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    Joe - you'll smash 36 then. Think glocester s flat, its a chance to get an early sub3 and gfa in.

    Wardi - i hopefully have one of goodwood or Iow. Hope the curry was good.

    13m inc 20x3min.
  • Joe - Decent in a training session. As TR, bodes well for a race in not too distant. No pressure needed from you guys here. As I reflected on Sunday evening, one swallow doesn't make a spring Etc. 

    TR - Super mileage for last month. You must be an aerobic beast now. 398km (247) last month which has been par the course in recent years. Only the last week was a decent week though, rest tick over. 

    Has anyone had to do anything regarding their vlm place for 2021 yet? I've been keeping one eye on emails from vlm HQ but might have missed something. I'm of the opinion that I don't need to do anything and my place will roll over to 2021 race. 

    However, I am reading ballot info and the option of deferring to either 2021, '22 or '23 races. I haven't seen anything which gives me the option of choosing which future race yet. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    SJ.. near the top of the GFA page it says you should get an email tomorrow offering you a place in 2021.  Doesn't say what is involved at this stage.
  • Feeling hungry reading that Wardi, even though it's only a few days since the last takeaway curry for me. Peschwari naan is my side of choice.

    TR - sounds promising then. I could be tempted by that as not too far from me and could put together a reasonable training block. Some food for thought.

    Nice nudge on the GFA. I see I've got a very outside chance of London 2021 having "qualified" in December. But with only a 2:59 i'll likely lose out on fastest first. Not sure how I feel about the virtual marathons counting towards GFA but perhaps I'm just jealous. That course I "ran" 5k on a few weeks ago would be a guaranteed quick time but wouldn't actually be the distance.

    I feel more like I ran a half or a marathon yesterday than a 10k training session. Feels kind of nice to have a little reminder of how much extra hurt in the legs comes as you up distances. Meant I actually stuck to 8 min mile pace for my recovery today.
  • Cheers Wardi. Have seen chatter today so wondered. 

    Joe - I have zero interest in the virtual race. Probably me just being grumpy though. I reckon I will get super annoyed at the BBC coverage too. I want to watch the elite race in full without cutting away to Dave from Ipswich running around his estate dressed as the incredible hulk. Hopefully the red button will save the day.  

    16km tonight with 6km at something resembling 'tempo' pace. I didn't fancy it much during the 5km warm-up but got stuck in. Fancied it even less when I got to my turn around point on the canal - mid tempo. Averaged 3:57/km (6:21/mile) so some sort of pace at this early stage I guess. Not reading anything into it, just ticking the box off on the schedule. 

    P. s. No offence to any Dave's from ipswich looking in :) 
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    SJ - if you used a 2019 time as yr gfa, then you are in, you just have to say yes to email. Looks like a gfa is only valid for a year going fwd too. My Goodwood time will be too early to count.......good going on the Tempo, i did a few LT runs and improved week after week, but havnt done any since as i focussed on the 20/10 and mp runs. Im still due an mp run, might do it saturday, but id normally do 23 or 24m 3 weeks out.

    Joe - the virtual mara is ok by me, although im not sure if races such as Dorney should be allowed to count as a virtual, as its a lot easier to go quicker in a race environment. We all know that 13 or 14m mp is around the limit in a training run.
  • I got the VLM email last night, tried to defer but it was also changing my DOB when I did that so left it until they sort the niggles out. The Champs page got confusing, I'm pretty sure I can use my Seville time to get back on the champs start for 2021 but I did notice that the qualifying times have come down for those without a 2020 place who want a Champs start next year.  2:40.

    TR - re Dorney & virtual.  Lets say someone runs Dorney, legit course, legit time, but their watch says they 'finished' 26.2 a minute quicker.  Do they get to use the quicker time for GFA, even though it's demonstrably wrong?  Or let's go the other way - finish Dorney but the watch says they've only run 26.0 - does the app even let them upload that as a virtual marathon, or will they have to tack on the 0.2 after the finish?
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I'm lurking, but had to emerge to agree with SJ about the TV coverage...

    Still ticking over on about 50 mpw here. Might hit 55 this week! I'll defer VLM to 2021.
  • That would be my problem CD. If I was in shape I know I could run a course that will say 42.2km but be closer to 40km and that is likely to be a decent chunk of time saved. If I could take my 2:57:xx which is the time my watch thought I went through the marathon mark in December I'd have more of a chance. But hey ho. It's all technicalities. I don't think there will be too many people who'll run their best, all on their own, next month given how late London announced all of this.

    Nice mileage Joolska!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Thats a decent base level jools.

    Joe - any mara ends at the finishing line though. I reckon ill clock up a fair bit too far over 11 laps.

    CD - agreed, theres holes in it, but none of it is ideal. Looks like only having a one year gfa going fwd will make it more clear cut. Without most folks having a mara to run elswhere its a decent way fwd, but folks could ride bikes, get others to carry their garmin, use a few runners to relay a few garmins.......

    6m easy here
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    VLM - Defered to 2021 as well, all pretty easy, two clicks.
    Virtual - Seems a lot of Cornish runners will be running theirs along my local route, the Camel Trail between Padstow and Bodmin, a closed and flat ex-railway line.  Notice some local charities, in addition to their VLM charity runners using this course,  are seeking entries in some cases upto 100 others to run it as the "Virtual London".  Stretching the definition to a point but looks like I can expect lots of company to get the real London congested experience.
  • TR - I see they've done the same with Champs as well.  Qualifying for the 2022 race (assuming it's in April!) opens on 1 Jan 21, so my time this year won't count, whereas previously it would have done.
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    OO - sounds like you'll have some company then.

    CD - theoretically folks could get in by just running vlm each year, but its high risk for gfa as its the last day of the qualifying period.

    I havnt seen the email yet but I'll defer to oct 21, i have already deferred Brighton to April.
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    Seems a touch mean ATM as hardly any marathons are being run to qualify in!
     London TV coverage.. I guess the BBC won't be able to resist a few heart warming charity tales, fancy dress runners etc to occasionally deflect from the multi lap main event.
    Jools.. 50 mpw is decent maintenance mileage.
    SJ.. impressive tempo session.

    Nice calm sunny day yesterday so got out for 30m on the bike.  Similarly bright morning today so did a few laps of the racecourse to bring up 10.4m.  Definitely the best half of the day as it's now pithing it down.  :|

  • TR - I totally agree. Just playing devil's advocate. 

    Sounds good OO, hopefully the company will prove to be a good thing and not a nuisance.

    10km with a few uphill efforts today. Still feeling tired. Looking forward to an earlier night and rest day tomorrow. All this marathon talk prompted me to remind myself of when the rescheduled Liverpool marathon is. Second May bank holiday. Fingers crossed it makes it.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    Deferred to October '21 painless enough. 

    OO - as Joe says a few runners should keep you going, hopefully not too many though. 

    Jools - good to hear you're still cranking out the miles. 

    22km last night on the shedmill (still some pesky leaks to fix on my day off tomorrow) I have to keep a lid on these longer runs as hips and knees complaining a bit this morning. I'm sure the body will get used to them again. 

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    That's a good distance on the treadie SJ, is it reasonably cool in the shed?  Glad to hear the LM entry was straight forward.  I'm hoping to enter via GFA when the entries open. 
    Joe.. hope a good night's kip has revived you.

    You may remember my occasional encounters with a local bagpipe player who practices in a field in the middle of nowhere.  On yesterday's run I took a different route across a trail at one point to add some distance on and saw a bloke standing under a tree.  He then produced a trumpet and started playing!  I am now convinced these people are forming an outdoor orchestra. :o
    No musical interludes this morning, 6.4m in pleasant temps.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I could put them in touch with the saxophonist who practices under a flyover here in Bristol!
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    Good one on the  mlr SJ, you will adapt.

    Those lone musicians obviously annoy their family members.

    Mixed events news, Worthing 10k which was June, then Aug and now Oct 4th is on with a Covid plan, but Oct 4th is no good to me.........Chichester 10k which is a big local race in Feb has already cancelled.

    12m tonight
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    SJ - That was a good distance on the treadmill, tempted to get mine going as the nights are sure drawing in now.
    Virtual - Yes, it will give the virtual marathon some buzz to run with lots of others going through the same rather odd experience, suspect around c200-300 runners will be using the trail (14m long) to run it. I am noticing many more runners of late though out running along the trail,  connected. 
    TR - Bit of a pain that race news.
    Its getting dark, 4m at 8.15 pm last night.   
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - maybe the flashing of headlights in car parks is too risky now? A few blasts on musical instruments more obscure :) 

    TR - shame about Worthing. Tempted by a couple of low key 10k up here, to get the racing buzz again. 

    OO - so tempting to jump on the treadmill at the bottom of my garden now it's getting towards autumn. Never bothered me before but now it's an option its tempting. Trying to keep it in reserve for those horrendous conditions TR likes to run in :) Anything as late as your run yesterday will be indoors. I tend to fall over on the streets in the dark.

    TR - I have been meaning to ask, how are you finding the new sun dial after a few months use? Have you found it any more informative on your training? 

    Much better medium long run today (day off from work). Managed 21km picking up the pace from about 8k onwards finishing strong. 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    I'm doing this 10K in 3 weeks SJ They ran a very successful 5K last month & are still taking entries. :)

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - good going there, id have sacked it off that late.

    SJ - sounds like you're getting into it now......the wet runs can be miserable, sometimes its Hobsons choice and i refuse to bow to the weather......the gadget amuses me but a £200+ watch is wasted on me, i like that it has big digits on the display and i can bluetooth the runs to my phone. Garmin connect is decent too, but i now have loads of data i have no interest in rather than no data. Racing will no foubt ptovide some good feedback through it though.........because the wrist hrm is crap (and im not interested in waering a proper strap and getting accurate data i dont want to look at) the race predictor amuses me as it says id go 1.28 and 3.10. Its seen me run faster than 1.28 in training twice and hopefully agsin tomorrow. Should have got a £50 really, but i like the bluetooth......have to charge the bloody thing too.

    6m easy today, mp run tomorrow.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. I still have a Forerunner 201 kicking around, bulky by modern standards so not worth much I would guess.  One of the V65's at my local Parkrun still wears one on the grounds that he can actually see the digits!  Best of luck with the MP run.

    SJ.. nice MLR with a strong finish.

    OO.. that trail sounds very handy for the virtual.  Sounds like the Endure event I did last year - once it got going it was a continual loop of runners for 24 hrs, a lot of camaraderie going on.

    10.5m today, slightly breezy but ok conditions.  I do despair with the local fly tipping, about two dozen used car tyres dumped in a farmers field today.  Should have their vehicles crushed!
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Jooligan - Good to have a race to look forward to relatively early doors. Think you will go well with your solid training of late.
    Wardi - I do hope so, for a change of scenery there are quite a few scenic trails off the main trail to get away from the fancy dressed first time marathoners, questioning the wisdom of their choices at 15 miles.  :D  Nice 10.5 miles.
    Joe - Likewise, really looking forward to the return of city marathons next year, hope Liverpool can make it.
    - Thats another good run and a strong finish is always such a good sign.
    TR - Hope you had/ are having another good MP run. The penultimate one?
    Used my gadget for a rare outing last night as wanted to run a 5k faster bit (18.29) within a 11 miler. Its does a few things well, has a HRM which I've never used and doesn't connect to anything!   Tend to use it for tempo runs when I need the motivation and data on my pace.   Would have been useful to have some HR data last night as the 5K felt comfortabley uncomfortable. A few easy miles today, maybe a bike ride (Tdf induced) for my third consecutive LSR tomorrow. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - yep, gagdets with big displays in lieu of reading glasses.

    Good pace there OO. Today was my 3rd and final training hm (thankfully).

    So on the same hm route, undulating first couple and last couple of miles, flat in the middle and 4 180 turns, but its quiet and gives me something to compare against.

    July 11 - 1:27:14
    Aug 1 - 1.27.02
    Today - 1:27:04

    Tough today, effort felt too hard, bit of breeze and my stomach issue ached. Hoped to go under 1.27, but solid enough on a tired day. Reckon id gain a minute on the flat, but cant see me being in 252 shape. Goodwood is very dependent on getting a clear path on the track and how windy it is.
    These solo 1/2 maras are tough but in lieu of racing they will hopefilly do me good.

    Roll on beer time, im thirsty.

    3 weeks til the b of the bang.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Consistent TR. Still sub 2:55 as it stands. Sounds like you’re ready to taper. 
    Nice MLR with a cracking 5K tempo OO.
    Actually had my 1st race today: 9.4M in the Brecon Beacons. Time trial format, only 30 runners & I was off 13th. Done the race twice before in 17 & 18. Always smashed a parkrun beforehand to warm-up but opted for a more casual morning. Arrived just in time to pick up my number, lose some ballast & get changed. No warm-up at all & no atmosphere to get myself hyped. Ended up 3:20 slower than my best to the summit, made up some time with a better line on the steep descent but still couldn’t get fired up with no-one to aim at after 10K. I’d overtaken 10 & been passed by 3 so with nobody left to chase/breathing down my neck it was a speedier training run tbh. The eventual winner passed me with 2M to go but he was in a different class altogether (17 minutes quicker than me & 3 ahead of 2nd) so no chance of hanging on. Finished about 2 minutes behind my best & 8th.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - yes defo need a taper, ive run a lot of miles this year. Good showing there, only a bit behind yr best time there.

    6m easy today
  • Good stuff TR, certainly consistent. As you say there's lots of variables to come on race day but seems to me you've done all you can. wouldn't underestimate the benefit you'll get from some fresher legs.

    OO - that's a tasty 5k within a longer run. Very nice.

    Jools - Good to read a race report. Sounds like a very different experience. One thing I quite like about a time trial format is that you generally get to see the winner in action. I do a 8 mile fell race every January and come in some 20 mins behind the winner. I've always said it would be good to watch rather than compete one year just to see how these guys manage to run it so quick.

    8k yesterday with 4 sub 10k pace kilometres. Now hitting paces I couldn't manage a month or so ago which is great. Hoping for a 10 miler later to bring up a 60k week.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Jools - A race report! Sounds a good run and you clearly missed the buzz that goes around a race to get the competitive juices flowing.  That's a good strike out nonetheless. 
    TR - A good taper, magic shoes, race conditions, a bit of the eye of the tiger on the day allied to your impressive bank of training and I reckon sub252 is very much on.  But to me 2.50 looks very much like 2.59 and that's what matters.  I'd write 2.49 on a piece of paper stick it up on the fridge and look at it, because that's possible too, given good conditions. 
    Joe - Looks like you've moved up a notch in top end speed, to run faster you got to train faster, so all good stuff. 
    A good long 22m run with 5 other clubmates this morning, all training either for the LVM or Goodwood so ensured a decent lick and the miles flying past with the chat. Did 17m with the guys @ 7.20-7.25 pace and 5m getting to/ from the rendevouz point, so longest run for me in 2020 and 59m for the week. 
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