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  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. my running muscles etc felt very out of sorts when I had my spring/summer nerve niggle, everything did settle down eventually.  One of the reasons I run most days is the fear of seizing up at my age!  I guess the SPO will find her limits as the days go by, hope it hasn't set her back.  

    Jools.. that's a good session to bank, 4k is a long way to hang on for.

    Joe.. congrats on the sub 17 5k, great speed. BTW I recently had my greasy cooker hood grills in the dishwasher and spotted a charcoal filter underneath.  The book said replace every 4 months - ours has gone unnoticed for over 4 years!  I have now ordered a couple of replacements. :/

    Headed to the rcaecourse as planned, glorious cool day with blue sky & sun.  Added an extra lap (2-3) to my usual circuits, by the time I got back to the car it was just over 12m.  61m for the week.
  • 16 today made 56 for the week. Still not huge mileage but pretty consistent.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Well done on the 12 Wardi, i hope to be back up to 12m next weekend. SPO is ok, she just needs to realise its going to take her a while

    Did the turbo as planned today, 60min with a 1min bigger gear effort every 5 mins, sort of hill reps.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    OO - I reckon you're right re essential travel. I can always play the 'exercising a reasonable distance from home' card. Looks like the gov are determined that we are coming out of lockdown on Dec 2nd as planned. Nice fixture-list planning. I think my spare cash will be spent on home improvements next year so overseas races will have to wait. 

    Joolska - nice km efforts. I did the same sesh a couple of weeks ago. You're getting back up to speed nicely. Decent mileage for what's currently available re race opportunities and consistency wins out every time. That's one thing I've learned over the years: patience and consistency. 

    Joe - congrats on the sub 17. Lovely to break through that landmark. As TR, you should go faster with competition and people to work with. 

    TR - glad to hear the SPO continues her recovery. Hope those lay-off induced niggles receed. Nice mixed pace on the turbo. Anything that gets the ticker ticking along is good value I reckon. 

    Wardi - nice lapping around the racecourse. A more than decent weekly total too. Simmering along nicely as ever. Are you completely over the niggles from earlier this year? 

    Good end to my week and a confidence boosting weekend. 

    I did an indoor session yesterday pinched from Matt Clowes. 3km @ MP, 6 x 800m, 3k @ MP..I thought indoors would be safer and less impact. It went well, MP was comfy 4:10/km for first effort, followed by 2:5x average for the 800's then 4:06/km average for the second MP effort. 

    Followed that up with 26km today on my hilly route averaging 4:21/km (7:00/mile). The last 10km was 4:03/km average (6:30/mile) so ticking along nicely albeit a downhill finish. Up on my toes and smashing the climbs.

    Defo cotton wool time now. I know I said I was going to be more sensible re workouts but really felt good this weekend. I'm declaring the cake baked :) 
  • That's a good weekend's work, SJ.

    A very gentle 4 mile plod for me this morning, combined with taking empty cat food sachets to the nearest Terracycle point for recycling.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I had no idea you could recycle pet food sachets Jools, I presume you have to try and rinse them out?  I do have a reasonably local shop that has a recycling bin for my empty crisp/Dorito packets, I've always wondered what they did with them.

    SJ.. that does indeed sound like a great confidence booster, great couple of days bagged.  Definitely time to insulate yourself now, no stubbing your toe on doors etc. :o  

    An easy 5m with Mrs Wardi this morning.  Her chum's funeral was this afternoon so she understanably wanted to clear her head and get some fresh air. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Top work SJ, you are in good shape. Lots of folks havnt wanted to train for airfield and motor cct races, so i hope you get a decent day weather wise and reap your due reward for your efforts. Im gutted im going to miss out and end up with my 3.00 for the year on a 40mph wind day.

    Wardi- a tough day there in your house

    Back to work today, so 8m run home after work. The niggles are still a bit rusty.
  • Wardi:  yes, they have to be rinsed out first. It's worth having a look on the website to see if there's one near you. Ours helps raise money for a local rehoming charity who get about a penny a sachet, apparently.
  • TR - You sure were unlucky there. But then that's the marathon risk we run.

    Wardi - very understandable. After a crappy day yesterday where we had to redo some of our kitchen (all sorted now), I wanted to thrash out a quick run to sort my head out. Didn't completely sort me out, but I'm generally happier for having had a run.

    SJ - Good session there and sharp 800s. All sounding good. Fingers crossed the next few weeks go well and you get a fair wind on the day.

    I don't think I could have got much more out of myself than I did saturday but hard to say. It's nearly a year now since I've run in a road race! My colleague is raving about the next %s. It's taken 30 seconds off his 5k PB and 1 minute 20 off his 10k PB, which was only 2 months ago when I ran mine.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Joe - Kudos, sub17 is an impressive barrier, its been so good seeing you get faster and faster over the past 6 months (not many have done that!) and look forward to your next race and race-time.
    SJ - That's a cracking few days of training/ icing the cake,  both of those sessions came out really well, yep you certaintly are good to go for the marathon.
    TR - Good to see you back at it.  Your 3 hr marathon showed your in good sub3 shape and that's all locked in now for next time.   
    Ticking over so 47m for the week.  Still umming and arring about this local HM on 20/12, slight odds in its favour at the mo as my son says he would like to run it.   Rest day and a morning off so a glorious 2 hour walk with the pooch (Polzeath to Rock) and it was sunny!
  • Took the plunge, entered the Indian Queens half marathon on 20/12 and as on a roll the Madrid marathon in September as part of my cunning plan to run marathons in Western Europe's 5 most populous cities.  So whilst in a state of high excitement in filling in all of the details, you mentally congratulate yourself on not cocking up the form, then you press enter and up comes the zinger question, what's your estimated finishing time?

    10 months away but you know what you call now will be the real target then, so entered a possibly optimistic 2.49.00 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - youd run loads quicker in a race. I wouldn't even be able to do 5k at 10k pace on my own in training.

    OO - good to see you signed up for those. Defo need a nice target to get you out the door through winter, you can fine tune your aims nearer the time.

    I slipped and wrenched my already sore groin yday during my run home, making todays minimal 5m run back in 5m too far. But i had to get back in. Tonorrow is a bike commute and turbo day only, so its my favourite type of current (non) running day. Onwards and upwards, we'll see where i am in a week or so and i can hopefully get some physio help, as im struggling to manage this after doing a pretty good job of it for a few years.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I feel your pain OO, just had my London GFA ok'd this morning and they asked me the same question, it's an outrage.  Good to see someone booking races, I am hoping 2nd half of next year is almost normal.

    TR.. bad luck with the slip.. I tripped over a tree root back in May which annoyingly wrenched my healing nerve niggle.  Hopefully it will ease off with intermittent running over a few days.

    Jools.. thanks for the tip - we don't have a pet ATM after my parent's ancient mog expired.  My sister recently took on an abandoned rescue kitten so I will let her know.

    7.5+4m double today.
  • OO - Cheers. Still no plans to actually race but there's a 10k race in December where you have to run in a santa suit which is a tempter. Winner came in in 42 mins last year. Wonder what the impact of the suit is on times?! Surely it's a given that someone from Cornwall is arring? ;) Good race planning and an even better predicted time. When does the hard work start?

    TR - Ouch, sounds painful. How did you manage that? I'm being extra cautious running through leaves at the moment just in case.

    Wardi - Is that London just accepting your time as a possible GFA or are you confirmed as in?

    7.5 miles today with some strides mixed in there. Felt a little out of sorts which may just be a hangover from the weekend. Chilly out there, and very very dark in places. Not sure where my headtorch is...
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. I received notice that my entry details were ok on the 9th, yesterday was confirmation of entry subject to filling in the entry form & paying.  Evidence of FB running groups suggests that most of the GFA emails went out yesterday with a few to follow today.  So far I haven't heard of anyone with a GFA time inside the cut turned down.
    Re. head torch.. I have a separate drawer for all my winter hi-viz clothing, lights etc so consider myself organised. :D
  • Wardi - in that case congrats. Showing off there with your levels of organisation. I'm not even sure which house my headtorch is in.

    8.5 miles today. Back to back medium runs at sub 7 min miling has really cooked my legs. First time in this training set that legs rather than lungs have complained. A useful reminder of what you high mileage types are putting up with week to week.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Joe - Its started.  Task made more fun as running London a week after Madrid and at this stage intend to sub 3 them both.  So plenty of time to plan how to do that. 
    Wardi - An example to us all as I have at least 2 head-torches missing (possibly flinched by son or daughter!)
    4.5m & 9m double with 2m @6.15 mm. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good for you O0

    I located my headtorch a few weeks ago, but cant find it now. Luckily Alpkit have deals on this week.

    60min turbo done, looking fwd to turning the wick up a bit on there next week.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    My headtorch is a Petzl with auto adjust lighting, usb charging etc
    Don't use it too often but a nice bit of kit.

    Nice work TR, an hour on the turbo is a long time.

    OO.. nice double!  Great to hear you are planning London too, I thought I was doing well with Barca 5 weeks from London. 🤔

    Joe.. when you get into beefier mileage your body almost forces you to slow down.  The wise sages seem to suggest 2 quality runs a week. Good speed so far - hope you find the torch!

    A regulation 10m today, a bit soggy but only light rain.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    Joe - and yet I still hear people saying the super shoes dont make the difference, it's still the athlete etc. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Maybe the shoes dont improve everyone by the same amount? 

    OO - that's a stacked fixture list but some great motivation to get cracking with training. Some tasty back2back outings too. Do you travel solo or make a mini break of the races? 

    TR - hope the soreness from the slip has eased. Its definitely getting trickier outside at the moment. The leaves are my main concern. Nice turbo training. I remember you doing a fair bit of puddle-making a few years ago when you were tri-focussed I think? 

    Wardi - very organised indeed. I have some head torches used for camping back in the day. I think they are in the camping boxes somewhere. Looking at the state of street lighting local to me I might invest in a running-specific one. Not sure if it's the same everywhere but the council seem to be turning the lighting off whenever they can. I often run under a street light only for it to turn off on me. I'm all for saving energy etc but turning them off as I pass under seems like the motion sensors need calibrating? I might email if I can be bothered. 

    Nothing too interesting to report here. Some strides in tues run. A jog last night. Some easy reps planned tonight. However, last couple of nights have felt decidedly iffy. Achy and cold. Took myself off to bed early last night but had to change pyjamas an hour later as they were soaking wet. 

    Obviously some maranoia creeping in but the lowering of volume often sees me come down with something. It's happened a few times before. Rather now than next week and the extra rest is a good thing.

    I can't see the race NOT happening now. The gov stance on getting grass roots events going should green light it. Depending on the wording of the Tier system we get put in I think it's all systems go. I'll play ignorant if challenged but considering there are house parties being broken up etc I think travelling to run in an event is pretty low on the priority list. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good one on the 10 wardi

    SJ - yes, i used to turbo a lot. I ran 59:0X and 78.15 off around 100 running miles a month plus lots of turbo in 2013......hope you arnt coming down with the lurgy, my lad had a nightime fever and sore throat before his positive. Grass roots sports have been cleared for take off !

    Squeeked my run up to 10m today, he usual aches were more prominent than the new ones. Im not in my happy running place, but onwards and upwards hopefully.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    At least you're back on the road TR, a double digit run must have felt good in some ways.

    SJ.. I often head for the country lanes if I'm out at night where it is pitch black - a decent torch comes in very handy.  It also worked very well when I had to run around Bramham Park woods in the dark at the Endure event.  Hope the sniffles are temporary.

    Lovely morning here, no wind and a bit of sun too.  Lots of walkers & cyclists enjoying it, single run of 7.5m today.  Looks very chilly tomorrow 0-3 degrees though light winds again, double layers required!

    Tier 2 here so we can run in groups of 6.
  • 10 chilly miles this morning.

    Tier 3
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Grass roots sports can take place in any tier?

    Following OOs marathon double planned for next oct, i had a count up. Due to rolled over races i have places for

    Dorney (Apr), N Dorset (May), Goodwood (July), Brighton (Sept), Vlm (Oct), Abo (Oct).

    I also had a place ftom a local 10k in May rolled over to May 2022 as they dont think they will be able to put a race on in 2021.
  • Although I was never likely to race soon, it does mean leaving the area is not advised.
  • SJ - A get well soon and though there's never a good time to catch a bug, this week better than next.  I suppose the Local Authority will make the call, but agree with you should be go to go.  When I run overseas, I normally go with family (13 went for the last one) or friends, the only time I didn't, far less hassle/ drinking and ran a PB, but knew there I was going to meet Wardi and some other alumni from this site. 

    TR - Some race plan TR.  I've 4 but also sniffing around Vienna for Sept 12, as a mate lives in the city and I've been meaning to visit.  But that's 2 weeks before Madrid so 3 in 4 weeks would be tricky. 

    Joolska - That was chilly.

    * TIER 1*:  Cornwall, the moon, narnia and mordor.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - good point, but if covid safe races are allowed to carry on, then travel to them must be ok. We'll see. There will probably be an EA and runbritain update.

    OO - good for Cornwall. I dont suppose i could do all of those races, its just the way the roll overs have been scheduled. Like you id have to do 3 in 5 or 6 weeks at one point.

    Turbo day, 10min wu, 10x 4min steady efforts with 1min easier.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good work on the turbo TR, when's the next run out?

    OO.. we are Tier 2 though Bramham & Wetherby (4 & 7 miles away) are both in Tier 3!

    Just over 10m this morning on a trail near York.  The BBC weather forecast for today was max 2 degrees & mist/cloud.  In the event it was 6-7 degrees and sunny, not sure what went wrong there :o  No wind at all so a very enjoyable run.
  • runjoerun91runjoerun91 ✭✭✭
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    OO - that's a challenge no mistaking. surely one needs to be run at a 'leisurely' 2:59:59?

    Wardi - I think I'm probably only doing one true quality session a week but a few of my runs are probably a little OTT. Double layers and gloves required. I only warmed up right at the end of my hour run.

    SJ - it is looking good for racing indeed. Get in there whilst we can in December. 

    TR - those are good times but proof that big mileage is not the be all and end all. though I suppose you just put those miles in on the bike. 

    Day of kitchen fitting. Then out for 9 miles with some 1200m and 800m reps. a few seconds off the pace which is disappointing but that's the way the week is going. at least I'm getting out there.

    Tier 3. coming up to 3 months under these kinds of restrictions now. 
  • TR said:
    Jools - good point, but if covid safe races are allowed to carry on, then travel to them must be ok. We'll see. There will probably be an EA and runbritain update.

    OO - good for Cornwall. I dont suppose i could do all of those races, its just the way the roll overs have been scheduled. Like you id have to do 3 in 5 or 6 weeks at one point.

    Turbo day, 10min wu, 10x 4min steady efforts with 1min easier.
    England Athletics guidance is no travel to races outside your tier 3 area
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