18 miler done, looks like you're going to clock a decent week.
    Charlie.. hope the extra week will give your back more chance to settle.
    Dragged myself to the least flooded local Parkrun (York Uni) and ran a controlled 7mm pace as I'm doing a club XC race tomorrow.  Predictably windy and it started raining pretty hard around half way.  With a bit added on before & after it added up to 9m for the day.  Pleased I took the rain jacket for the post race run! 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi- of course, but it didnt rain for the whole duration (unlike today). Hope your xc is still on.

    8m easy, legs were ok after ydays 24m.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    It's safe to say I'm not enjoying Storm Dennis...  I did my club session on Thursday so I was a bit tired on Friday.  When I looked at the forecast Friday lunchtime it was saying 40mph winds or stronger all weekend from 6/7am on Saturday, so I decided I would go home and try and get my long run done that afternoon.  It was ok at first, but became a death march (9.30m/m for the last few miles!) as I was clearly under-fuelled, dehydrated and tired.  Bleurgh.  Still, 20 miles at 8.49m/m definitely counts as time on feet (and actually brought up 76 for the last 7 days, which would explain the tiredness)!  I was knackered on Saturday, but did 5 miles (at about the same place as the long run, just feeling a bit more spritely).  This morning 9 miles to bring up my planned 62 for the week.  Praying for calmer weather next week: I am not strong enough to run in 20mph winds, let alone 40-50!
  • I got out there for my usual M-2 weeks run over Box Hill.  I took a detour early on to avoid floods but that was a waste of time - after 5 miles I was confronted with a road that had been turned into a river a good 6-8 inches deep, with no alternative but to go straight through.  More flooding later on as well but I got the 16 miles done.
  • We've had those sorts of winds for over a week now Joolska - it's mad - and let's not talk about the flooding CD - I really struggled to find anywhere to run this morning, even my usual safe but boring 'I can run loops' routes were flooded. I have never known it this bad, places which never normally have an issue even when the river has been over and there is local flooding were impassable this morning.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    A well toughed out lsr Joolska, and that's a great weekly total, not surprising you felt tired.  
    CD - M-2 run done and dusted and I am sure Tokyo won't be looking like the Surrey countryside in a few weeks time.

    For me, Bodmin Half marathon  1.35.08 / 22nd place.

    A hm with 1900 ft of ascent was going to be challenging enough through a bumpy National Trust property, Llanhydrock.  Lets add constant rain, chilling strong winds, long grinding ascents and steep muddy/ rocky descents through forestry/ parkland, and others parts like a XC course with mud up to your ankles, and o yes a numpty decision to run in a vest with no base layer to add to the fun so got a bit cold.

    But, overall enjoyed the race and the course as runners do, and felt sorry for the volunteers who were supportive but not really having a great time.  I could and should have run it 3-5 minutes faster but not really up for it today, and I found too many reasons to ease off. The positives a nice run, a decent tempo workout banked, a  reminder to get some mojo back, and will ponder that whilst warm weather training / half term holiday in Tenerife next week.

    A bit of warm up and warm up again to make it 60 for the week.
  • Well toughed out OuchOuch - not jealous of your warm weather training, oh no, not all :-)
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Jools.. extra brownie points definitely awarded for 20m in strong winds plus tired legs.
    OO.. congrats on the Bodmin half, though wearing a vest seems like a hard case decision or a schoolboy error.  :)  Tenerife should offer you a bit/lot of welcome warmth after events here.
    CD.. you did well to circumnavigate a variety of floods, lots of surface water of varying depth around here too.  Hope the next 2 weeks goes to plan.
    TR.. nice shakeout today.   
    LMH.. sorry to hear about your local roads, it seems that anywhere near a river or stream/beck is prone to flooding ATM.

    It was pretty brutal here last night, raining sideways so much that water drops were creeping in through the trickle vents in some of our windows!  However the rain had relented this morning so the XC was at least held in dry conditions.  Muddy & bumpy with huge pools of water, basically a slithery out & back course on a 3.3+3.3m farm track.  Added a few miles on before & after to tot up to 17m for the day.  Rain & sleet appeared 10 mins after I got back so at least I go that timing right.  
    71m for the week, biggest so far so might be tempted by some spicy grub and a beer soon. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    There cant be many dry places to run at the mo.

    Well toughed out jools

    CD - i bet Tokyo is a bit drier and warmer !

    OO - nice one, cant have been many races this weekend. Training gains made for sure. A vest in February? I dont wear one in August, no wonder you got cold.

    Well done wardi - a curry is well earned.

    Hopefully the wind and rain will take a break, but its only 6 weeks until April, so there surely cant be too much winter left?

    10 weeks until the big dance.
  • Nice miles Wardi.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TR - I'm also hoping this is the end of our winter. I know we haven't really had a cold snap yet but it's been a season of shower dodging so far.

    OO - Good run that I reckon. Ran something similar at Henley in awful conditions in October. Like you said, got to feel sorry for the volunteers...and those who are out running for more than an hour and a half (ish).

    Wardi - cross country on a Sunday? Shouldn't be allowed. Good days running though it seems.

    CD - Solid running today and decent pace too. I only encountered one impassible puddle on my run today although I thought it wasn't too deep. Two steps in and I was submerged! 

    60.5 miles for the week. My 3rd biggest week ever. Sad to report the knee pain is back. It's fine to run through, but I'm not sure that's the point. I feel otherwise strong so it's doubly frustrating. Might see how throwing in an extra recovery day a week helps things. Staying at hotel with pool thursday/Friday so maybe some swimming instead there. 
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    Howdo All,

    Wrexham was cancelled so dis 15 on the ready in 1.34 instead. Reaffirmed that tready running is hard

    Good work OO - must've been one of a handful of races that went ahead 
    Well done to all getting out and stuck in.
  • NonstickNonstick ✭✭✭
    15 miles on treadmill yesterday, took my total to 61.2 miles, most I've done in ages, been building up steadily for a few months now. Looking good for Reading half in a few weeks time.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Menn - that was a sharp 15m !

    CD - i guess you are back in training now then ? Shame that, will you take the defer option.

    16m tonight.
  • Not unexpected but nonetheless gutting, TR.  Obviously I'll have to do it next year instead, having got the place.

    However, I've nabbed a last minute spot at Seville this Sunday to make up for it.  A week less taper and it means an early start Saturday to get out there, but it means I get to race.
  • Excellent running that Menn. My sweat levels doing anything like that on the treadmill would be next level.

    Unlucky CD . That's going to be really disappointing for many runners but it is almost certainly a really sensible thing for them to do in cancelling it. Looking at the weather in Seville it could be a shock to the system but I'm still expecting good things given your recent form! Looked like a good race at the top end last year with 13 seconds separating the front 5.
  • Gutting for you CD but could work out very well. You've been in good nick recently. All the best mate. You at Wokingham Sun ? 
  • Er no, JI, I'll be in Seville.  Have a good one though, you usually run well there.

    Thanks RJR.  The forecast for Seville is an OK 12ºC or so at the start, rising to 25º mid afternoon, so all being well it'll be nice for the marathon, better for an afternoon outside a bar somewhere sunny.  I've been running overdressed in training so it should be OK as long as I can get some shade during the race.  I'm not expecting an amazing run but it would be good to get something on paper after winter training, rather than wait until VLM in 10 weeks.
  • Nice last minute plan changing CD - I hope you have a good weekend.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  •  :D oops ! thought it was next week.  Not really a target race for me, first of three half maras planned, the others being Cyprus and Reading.  Just be good to keep a controlled pace.  
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    Good contingency Work CD - you will be well home and hosed with a beer before it gets to 18 degrees I imagine (I read somewhere once that this is he magic racing number).
    Oulton Park half is looking inviting - 6 laps round a race track but its 'undulating' apparently
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    JI.. Wokingham, Reading & Cyprus - you globetrotter you!  :)
    CD.. great work getting a new marathon booked and the flights.  I had noticed that both Seville & Barca still had places on sale so both good options for Tokyo refugees.  One thing I like about the Spanish marathons is the 08:30 start - avoids the heat of the afternoon and more importantly you can enjoy the prospect of a celebratory lunchtime Estrella in the sun.
    Menn/Nonstick.. good work on the treadmill.
    TR.. 16m on a Monday shows good recovery after last week's mileage.

    After a big week (for me) last week my cranky legs were definitely feeling their age in yesterdays steady 4.5 miler.  Feeling more like it today so 4.2m done and 7m planned with the club later.   
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    That's tough news about Tokyo, CD.  All the best for Seville!

    Having done my grim LSR on Friday, I made the most of having fresher than usual legs on a Monday/Tuesday to do 13 miles yesterday and 15 today.  Still not amazing paces (8.25s and 8.23s), but that is at least in part due to the continued windy weather.  OK it's 15-20mph rather than 40mph, but it's still not great...
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    "Tokyo is off im at seville this sunday at wokey no im at seville".............priceless.

    As menn said top contingency work CD, hope you go well.

    The Estrellas sound good wardi.

    Jools - top work, those paces are similar to mine, dont worry re everyday pace. Id take the positives out of at being that you are now fit enough to back up days like that.

    I had a crap work trip and thought about sacking off the running instead of the scheduled 9m inc strides in the rain tonight, luckily it was only a momentary lapse.
  • NonstickNonstick ✭✭✭
    Monday was a rest day for me, split sessions yesterday 6 miles each. Splits are a new thing for me but legs feeling good fresh today, 4 mile time trial tonight, be good to see where I am after several weeks of good training.

    Going back to Vaporfly Next discussion, are they actually available in the UK, I can only see them on Nike site (only small sizes) and ebay. I'd like to try them for a race day shoe but having a forefoot on the slightly wide side, would really like to try before I buy.
  • Good toughing out there TR. All too often my wobbles stop me getting out the door.

    Jools - Cracking mileage back to back regardless of pace.

    Nonstick - 4 miles a bit of an odd time trial distance? 

    Nervous about today's 9 miles with 5 at half marathon pace partly because I don't really what that pace should be but made it through ok averaging shade under 6:15s for the final 5. 18 miles with 10 at marathon pace looming large on Sunday. I would never have prescribed myself that with 3 months to go til race day but my faith is in the P&D!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Nonstick - check all the colours on the nike site. You can try them and return for free.

    Joe - dont worry about pace in the LT runs, just run hard and move on afterwards. I didn't even hit (hopeful) mp last wk, but the wind doesnt help.........its the mp paces i get interested in. I have 12 planned for saturday, but no doubt the wind will ruin the pace/effort again.

    7m easy this morning.
  • Agreed TR. I guessed that 6:15s would feel ok, it's the kind of pace I'll be aiming for at Fleet, so I went for that. Having Monday and Tuesday as rest days made it a bit of a false run as the plan goes anyway. 

    In my last few training blocks 18 miles with 10 at MP would have been the standout run. If I can hack it on Sunday I'll be very pleased but failing the pace I'll just aim to run comfortably hard.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    Pace effort is as much as you can hope for in this weather Joe unless you go indoors- 8 x 3.5 mins off 75 secs for me tonight - wind played havoc and my mind was already beaten before I stepped out of the car. 15 -20 secs/min mile off what ive been hitting recently but still all feeling like 3k-5k effort so in the bag. Will do Fridays 10 with 8 at MP on tready unless something changes

    I think the Alphaflys come out on the 29th Feb Nonstick - Im currently looking for a pair of 4% or next% but cant find any in my size so might look at the Alphas 
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