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    Wardi - i should get race organisers to pay me to stay away.

    CD - youd like to think we can be on the streets of london town next October, I'll have had my fill of airfield weather beatings by then. At least the city will be more sheltered if the wind does blow.

    Joe - thats the way. I used to be a 1 pair man, use em for 800m then switch to a new pair, and my legs would start hurting in places.
  • CD - That is a pretty snappy 5K, 2 weeks after a marathon.   Dual coverage of the Giro/ Vuelta tomorrw, possibly the only instance of Covid making life better. 
    TR - Cracking 20m.
    TT/Wardi - Fully intend to run Valenica again, probably 2022 presuming the 2021 edition will be its 2020 entrants. Ha ha, I do remember your unconventional start TT,  was it you wanted to avoid your pre-race wee broadcast live on Valencian TV. 
    SJ - An equally good long run, and smart move it resembled the upcoming marathon track. 
    Joe- Hope the intervals go well.
    I spent too long in the enchanting company of Captain Morgan on Saturday night so a 5m run to bring up 45 for the week. 
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    Naughty OO, i stick to beer, as its a bit safer.

    12m tonight. Didnt rain.
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    I don't mind a nightcap tot of Southern Comfort occasionally but I couldn't have a session on it. :)

    CD.. very nice work on the 5k all things considered, good speed.

    Nice MLR TR, dry up here too though a bit breezier than yesterday.

    Joe.. hope the knee behaves for you in those intervals.

    OO.. when I book overseas marathons I always try to book a hotel near the start so I can walk there on the morning, less to fret about etc.  I was too accurate with Valencia - I hadn't anticipated the starting pens to be on the road outside our hotel main entrance!

    6.4m today, broke in a new pair of birthday trainers which seemed nice n'comfy.
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    Wardi - oooh, new shoes.

    10m back in, 4 easy 6 mp+10%.
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    Brighton have just postponed from April, with a new date in Sept.

    Looks like Dorney sat 3rd April or Goodwood sun 4th April.
  • TR - oh dear. I think they had been putting out pretty strong messages at some point that they'd be going ahead, presumably very confident in their policies. But it's just not feasible.

    OO - dangerous indeed. Dark rum and whiskey I just cannot enjoy, even in a cocktail.

    Wardi - congrats on the new trainers, presumably you buy them for yourself? Not sure i'd be trusting anyone else to buy me running shoes.

    If Brighton is off then jury well and truly out on Fleet half and Liverpool full in the spring. GNR perhaps has more of a shot later in the year but it's just so many people!

    Enjoyed the pyramid interval session last night (1,2,4,5,4,3,2,1 mins with 1 min recovery). Managed to hold around 5:20 mileing pace. Unfortunately there were only 2 of us sub 6 min mileing and the other dropped out after 10 mins (to be fair, he had run a 1:15 half on Sunday) so it was a mostly solo effort. Enjoyable all the same, and even having someone to chase for a little while set the tone (and the pace!). A few of my recent runs, combined with the lack of racing prospects, have convinced me to stick with the short stuff for now. To run well at 5k and 10k still requires some decent mileage so I should be able to move up to marathon training if Liverpool is miraculously on but I think I need a lot more strength work and a far more gradual build up than ever before to hit marathon training mileage.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Nice session Joe, great speed!  Re. new shoes, the relatives always ask me what I want on a birthday so I find the right shoe and send them a link.  Seems to work!

    TR.. looks like a quiet spring and a rammed autumn race-wise at this rate.  Nice 10m BTW.

    A translation from the Barca marathon FB page which made me chortle..
    'We will have an elite athlete planter to improve male and female brands and will support generating magical moments that fill us with indelible emotions'.

    7.5m just before daylight faded with the middle 5m @ MP. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - speedy stuff. Agreed Fleet will struggle to get the go ahead.

    Wardi - nice one on the mp.

    12m here tonight. Ive entered Dorney for April, there's only 600 places so i got in early.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Nice midweek MLR TR & good work getting into Dorney while entries are available.  They have started the annual 5k race series up here (Both Leeds & York host them), I think they are organised in wave starts.  One of the girls who trains with our club occasionally clocked 16:55 this week which is getting close to UK Athletics development coaching level (16:40).

    10.5m yesterday, thankfully the forecast rain didn't make much of an appearance.  6.3m this morning, very gusty so chose a tree lined route to avoid the worst of the wind.    
  • Joe - Great pace for a largely solo effort.
    TR - Dorney in April has much more appeal than Dorney in November. 
    Wardi - Loved the translation. 
    7 squelchy ones today. 
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    Wardi - there were 170ish sub 3 last time. Well done to your lady friend.

    OO - agreed, could be grim in a few weeks time. I rhink April will sell out quick as theres only 600 places, and theres not much else. Folks know its quick from the 170 that went sub3 a few weeks back.

    12m more tonight. Body is still groaning, but probably a bit less and im doing more this week. Havnt done any mp yet, and might need some massage before long, but i only need to maintain fitness atm.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    6m easy.

    Fleet 1/2 in March has cancelled totally, no new 2021 date.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Another one bites the dust TR, I think you're right about airfields and the like being the default for the next few months.  One each of the popular 10m & half marathons have already been called off up here.  Out of interest how often do you go for a massage?

    OO.. talking of squelchy a few of my local off road routes suddenly need grippier shoes after being bone dry most of the year.  A fair bit of standing water in the fields too.  BTW Did you ever get any further with your hernia op? 

    It was supposed to be dry this morning but the weather gods weren't listening.  10.3m done in persistent light rain; glad of a change of clothes when I got back to the car.
  • TR - well that's that then. The emails that might pop into your inbox must be a daily worry. Nice 12 miler. And good you've got a concrete spring plan.

    Wardi - bit surprised that 16:40 is the cutoff, that must be tantalisingly close for her. Good rain dodging.

    Mileage edging up this week. Taking part in a virtual 30 min challenge through work with two teams of 4 each trying to run as far as possible in 30 mins. There are unlimited attempts up to mid December. Managed 8.3km today which was my target. Might be able to edge that up to 8.5 in the next 6 weeks.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - shame you got rained on, ive managed to avoid it this week.......once a year at the vlm expo, although i had to have fizz on my hammy troubles in 2018, so had some massage pre brighton and abo last yr. Fizz told me not to come in so messed up, he cant work miracles. Probably say the same atm.

    Joe - i expect these cancellations, i just like to know if i need to find alternatives. The april Dorney build up race might be the November Dorney.
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    OO - hope you didnt suffer too much post date with Captain Morgan.

    Joe - excellent pace there in that session. 

    Wardi - I was partial to a chaser of Southerm Comfort back in my student days. Can't face any spirits these days. 

    TR - nice getting an April focus in so early. I  got a bit of a soaking today. 

    I haven't thought about 2021 beyond seeing my London place assured via email. I am liking the idea of Valencia next year. Always wanted to do that race since seeing people here talk about it

    10 miles tuesday on another hilly road loop. First outing for the Saucony Ride. They felt light and more noticable was the grip which felt amazing. 

    18km with 5x1200m midweek indoors. Changed into the Endorphin Speeds 'Aussie style' for the faster reps at the end. Cant really tell too much on the treadmill at 17kph as everything is a bit of a blur, they did feel super light but I did notice a little foot movement side to side so maybe not the most fitted upper? 

    10k last night as I was super tired so changed my 24km to today as work gave us a free day off 👍. 

    Felt great today. Out for 12km steady and then picked it up coming home in return 12km. Flying and needed to try and slow down at times. Hopefully a good sign. Stupid blister under my next to little toe on left foot will need piercing tonight. Sunshine and showers made the tow path muddy in places. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - bubbling up nicely. Feeling great is something i never feel. Good news on the rides and speeds. The rides are a good shoe and were a good move for me after racing in heavy old Asics. My speeds are still boxed, as i wont use em until i can run quicker. I need to start usimg the speeds if i want to use em at Dorney. Although the rides will be fine.
  • SJ - Some of us never learn, currently having another chat with the lovely Captain, spiced version.  Feel I've earned it as a busy week and managed to squeeze in a 14m run when turned the work PC off and enjoyed the last of the sunshine this evening.  Valencia is ace, Malaga worth considering too and far easier to get in. A great weeks training for you. 
    Wardi - I was offered an op a few months ago but the discomfort has gone but have taken it relatively easy for the past year. Nice 10m. 
    TR - Think your right about Dorney in April. 
    Joe - That's very decent for 30 minutes, your flying.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - ooh nice, i had a few IPAs and a glass of red.

    10m easy, 12m mp + approx 10% was the plan. The +10% section average came out a little slow at 7.24, but as it was mostly an out and back i copped a beating from the wind and hills in the last 5m ( which were all slower than +20%, but its the effort that counts), had to carry my cap in the last few miles, reminded me of Goodwwod. 80m for the week. 4 wks til the b of the bang.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. great pace over 30 minutes, a decent tempo run of sorts!
    TR.. that's a fine last long effort, shame the wind was bothersome but you got it done.
    OO.. good work squeezing the 14m in, a well deserved tot I would say.
    SJ.. When meself, OO, TT, Dan A & Joe Spraggins did Valencia in 2017 it was pretty easy to get in to.  Since then it has gone a bit bonkers and fills up very quickly. Worth the effort though - great city and a flat course, plus the finish is truly spectacular.  BTW nice progress if you're having to put the handbrake on when picking up the pace. :o

    Went out this morning, windy but dry - best half of the day as it has pithed it down most of the afternoon.  My planned easy 5-6m became elongated when I bumped into a couple of clubmates, added a section on with them so we could have a good natter.  Turned out to be another 10m on the board by the time I got home.  The calorie deficit will come in handy as the Indian takeaway beckons tonight and the Kingfishers are duly chilled. :p
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Valencia are having an elite only mara this time round. Marders is in the ~300 places.

    Wardi - sounds yummy.....ive 2 more 20s yet.

    4m easy and some s and c today.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    OO - my best drinking days are behind me. I had 4 cans of low strength ipa on friday night and was fuzzy yesterday morning. Hope you faired better on the harder stuff. I will check out Malaga thanks. 

    TR - yes ticking along well. I wonder if doing half my runs indoors is helping with keeping fatigue down a little? Or I'm not training hard enough? Certainly work not ruling things has helped with sleep which helps. Cracking long run again and agree with Wardi, effort was there so ignore the numbers as they matter little on a saturday training run. I listened to the aussie pod today, tempted to throw them a few quid on patreon to listen to Marders on the road to Valencia over next 6 weeks. 

    Wardi - yes am reading about how Valencia has turned into a big deal. I assume 2021 is similar to other races in that 2020 entrants roll over so is full?  Nice extension to your run. Hope the recovery food was nice. 

    10km easy yesterday set me up for 32km today on my hilly park loop. Picking the pace up all the way. Wore the Saucony Rides which felt great so maybe the race shoe in a few weeks. Very windy in places and gloves cold, so ideal prep for Dec. 
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I opted for a Valencia refund rather than a deferral so that's one 2021 place available! Overseas marathons have lost their allure for me at the moment...

    12 with 5 X 1 mile yesterday and 18 today to bring up 56 for the week.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - probably a bit less leg pounding, less work stress, better sleep plus getting fitter, you're in a good place. The rides are a good marathon shoe for those of us that want a lighter training shoe. I need to decide if i want to use something else or not in 4 weeks, but ive run 255 in rides so they'll be fine.....agreed re patreon, i thought the same. Marders is back on it, he did 23m inc 4 x 5k today.

    Jools - thats a great couple of days. Are you doing 5ish days a week at the mo?
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I'm back up to 6 but doing shorter runs on weekdays so I can train in the morning.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Nice loops around the park SJ, always nice to find a shoe that fits.  At 9-10 degrees I'm bordering on gloves too.

    Cracking weekend of exercise Jools, you've just pipped me on the mileage! 

    TR.. I only tend to do a 2 week taper so 2 more circa 20's sounds about right. Grub was top notch last night BTW, went for my go to favourite in the end - Pathia.

    Steady day for me today too, 5.2m with the Mrs.  55 miles for the week.

  • TR - That's a good looking 22 miler, in the countdown phase now; how many 20m+ have you done in 2020? Surely the magic shoes for Dorney - 2 minutes in the bag before you start. 
    SJ - Another cracking 20m banked. Hope the IPA's went down well. 
    Jools and Wardi you have both pipped me, 54m for the week, cracking 13m in a sunny interlude along the trail, through Padstow and a few miles on a beach - bizarrely looked and felt like summer. Some amazing waves.  
    I still am attracted to the allure of an overseas marathon, so looking to give the Mont Blanc Marathon another crack and will enter tomorrow, 600 places up for grabs for June 2021 so no doubt places will go to a ballot.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - that sounds like a decent weeks set up then. Do you do a session every saturday?

    Wardi - sounds yummy. Agreed, I'll do 20m two weeks before.

    OO - that run sounds more appealling than my 22m in the wind and drizzle yday.......loads of 20s i expect, although probably less than last yr when i did Brighyo, yeovil and Abo, so basically did them most weeks. This yr i had a spell of 16 milers through lockdown, only a few weekends with no long run though.....i used the 4% at chichester and the high arches annoyed my feet, so id need to train in them a bit. I followed SJ with a pair of Saucony Endorphin Speed, but again id need to train in them. Next saturday is 20 inc 13.1mp so I'll wear one or the other for that.
  • Wow, lots to catch up on here. Looks like there's some solid mileage going on all round. Impressive weekend runs when the weather has been the absolute pits. feeling confident of some good race reports soon.

    a brief trip down south allowed me to run my usual fell running course. with Friday's run very much still in the legs it was a real struggle, not helped my getting a lashing for the first hour. but got it done.

    Look what cropped up today. only time I've run London was 2009 so I don't know what the deal is with the year but explains why everyone thought it was 2010!

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