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  • TR - not so sure. Gove was out today talking up extending beyond Dec 2nd. All fixtures this year must be in the balance now. That would be frustrating given the investment over the last 18 months. A silver lining being all that training is banked and ready to go again but I know what you mean. 

    Wardi - I hope you and everyone else here continues to dodge the bullet. GFA numbers will be low with no races to qualify in. Solid week indeed and yes conditions today over this side were more than favourable after a little drizzle early doors during my long run. 

    Joe - I was exactly the same as you until this week. I didn't know anyone who had tested positive or was isolating. Well done on the painting. I get bored of that quickly and Mrs SJ usually has to complete it. Nice to celebrate a good job well done. 

    Jools - Solid weekend training and as you say building towards a not too shabby yearly total which gives you that platform to build on. I assume you are running completely niggle free? I maye just reach that yearly total after a stop/start kind of year. I've only really got it going again from July I think. 

    Quite happy with today's long run as I chalked up another 32.3km (20 miles) in 2.22. 21km of that was at 4:15/km (6:50/mile) albeit on the slightly net downhill section but still lumpy enough to get my HR rising. I'm pretty tired out though so it was at some cost I reckon. I thought I had blown the run as I attacked the net uphill first 10km pretty hard too. 
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    Thats a tasty 22m SJ, with 13m av 6.50 in there. How did that feel? In the 20m inc 13mp ive done a few times this summer i did the 13m pretty much as hard as possible on the day, as i reckon 13m would be the max possible in training?
  • It felt ok but I knew I was working pretty hard. The last couple of lumpy bits really needed concentration to maintain cadence. I was glad to stop at 32k put it that way.

    I think acculmuating hills will be the issue at Outlon Park. Hopefully I've done enough hill work to get to those last couple of laps feeling like I can still turn the legs over like today and maintain a good pace. 
  • Wardi - unusual I know but every step closer to moving back in is a win! That is a solid week! Nice one.

    OO - Good month and good year. Hope having the antibodies does prove to be useful. Jury unfortunately still out I believe.

    TR - I read that as 500 miles of lactate threshold running. Now that would be quite something...

    SJ - I don't mind the painting too much but time does just fly. Think the three or four of us put in 18 hours or so each over a long weekend to get the kitchen/diner done. Getting there though. Your long runs seem to have a real purpose. Must help with the confidence.

    As predicted I really enjoyed the run yesterday, not least because I avoided the rain which feels like quite an achievement at the moment if you're running for over an hour.
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    OO - for some reason your post didnt show up for me until this morning. I have heard anecdotally people thinking they night have had covid during the course of the last 10 months. Having the antibody tests at least gives you some kind of indication. Mrs SJ had that (also NHS) but came back negative so we're assuming none of us have had it despite us all feeling rotten in January (probably just a cold). 

    I have this week off as I have tons of holiday to use so have been asked to start using it. Some small jobs to do around the house but at least I should be able to get out for runs in the daylight. 
  • Joe - yes long runs have become more than getting the miles done. P&D prescribe doing them with a focus on running a % of the run at MP + 10%. Of course I dont actually know what MP is and not having any HM races to go at we're left guessing a little. 

    P&D also include long runs with a decent chunk at MP. I think TR has done far more of these kind of runs than me. I have tried to add some faster running at the end of all my mid to long runs. 

    Yes 100% correct about it building confidence. I don't do much speed work through the week so making the long run have purpose gives me another workout as it were. 
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    SJ - i think undulating courses can be good in mara as against the endless flat. Sounds like you coped ok then, i have to crawl the few mile warm down home after the mp run.......i like the +10% runs, its only approx for me as hills and wind affect pace and make some miles slower its a good pace, takes a bit of concentration so keeps you interested, but not hard enough to burn too many matches. On the flatter miles i try to get down towards low 7:XX. Without build up races the odd 13mp run has been a good fitness test, id like to know how they equate to race day mp, but that needs a good weather race day.........

    Dorney folks have said they have asked for guidance, but golf courses have been closed, so that sets a precedent.

    My bike was already at work from last wk, so today was a run commute in rather than home.

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    SJ.. cracking long run that, can you replicate that on the treadie or do you prefer to do the faster stuff outside?

    Nice 10m commute TR, I always thought running commutes were an efficient use of time.

    Joe.. we are about to have our hall/stairs/landing done in a mix of paper & paint.  Too technical for us so we are calling in the experts.  The oak hall floor is already done.  A house across from me (end terrace) was empty for about 8-10 yrs.  It has sold and it has now been completely stripped out, rewired, re-plastered, new doors & windows, porch re-built etc.  I think they are on their 5th rubbish skip!  :o  

    OO.. fingers crossed for a marathon in the sun next year with Estrellas to follow.

    6.4m his morning, breezy but sunny.  Our local towns are starting to flood so thankfully the weather is turning drier tomorrow.  After all this wind Saturday's forecast is for half a day of fog/mist!
  • Wardi - probably sensible on the paper. we had to take some paper off in ours and it was coming off in the tiniest scraps. we've vowed never to have paper in our house. That sounds very similar to ours plus a two storey extension. we're now into month 10. fortunately we only pay for the skips indirectly...not cheap at 200 pound a pop. 

    SJ - I'm aware of the MP+ runs although I've only done a few. they were a big confidence boost for me compared to previous marathon training schedules with slow long runs that don't really tell you much about how you'll cope with marathon pace for a longer distance.

    golf and stretches today. very pleasant out which warranted 38 holes rather than just 18. lovely rainbows. quicker stuff tomorrow
  • Joe - yeah of course, sorry, I didnt mean to explain something you would already be aware of. Its definitely helped me as I used to plod the long runs I have to admit. A fine line to be tread of course. The main reason I don't do large amounts of speed work is I seem to break down too often. Two rounds of gold must have clocked up some walking? 

    Wardi - I reckon I could manage it on the treadie and would probably manage the effort better as it's more controlled? I've done some tempo and efforts on the treadie. I quite enjoyed it as it removes the mental aspect of having to hit paces. Fingers crossed the flooding subsides. 

    TR - same update from the organisers of Oulton Park, RunThrough, this evening. I assume they are the same people doing Goodwood? 

    Rest day today. Felt good after yesterday so tidied the garden and cleaned the driveway/patio. Had a quote to raise my shed floor by 8 inches to finally remove the flooding issue. As others, I'm leaving that job to an expert lol. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - good odd jobbing. Im clearing the garage atm for my lad to add to the gym equipment in update re goodwood yet, they are the same company too. UK athletics have asked for guidance, so some rules should come out in a day or 2......i guess if lockdown ends Dec 2nd and our races are in low tier areas then we could be on, but itd be leaving it a bit late.
  • SJ - It's no bother. My phone thinks it was 5.4 miles which feels a little on the low side but there you go! Couldn't remember what was on my plan, turns out it was supposed to be a rest day anyway so glad I didn't add any running on top of that. 8 inches is a fair bit of raising off the ground. Hope that fixes your issues.

    7 miles today. Fresh out.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Rare non running day for me, took a clang on the (bike) helmet last night, rode back in this morning with the plan of running home, but my head has been fuzzy todayand felt a bit under pressure, so i might have a touch of concussion, so i rode home again too.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Probably wise TR, hope the bike tumble wasn't too bad.  Our sports room is shared now, Mrs Wardi does Zoom yoga classes in there so I'm banned from the treadie at such times.

    SJ.. that foundation for the shed should hopefully sort it.  Funnily enough I'm much braver with mechanical stuff & electrics but I don't think I have the patience for decorating so leave it to the pros!

    10m today, as Joe said noticeably colder but thankfully the wind had dropped.
  • TR - Hope you're ok. Concussion always sounds like nasty business.

    Cracking run today. Bit too excited to see the sun. 8 miles at a little under 7min miling. Felt toasty enough, which was a bit of a surprise after scraping the car this morning.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    That's a good paced run Joe, can't blame you for getting carried away - so nice to run under a bright sky & light winds.

    Similar for me, went out for 7-8m and enjoyed it so much I added a loop on to make it 10.5m.  Put my name in the GFA hat for London next year too so will be interesting to see how many get in.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    That's  a pacy run joe

    Wardi - how much of a buffer do you have for gfa time?

    Didnt feel as fuzzy today, so did the minimal 5m commute and felt ok so did 3m more. Will review it again tomorrow.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. nearasdammit 7min 30secs.  Good to see you are improving.

  • Wardi / Joe - sounds like you both made full use of a clear bright day. Nice one. 

    TR - glad to read you're on the mend after the tumble. Glad also to see you are taking it reasonably steady. 

    I spent yesterday sanding and prepping the last internal door ready for re-staining today that was a job lingering since the summer. Going from dark mahogany (previous owner) back to base and then oak stain has been a challenge to say the least.

    Ergo I didnt get out last night until 5:30pm into the dark, busy rush hour roads for my 15miler midweek run. Nothing fancy about that run, just getting it over with really. One more of those to do next week. 

    Hat, gloves and tights last night. Brrrrrrr
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi  - thats more than enough.

    SJ - top bombing on the 5pm 15m, well done. Flipping cold and frosty these last 2 mornings.

    10m back in this morning and my head felt ok, back to the usual niggles hurting more.

    The spo has had a stinker of a cold this week, she decided she should have a CV test (this afternoon), so i got sent home and am confined to barracks. Good job i set the turbo up recently, hopefully the test result will come back over the weekend.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. Kelly Holmes had covid and she reckons you know you've got it when Stilton, peanut butter & toothpaste all taste the same. :s  Hope it is 'just' a bad cold for the Mrs.  Good to hear you are getting back to normal, nice commute.

    SJ.. when our house was built the previous owner had all exterior woodwork plus downstairs done in mahogany - doors, window frames, skirtings, staircase, balustrade, hall floor etc.  Quite classy at the time (1992) but a bit dark & gloomy for us now.  We've replaced the old windows with UPVC white on the inside and the new hall oak floor was phase 2.  Plenty still to do but in theory the house should lighten up as each room is sorted out.  Nice going on the evening 15m, sounds chilly out!

    7.2m around the racecourse this morning, about 11 degrees so nice for running.
  • TR - my future father in law has had quite a few tests over the last 6 months, as the tracking app sends him for one if he sneezes a bit more than normal?anyway, results are generally back within 48 hours. Hope she's ok anyway and your body enjoys a change of exercise approach.

    SJ - nice work, inside and outside! The midweek longer runs I found to be a real pain to get out and do but felt so good for it afterwards. definitely the run I felt would make the most difference towards performance.

    Wardi - those floors sound nice. we've gone for a wood effect vinyl, which looks nice but I know in my head its not the real deal. 

    8 miles today with 8x600m efforts and jog recovery in between. glorious weather again. a whole winter like this please! 3 runs this week all under 7 min mileing average. back down towards 8 mins for the runs this weekend to keep fresh.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - she had quite a few of the symptoms, and works round the school. She has more like flu, even though she had a flu jab.

    Joe - yes, the app sent her. Pretty good though as she was tested within hours. Hopefully ill be allowed out by sunday.

    I had a day off already booked today, so cleared more of the garage and set my youngests weight rack up that came earlier in the week.

    10min wu, 10 x 4min/1min, 5min easy on turbo. First time in a few years, i hope my legs and backside arnt too ruined to do it again tomorrow. A session or 2 of that must surely be better for me than 6 to 8m in my trainers. No stomach/groin moaning either.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Lovely weather for a long run today, shame i was confined to barracks still......did my pre marathon 3min reps, but on the turbo rather than in my trainers.

    Got a bit of fresh air by mowing the lawn. Hope im allowed out soon, the doggy wonders whats going too.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good work on the turbo TR, just like the old days!  Hope your Mrs gets the all clear, Mrs Wardi's best mate from schooldays succumbed to covid earlier today.  It's a very dangerous virus for folks with health/lung issues.

    Joe.. your training is going well, keep up the good work.  BTW the chap who fitted our floor reckons the secret to longevity is laying it properly in the first place.  Our old floor was mahogany laminate and after 30 years it still looked ok with a bit of fading near daylight doors/windows.

    A right old pea-souper today, 30-40m visibility at best so headed over to the racecourse area again which is traffic free.  10.5m done in the mist, chilly but not a breath of wind which was nice to run in.   
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    TR - hope Mrs TR is feeling better and more importantly tests negative. We're still allowed out as mini SJ has no symptoms. I double checked that to be the case as I wasn't sure at the time. He's climbing the walls. He is out of isolation next Thursday. Lucky as you say you got everything prepared for some indoor training. I reckon the reduced stress on the legs at this stage is a good thing. You've built up plenty of strength over the past couple of years. Not to mention the consistent last 6 months. 

    Wardi - we lived with the mahogany doors for 10 years. Mrs SJ finally snapped this summer. By sounds of it you had a lot more to contend with. I can well imagine how light and airy your place must look as each layer of dark red wood is removed ! 

    Joe - agree Joe. The midweek long runs certainly make the sunday long runs less stressful. I too found them a big help as the overall volume is obviously increased too with them. Nice reps and speedy miles. Keeping fresh for anything in particular? I may have missed it. 

    20km including 3 x 4km at marathon effort this morning indoors. I couldn't face the muddy canal tow path and the treadmill does make it easy to run to pace. I know its cheating slightly but the HR was right where I would want it to be and at 2% incline I'm plenty working hard. 

    Averaged out at 4:10/km or 6:40/mile. I reckon somewhere around there is about where I am at. After the iffy pacing last time out in York '19 I think I might start out a little more conservatively. Get back on that couch for 20 miles and then let it rip. 

    If we get to to toe the line that is. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - succumbed, how terriblly sad. Sorry to hear that. Nice 10m, was bound to be nice running weather, when i cant join in.

    SJ - agreed, you only isolate if he gets symptoms and needs a test. Nice session. I agree with you on the pacing, in a year of no racing a matathon will be a shock, i had hammy tightness from early on a GW from all the leaning into the also dont wamt to be slowing with lots of laps to go.......i only did 16m last saturday, and wont run long this weekend obviously, but i can get 2 more 20s in yet. Im in trouble if im not allowed out until monday 16th though and had 10 days of no running.

    We had lots of coloured woodwork in our rooms, but ive been putting them back to white gloss nowadays.

    No test result today, dont suppose it'll come on a sunday either. Fingers crossed it comes monday and is negative (for a few reasons).
  • Wardi - x-post. Sorry to hear that sad news. 

    TR - yeah I figure I'll be in the hurt locker long before my intended easy 20 miles. Convincing myself otherwise is part of the mental game I guess. 

    No word on Dorney yet then? 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SJ - its more a case of taking care of the legs on these airfield races, so a slightly conservative pace......Dorney got cancelled. Active Training World have rescheduled some of their November races to December, but they cancelled the nov 22nd mara.........a minister said yday that grass roots sports would be one of the first things back, as they have been getting stick re no golf or tennis in pairs.......however they would need permission in advance, as dec 3rd would be a bit late to ask for permission to proceed.
  • Wardi - that is bad news. Sorry to hear that. I guess we're reasonably lucky being in reasonable health. Sounds like you had the visibility we had a few nights ago. Beauty of a day here again. We've spent quite a bit with this flooring company and I did see a note on their installation to that effect and a note to make it look good. I hope that's a good sign.

    SJ - Agreed. Less emphasis on a single long run a week has to be a good thing. I change my mind a fair bit about what i'm aiming for but at the moment a sub 17...probably on my own on the track. When races locally are available i'll try to make the 5k pb official. So no reason to keep fresh, just to make sure I can hit next week's sessions. Sounding strong at your end. Fingers crossed you have the chance to deliver. All we can ask at the moment!

    TR - My other half can't deal with different shades of wood in a room so we're going for white as well. Surprised on the lack of result, although testing rates pretty high at the moment? As long as the cycling novelty doesn't wear thin you should still be getting decent cardio fitness there.

    4m recovery today. A lot earlier than i'd normally be running and it was a glorious misty morning for it. Just me and the birds.
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