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  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - didnt realise you were on the rides now, nice one, great value. I liked the counting to 11 rather than 26 at GW, the early laps can be used to ease into it as you say.

    TT - closed off ccts i they way ahead for a while.

    15m tonight.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I find shoes a bit of a running battle.  My NB favourites of the last few years have been discontinued so I have spent recent times finding a new favourite and sure enough they have discontinued that one too!  I do have enough old favourites in reserve for now thankfully. 🤔

    Nice MLR TR, you seem to have recovered from Goodwood very well.

    10.3m today.  Got out in the sun before the afternoon showers arrived.  Fortunately my weekend wasp sting is getting less sore & itchy now!
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    TT - I will add it to my xmas list. 

    TR - yes giving the rides a spin. The guides have been great and got me away from asics whos fit in the toe box changed significantly enough to give me crushed toes even in a half size up than usual. Nice mlr. I matched that but in the comfort of the shed. 

    Wardi - annoying that I can't go anywhere to try shoes on either. Local store has shut down. A real shame as it used to be Ron Hill's original store :( Good news re the sting and nice miles in decent weather. 

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TT - Good to see you, you were in my thoughts last week as had a message saying 3 years since the Valencia marathon. Good to see your back glad you have the fibro under control.
    TR - Nice 16m, as Wardi said.  Run with Steve my mate tonight said he will see you at Dorney and expect you and him to run at least a few minutes quicker. 
    SJ - Another good session banked, its good Oulton is coming quickly over the horizon too.
    Wardi - Sounds a nice run.
    Joe - Hopefully you've beaten the potential injury. 
    Out and back to Padstow on the train tonight, 11m, first 5.5m steady @7.20 and the next 5.5 tempo time @ 6.20, in my Nike Zooms which gave me a blister (bugger).
  • OO - beaten would be great but I can still feel it there, it just isn't causing me any pain. I've hopefully got it in a kind of balance and can get it to improve over time by strengthening everything around it. Just the mention of Padstow makes me think it was a beautiful run.

    TR - the mileage man is back. Good stuff!

    SJ - still feeling that treadmill is softer on your body? I've got a space in the house earmarked for one at some point in the future, just for convenience.

    Are two shoes truly the same? I bought a repeat pair of Nikes but thought I could feel a blister coming on the other day. Maybe I didn't tie them properly.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - aerobically i recovered quickly, but ive been hammering the s and c for my issues and ache like a bandit.

    OO - nice run on the trail. Tell him 6.20s wont be on my radar. Happy to have some company, but we might get set start times. GW let you line up in time order, so you could start with whoever you liked.

    Joe - best to rotate a few pairs even if they are the same shoe.

    Very slow and achey 5m today. Followed by some on line shopping with SJ.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. treadmills are a bit more forgiving than tarmac.  Mine has a slider setting which adjusts the firmness of the running belt/board.

    TR.. a well deserved shorter run!  Any luck with the shoe search?

    OO.. is that a train ride out & run back?  I used to get the bus to work and run home occasionally, about 12.5-13m all told.

    SJ.. you're getting good value out of that shed.  :)  Any TV or music in there?

    7.2m run around the racecourse vicinity this morning, gloriously sunny start with a bit of a wetting in the middle.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - SJ and myself will be twins !

    OO - if dorney gets cancelled due to travel restrictions then it'll be Goodwood again.
  • TR - Steve was nearer 6.40s.
    Wardi - Should have said trail not train, though it is an old train track.
    Joe - So beating not beaten yet and it was glorious, alongside the full river in the sun with the turning point Rick Steins fish and chip shop.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    OO - 6.40 will do. Do you run from bodmin to padstow and back ? How far is that on the trail, i remember doing it with my nippers when they were little.
  • Wardi - slider setting sounds great. softer better for joints I'm guessing but often feels a bit weird when a treadmill is soft.

    TR - indeed, problem with starting that trend though is the having to buy two pairs at once. but might be worth it since blister has definitely formed. 

    OO - I've seen a few documentaries on Cornwall lately and what I have in my head for your runs is probably stretching the truth a bit but sounds great. I do like a waterside run.

    Let loose tonight for a 7 miler with some intervals in there including a couple of hills. Downtime has got me feeling very pacey and hitting some decent speeds. I briefly hit Kipchoges marathon pace today on an all out 300m.
  • TR - 6.40 is the magic number.  Wadebridge to Padstow and back, about 11 miles.  Bodmin would give an extra 10 miles.  Yes a very popular route in the summer with cyclists of all shapes and sizes; hazardous at times.  
    Joe - I do love the media portrayal of Cornwall,  Doc Martin meets Poldark meets Emmerdale,  very popular with Germans and the Dutch.  But the scenery is stunning,  even when its pissing down, which is most of the time from now until March.  Speedy 7m from yourself. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    OO - reckon we did wadebridge and back then,  past some old tin or slate mines.

    6m inc strides today, trying to force some range of motion. SJ pointed me at some Sauncony Endorphin Speed, bit of a hybrid racer/trainer but a step up from my rides. Ordered em direct from saucony and theyve arrived from Holland in LT 24hrs.
  • TR - checked my tracking, my speeds aren't due until Monday. 

    Wardi - both! 2 iPads hooked up in front, one for zwift and a larger one for netflix, iplayer, nowtv, youtube etc. Also have a speaker box thing that I can BT to for spotify. I had to deck it out with all that to sustain interest. 

    Joe - yeah definitely don't feel as beaten up when running long on it. I did wonder if it would affect my legs when running long on the roads but it didnt last sunday, which was my first meaningful run outside for 2-3 weeks. As Wardi says most now have ability to change cushioning of running belt if you prefer a firmer ride. Very good for speed sessions. Pick a speed and hang on type thing. I've used mine way more than I ever though I would. Between myself and Mrs SJ/mini SJ we've put over 2,000km on it since March.

    OO - living the dream in Cornwall. I did have grandparents in St Austall and loved the trips down there. My dream is to one day return to living near the sea. 

    5 easy last night in a new pair of saucony rides. Trying a transition away from running exclusively in stability shoes (saucony guides for past 18 months) so will see how things go as I integrate them more. 
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    TR - I've read of a lot of races starting waves every 15 seconds or so, as well as closed circuits. I'm not sure how I feel about the waves tbh. I'm a slow starter so having people to chase down would probably help me. It's a moot point as I'm a long way away from wanting to race anyway. Nice training!

    OO - doesn't time fly! That was a good weekend. That, and an 11m off-road relay leg the following July were the last two good races I ran (they were probably also what tipped the fibro over the edge, particularly the latter). Nice tempoing!

    Another fan of Cornwall here. It's where Mrs TT (can't remember when I was last on here, but I remarried last year) and I are ultimately aiming to live when our kids have all grown up and moved out.

    First General Aerobic + speed run today. 8m with 4 x 10s hillsprints and 4 x 20s strides after 6m. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    If any of you chaps were unaware the World half-marathon championships from Gdynia, Poland are on BBC red button tomorrow morning from 09:50am.  The ladies race is 10am, Men at 11:30.  As I've been to Gdynia a couple of times (did the Park run over there) I'll be looking for familiar landmarks.

    5.4m mostly off road today in pleasant conditions.  Seems a lot more waterlogged than my last cross country outing.

    SJ.. you're well sorted in the treadie shed then!  My TV's are just too old to have built in apps but I bought a chromecast last year which is amazing for the money.  My audio is my old hifi which is about 90wpc so can be heard above the noise of the treadie.  I'm old school with music so it's still CD's for me.  Meanwhile a friend of mine has kindly donated about 60 LP's to me which I'm currently wading my way through.  

    TT/OO.. Ah happy memories, I loved Valencia - wonderful city and the Spanish do seem to know how to put on a cracking marathon event.
  • TT - nice work on the running with a bit of emphasis. I have really gotten into doing strides recently. 

    Wardi - ah your setup does sound cool though. You play lps whilst running? Doesnt that mean you have to flip the record every 30 mins or so? :) My setup is a bit overkill tbh. I had to extend the wifi to reach the shed too. Speaking of which, awaiting a quote on fixing my water ingress issues once and for all. Tanking and poured concrete to raise the floor almost level with surrounding ground (previous owner who built the shed) made it level with his decking, that we subsequently took out and filled the void below. Anyway, it means everything out of the shed at some point whilst this happens. Thanks for heads up re World half. 

    16km tonight (in doors) with 8km tempo. Around 4:00/km average for faster bit. Wore the rides so see how the legs are in the morning. 

  • Friend of mine has got her first GB vest for the HM tomorrow so I'll try & get out for my run beforehand :)
    Good training folks. Provided you get out in the RW once or twice a week for your runs SJ the TM should prove beneficial in the same way Nike4% are: less beaten up legs so better training loads possible. I don't find TM pace:effort ratios reproducible outside though.
    Been lovely outside most of this week - cool, sunny & still B)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - no, stagger the pairs, you buy one at a time, rotate shoes of differing age.

    SJ - i paid for the express delivery, to make sure they came today, as i had em sent to work. Nice one on the tempo.

    TT - you still get folks to chase, most folks go off too quickly. At GW my wave shot off, and others behind soon overtook.

    Jools - been cold af frosty last few mornings, i copped an absolute soaking monday, raimed every step of 12m. I think i preferred it when it was 30 degrees.
  • Jools - a vested(sic) interest for you then in today's racing from Poland. 100% agree with you that specificity is important. The race at Oulton Park is outside and on road so I've made sure my long runs are outside. I haven't felt compelled to venture out much more though since I live in one of the worst areas for covid cases and people here are stupid. Agree treadmill effort is easier at lower speeds, once I crank it up HR is more comparable to outside for me. 

    TR - ah that explains it then. I cheapstkated on the postage. I agree with the warmer weather. Long sleeves have had to come out when I've been outside, which admittedly isn't often :) 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - im sure theres been plenty of folks who live on cold and snowy places that have had to run on a treadie all winter. Wise to do the long run outside though.

    Coaxed the creaky body round 20m today, 7m easy, 13m ~mp +10%, tough going by the end.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Great stuff TR, your first 20 miler since Goodwood?

    SJ.. the record player is in the posh system downstairs, I just use CD's upstairs in the 'sports' room.

    Jooligan.. how did your chum fare at Gdynia?  I did enjoy the coverage today, so many PB's and other records in good conditions.  Great to see Jake Smith close to an hour.

    4m + 7m double today, t-shirt and shorts this afternoon.  
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Wardi - it was a fantastically well organised race. I'd quite happily go back there again (though I'd make sure I was in my starting pen on time this time; lol). 

    sj - before Valencia was when I started doing hillsprints regularly for the first time and it made a huge difference to my running economy. I reckon it was the main reason that that was the quickest I've closed the last 2.2km. 

    TR - very nice long run. The MP + 10% runs were part of what swung me towards the Faster Road Racing book in the end as it's the same effort as I used to enjoy on the Lydiard approach. 

    Recovery day here today (Wednesdays and Sundays under the FRR regime), but yesterday was my Endurance 'MLR'. Up to 8m on this now. 2m easy, 3m @ ~MP + 10%, and felt good so ran the last 3m progressively, finishing the last mile at ~current HM pace. 
  • Unfortunately she was one of the few not to PB Wardi I enjoyed the racing but the commentary annoyed me: no mention of the Brits in the women’s & then in the men’s they kept berating them for going out too easy. Clearly it was a sound tactic since 10 went under the hour & there were bucket loads of PBs & several NRs!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - doubling on a saturday is good going. Yes, first 20 since GW, time for a few more.

    TT - +10% is enough to keep you interested/concentrating but not enough to be hard.

    6m easy today, would have been great running weather at Abo today.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    TT - I did a summer of hilly runs on the fells. I'm seeing gains from that as I'm now much stronger on the hills and at the back end of longer runs. I would like to start doing some sessions on grassy hills over winter as its definitely a thing :) 

    Jools - Mara has copped loads of flak on social media for her London commentary and she was awful again during the world champs yesterday. Sorry to hear your pal was not among those who PB'd.

    TR - tasty 20 as others. I'm certainly noticing the benefit of not simply banking the miles but running them reasonably quickly, relatively speaking. I was well within 3 hour pace + 10% for a majority of today's 34km. 

    So, felt terrible when I woke up. Rubbish sleep and a dodgy stomach. Decided to head to Heaton Park which is hilly but has decent paths. My 4.5km loop took in a couple of climbs but had equal descents too. A decent imitation of Oulton Park but a bit more climbing than the motor circuit. 34km in 2:38 with 457m climbing. 8 laps in total I think but tons of weaving small dogs, toddlers, large groups out for a walk. The park was stupidly busy. Probably why our infection rate is so high. My own fault for going out so late. 

    I see CW has had a good day. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Nice one SJ, i think you're pretty safe outside, if you keep moving. You'd have to breathe in tbe right (or wrong) amount of infected air and actually be unlucky enough to find that air.......good for CW. Was perfect weather for running round airfields, probably due to my non attendance. Andrew Davies who set the uk v40 record at Valencia, ran 2.17, must have run the whole way on his Jack.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. you should enter these races under a pseudonym then the wind won't know you're attending.  :)  Those windsocks at Bedford Aerodrome were hanging down vertically, a marathon runners dream!  Sod's law again, it would've been the York marathon today too.

    SJ.. cracking long run as you didn't feel at your best.  I suppose dodging all the moving obstacles might keep your mind off the endless laps.  TBH I don't mind doing longer runs on a 2-3m loop, good for mental strength I reckon. 

    Jooligan.. agreed I thought they could have given a bit more of a mention to the Brit ladies & men, there must surely have been a tracker.  Becky Briggs had a great run as a 20 yr old - as an ex Hull resident she used to feature in the Parkruns & other race results up here in her teens.

    10m today, calmer than a millpond.
  • I got home from my run Saturday in time to catch the back end of the women's race.  To be fair to the commentators they were obviously stuck in a studio somewhere with just the TV picture to go on, and with a delay too, which didn't help.  Unfortunately they also had a list of past performances from each runner which they littered the commentary with a bit too much.  After the women's race they talked up the men's WR so much they had no option but to point out that they weren't on WR pace.  Good seeing some competitive races on the telly though!  Almost as good as the Giro / Tour of Flanders double header yesterday afternoon!

    I ran a total of 17 miles last week before the weekend, but then had an easy 10 Saturday with a couple of clubmates, and ran down to the track yesterday morning for the club 5k champs.  I wasn't expecting much TBH having done no speedwork at all since March, but after setting off at a good steady pace I pulled out a progressive 17:43.  A good bit down on what I'd have done 6 months ago but a lot better than I thought it'd be!  As noted elsewhere, perfect conditions yesterday.  Between that and what we had for the virtual VLM, it just highlights what a lottery weather-wise VLM in October next year will be (and to pre-empt TR, that's assuming we're not all doing it around lakes and airfields again!).
  • TR - I shall pre-empt the end of this pair of shoes and rotate them until the end of the current pair's life! Can't quite believe Abo was a year ago. Good 20 miler there with the marathon definitely still in the legs.

    TT - got hold of the Pfitz faster road running. Hoping to have another crack at a quick 5km before the year is out. 

    SJ - Your setup there made me think you were making excuses for a terrible run but that's a cracker. I went to Heaton Park first time last year and certainly look like a nice place for a run around.

    CD - Impressive 5k with little specific speedwork. Sounds like you're enjoying a little less time on the legs.

    Thursday's sharp run was obviously a bit of a tipping point for me as knee has felt a little tight since so no running over the weekend. Plenty of food and drink instead, nice to indulge without worrying about getting out for a run. First club run tonight in the form of an interval session.
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