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    SJ - hugging the curb when the track is quiet is imprortant, or we could run a long way too far. Im in decent shape so will hopefully tick the sub3 box, wind and traffic might dictate exact times. A little bit of a guess as to fitness with no build up races, but ive done 3 x 1.27 hmin build up........mara training goes beyond running for fun so well toughed out today, you certainly dont need to run 20m every long run so today was fine.
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    TR.. nice to get that last MLR+MP run done, cotton wool time now & pray to the weather gods.

    OO.. good stuff keeping the bike rides going.  Might get mine out tomorrow as it looks like the last warm day for the foreseeable.

    SJ.. with the workload & hours you've been putting in I'm not surprised you are getting the odd 'CBA' run.  Kudos for toughing that one out.

    10.5m today, got a bit of a wetting at half way but the sun came out again soon after.  57m for the week.
  • SJ - good treadie miles and a toughed out run. I've hardly ever hit a full target for a week and I now just think "i'm sure I don't have to do it all to achieve my aims." mind you probably just miss out on potential.

    CD - your chilled out runs still seem pretty speedy to me. seems to be some good c3hr paced runs.

    OO - gutted that when I seem to watch year after year of predictable tdf tours and stages (including this year) that I miss out on yesterdays. weekends are for painting and gardening atm. do try to get the football on the radio though.

    Wardi - I'd say that's unlucky. cracking weekend weather here.

    a sneaked in 6km yday with one hill effort for a Strava crown. legs felt awful today for 10km in the evening. beautiful weather which I should be relishing but those muscle aches were a rare but annoying feeling. I had donned a pair of old trainers which are well worn. suspect that didn't help.
  • SJ - I got that wrong didn't I?  Running can be a bit like that trying to fit into a busy life, especially at the moment with no proper races on the horizon.  Good mileage none the less. 
    TR - Self diagnosis, so could well be just inflamed. But feel better for the week off. So is there a target time for Goodwood? 
    Wardi - Another good week, nice one. 
    CD - Looking good if the easy miles are coming out at sub3. Would expect nothing less as you've racing has been super. 
    RJR - Best TDF for years, so many epic moments.  Ditch those trainers.

    First 50k bike ride done for about 4 years but 0 run miles for the week!
    Facebook reminded me ran Berlin, 2 years ago today. Oddly, ran the second 2.49.22 of that year.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - your issues seem to be gone now then.

    Joe - bin the older shoes, i had to bin a couple of pairs this week, to stop me trying to eek out a few miles more.

    OO - sub 3, i dont have a 2.56 or 7, so either would be nice. But its defo going to be wind and traffic/distance related so im trying not to wonder how quick i might be able to go. Also, dont want to go off too quick and have a miserable time counting down how many laps still to go, will try to hover around 6.40s, but who knows on the day how ill feel. My osteitis pubis (or whatever it is) is annoying me and im looking fwd to some downtime now. Hopefully there will be a few folks to chase late on.

    6m inc 2 av 6.33 today, defo race week now.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. thanks, yes almost.  I did stumble on a step at home at the weekend and it did pull on the old war wound a bit.  So it's still there but it doesn't give me any grief running up to 10-12 miles which will do me for now.  That Osteitis Pubis sounds a nuisance, similar area to a hernia?  Best of luck with it.

    OO.. nice pedalling for that 50k ride, really enjoyed my bike ride today. 

    Joe.. I've almost got a sixth sense for running shoe wear nowadays.  I find they last a bit longer if you have about 6 pairs and rotate them! 

    Wall to wall blue sky & 20 degrees here this afternoon so got out for 35m on the bike.  Can't see there being many more days like this - tomorrow is forecast warm then it plummets to wet and 11-12 degrees on Weds/Thurs - almost gloves weather for me. :o   
  • I hadn't really intended to wear them but I ran back from the house in progress to the place where we're staying and I use my old running shoes for gardening. just felt all wrong from the get go!

    TR - having to count laps down wouldn't be fun. hard enough in a 10k.

    OO - nice ride. presumably that took you beyond the 2 hour mark?

    Beautiful weather for sure. round of golf for me with over 6 miles of walking so thats plenty. anniversary tomorrow so might not manage a run but think my legs will appreciate an easy week.
  • Joe - The wonder that is Strava tells me 2 hrs 20, 52km, 672m of elevation gain. 30k ride to a pretty busy beach yesterday, on a gorgeous day with a last day of summer feel about it. 
    Wardi - Nice ride yourself. 
    TR - It will be a new experience for sure, 2.56 has a nice ring about it.  A few runs with a few sharp miles/ kms now then.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - yes, similar area, low down. Hopefully some easy time will ease it off. Its something to manage rather than fix.

    Joe - similar here, best to rotate them out to the bin though, so even if you use an old pair they arent too bad.

    OO - bit more mp tomorrow and a few strides.

    4m easy this morning.

    Got a number and race instruction email. Theres about 20 put down a faster finish time than me (out of 200ish), fastest go first in waves of 4 at 10 second intervals, so i should be moving by about 9.01am. Around 900 accross all distances, so might get busy at times.
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    TR - Good there's some marathon runners ahead of you, something to target through the run.  Conditions currently look pretty good. 

    Just finished a 6m easy run, a touch of discomfort, suspect my problem is an inflammed joint not a broken toe not helped as been running a bit in my Zoom flyknits and they do add pressure to that part of my foot.  Feel very relieved as 9 days without running was enough, I both enjoy and need to run and especially be doing so outdoors.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - good news, sounds like you can ease back into it.

    6m inc 2m mp this morning.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    OO.. a few years ago I suspected I had a shin SF as it was very sore.  However when I consulted the Doc he proceeded to hit the affected area with a rubber mallet; as I hadn't hit the ceiling he pronounced it as mere shin splints. :).  Hope you can manage to get back to it from here onwards.

    Happy Anniversary Joe (I assume it's a marriage celebration!)

    TR.. good to get news of the start arrangements, you shouldn't be hanging round for very long at all.

    10.6m today, utterly miserable grey/wet weather so considered myself lucky to get 4 dryish miles before the sweeping heavy drizzle arrived.  Grateful for the rain jacket, first outing in ages.
  • TR - will be interesting to see how close people's predictions are to reality. Very few races to get a good idea.

    OO - good and bad news there. Agreed...running good for mind, body and soul. your body should be thanking you.

    Wardi - not a wedding anniversary yet. under a year to go there although in the current climate it's probably already a 50/50 for next August.

    I got out after the rain for 5k with a swift 1.2k in the middle. 8k yesterday with 4x1k at race pace. Keeping myself feeling sharp but it's low intensity now until Sunday.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - i like the sound of that doctor. Rain jacket  !

    Joe - 4 x 1km sounds a tasty sharpener.

    4m easy inc strides today

    Had a look at weather forecast, flipping NW wind with 30mph gusts, given the cct layout thats the last direction youd want. We must get a couple of days a year down here witn NW winds. You couldnt make it up.
  • TR - Going for a run with my mate Steve tomorrow whose also Goodwood bound, I'd better not tell him that.  Hope the forecasts wrong.
    Wardi - first proper winters day here, 40mph wind and icy rain. Wore gloves on my run. 
    Joe - That is sharp. 
    LVM race numbers arrived today!! One for the front and back of the shirt, nice touch so we can spot others doing the run. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    OO - forecast shows over 30mph gusts now,  best part of a mile each lap into that. Ive sucked up a windy mara at Brighton last yr, cant see me doing it again to be fair, if it doesnt improve ill sack it off and protect my stomach issue.
  • OO - good news you are able to get out and about again. Good to get the race numbers too. Should be quite a few doing it. 

    Wardi - sounded grim out in the rain. Being a new treadmill owner I'm still in the honeymoon period. Anything thay looks like iffy weather and I'm in the shed. 

    Joe - looking sharp for sunday with some tasty race pace km.

    TR - just your bliddy luck mate with the weather. I wouldn't blame you for sacking it off if conditions arent favourable. 

    Speaking of sacking things off, I'm contemplating chucking the Oulton park race on the 6th. Mentally I'm at maybe 20% invested. I can't seem to sustain the motivation. So unlike me but this covid thing is beginning to bite and I fear black dog clawing at my running socks once again. 

    Subsequently I've dropped off the mileage this week and I'm going to see what mood i wake up in on sunday to see if i get out there for another 2.5 hour run.

    Plenty worse off of course. One day at a time etc. This game is with Sony for final testing, fi gets crossed and then I can start finishing normal time again  
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. wretched luck with that forecast, a dam shame after all your good preparation.  Hope it calms down before then.

    SJ.. a lot of folk I know are getting thoroughly fed up with the covid thing, it's the no end in sight which bothers them most.  Keep up the training runs if not the races, good for the head.

    OO.. no strong winds here today  but a right old mixed bag of weather.#
    6.4m this morning, set off in cool drizzle with gloves on.  The sun came out at half way so gloves off and a pleasant rest of run.  This afternoon we've had thunder plus a torrential downpour and hailstones!
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TR - Your call but imagine how you'd feel at 11.58 on Sunday if you run it compared to if you didn't.  You did more than OK in Brighton.
    SJ - I am with you bro,  clearly things are pretty busy at your end, cut yourself some slack and approach the marathon in December as a no-time pressure run.  LVM will be my first marathon as one of these looking forward to just running it to finish it and enjoy the new experience, salvage something positive running wise from 2020 and give a base for 2021..which of course means it will be a total disaster.. 
  • It's all gone a bit doom and gloom here. I've generally been ok during this Covid affair, as SJ says there's plenty worse off, but this week it has started to get me down as well. The prospect of having to postpone a wedding 18 months after Covid first broke out in the UK might have something to do with it.

    Hopefully time for the weather forecast to change for the better ahead of Sunday TR. If not you have a million other races to look forward to. Agree though that you might regret it if you're not there.

    SJ - Time is on your side. I ran Abingdon last year with no time target, just as a training run and it wasn't particularly enjoyable but it did at least show me I could still cover the distance in a reasonable time. It was nice to run with different kinds of people to the usual as well and I particularly enjoyed my well earned McDonalds afterwards. Hope the motivation returns.

    Wardi 1 v 0 weather.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - plenty of time yet to decide, go with the flow this week.

    OO - i cant face 11 laps of an airfield/motor cct in discomfort if theres no sub 3, the forecast is getting worse. Priority 1 is sub3, priority 2 is to get healthy again. I regret not dropping out at Brighton at half way when i had the chance.

    I'll see how it goes today, but looks like my promised post goodwood down time starts tomorrow.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Had a few (too many) beers and today is a new day. Im disappointed with sods law dictating crap weather conditions but I'll probably turn up and see how it goes, and take an early bath if its miserably slow.

    Mixed race news. The Oct 4th Dorney folks are putiing on anothet day Nov 22nd, i reckon they'll do a spring day too. Wrexham is unsurprisingly off.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TR - Thats the carbon loading done. Yeah, give yourself a chance and if its not happening  cut it short. 
    Dorney Wood in November might give that a go.
  • Make that carbo loading, the carbons in the shoes.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. good to see you're giving it a go, as OO said you can always bale out if it's not going to plan.  The course sounds like my local Parkrun, pan flat but exposed to winds.  It's so frustrating when you know you've put in a good training campaign, you're in good shape then the weather gods don't want to cooperate.

    Joe.. so sorry to hear about your delayed nuptials, a very sad consequence of this covid mess.

    OO.. don't know how you have fared on overseas marathons weather wise but out of the 8 I've done 7 have been great conditions (Berlin x 2, Barca x 4, Valencia).  Frankfurt was a bit windy but not too bad.  The weather abroad doesn't seem to get the extremes of temps, wind etc that we get in GB.  Turns out I've run the coldest London ever in 1994 (7.6 degrees) and the two hottest in 2007 & 2018!  

    7+4m double today.  Chose the local tree lined cart track this morning as the wind was starting to pick up, at least the sun was out though.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    No carbon in my shoes

    Wardi - one of the advantages of overseas races is decent weather. Ive got to run past the exit to the car park at the end of every lap, so it'll be tempting........
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - my first overseas marathon in 2015 was absolutely scorchio with temps in the early to mid 30's throughout, my PW of 3.22 and the winner ran 3.03  it was a freak November heatwave. But in the main yes I agree with you though luck can play a big part in it. Gran Canaria x 3 generally starting around 15C and finishing in the early to mid 20s, Berlin 2018 dry and sunny, Paris 2019 cold, Valencia 2017 & Barca 2018 ideal, Munich 2017 wet and cool  Malaga 2018 & 2019 starting mid teens finishing in 20C. So plenty of variation in temperatures and conditions.  Positive experiences and  happy memories from all, and certainly looking forward to when they are part of our lives again, hopefully Geneva next May.
    TR - Hopefully swifts instead, so you can fly. 

  • Cheers chaps, kind and motivating words as always. 

    All the best for tomorrow TR. Hopefully you get a good weather window starting at just gone 9am. 

  • Have a good one TR.  Goodwood should be a bit less crowded than it was when we bumped into each other there back in Feb!  
  • Trip over to Long Eaton this morning for c2 laps of a very flat parkrun course for 10k. My colleague was aiming for 38 mins and me 36 so he set off 2 mins before me and I chased him down. I was feeling a bit tight and tired from laying some bricks for a path yesterday and the wind was up so I was a bit apprehensive about my prospects although I suspected once I got going the adrenaline would get me through. 

    Quickly settled into 3:34 pace which crept up to 3:35 average after about 5km so I was feeling pretty confident from there. The gap was closing all the time and it was good to have him in my sights. On the 3rd lap (parkrun is a 2 lap) I was tiring a little and feeling the wind a bit more which isn't a good sign but I held it together reasonably well. Average hit 3:36 at one point which is 36 minute dead pace so I had to knuckle down a little on the last lap (passing my colleague with 1.2k to go) and fight into the wind but clocked a 35:55 as the watch hit 10k (although strava later revised this to 35:49). Either way a good chunk off my pb and for once a well paced "race" for me.

    Thoughts turn towards a half marathon now. Balancing act of keeping some speed but upping the distance. It's 10 weeks I think until Nottingham which is the most likely contender.
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