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    Hopefully that walk home saved you Joe

    Jools - good session that, it would be difficult to predict a 10k time from that, youd be much quicker in a race. Good long run on top too.

    Wardi - nice stillish day here, unsurprisingly.

    My legs were ok, i realised after 6m they'd atarted to get achey but was 2m away still. Will defo be an easy paced week.
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    Wardi: RAC found a wiring fault. We did replace the fuse at the services but no joy.
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    That's crazy work Jooligan so soon after the marathon. Fair play my friend. Strong as an Ox.

    Wardi - congrats on the pacing duties and well done to the lady you helped. Impressive. Forecast was a bit weird this weekend. The downpour predicted for the whole weekend hasn't materialised over here.

    TR - glad to hear you're listening to your body. A well earned easy paced week or two will serve you well. 

    RJR - I'm sure you did the right thing walking the last couple of miles. Hopefully no harm done, fingers crossed.

    Jools - excellent km reps and backed up with the long run. Progressing nicely. Glad you're safe after the wipers issue. Sounded like a long day. I am contemplating a round trip to see my folks. 4hrs each way :( 

    OO - sub 40 10km during the 10 miler is a nice confidence booster ahead of next week. Rather you than me re the swim and the temps. 

    17.5 miles today (28km) at 7:35/mile which felt controlled and cruisy, especially as I had company which makes so much difference. 

    201 miles for April. Biggest month since last November and back up to 55 miles for the last week. Another up week next followed by a down week before the final build back up to 60 miles pre P&D 16 weeks for Oct 3rd races.

    Pretty happy with the build back up. Motivation fully back and feeling strength returning. I'll keep the club sesh going on Tues and a tempo elsewhere until starting mara prep proper. 

    Speaking of proper, joining the official fred tipple and have a couple of Proper Jobs in for this evening. 

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    Jools.. thank the lord for the rescue services!  You may remember on my visit to Bristol a few years back I pinged the top coil on one of my suspension springs.  The AA man found the part up at Avonmouth on a Sunday and fitted it in an hour so I could drive home.  I gave him a tip for a beer or two. :p

    SJ.. Great run today and good to see your mojo is back on the rise, enjoy the beers.  Japanese tucker here tonight with a bottle of Swiss reisling.
    The lady I was pacing yesterday is aiming for a place in the 2022 Abbotts WMM Wanda Age Group World Championships.  They take the fastest x number of runners in each age group apparently.

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Wardi: she’s got to be a shoe-in with that time surely.
    SJ: That’s a fine run to kick off May & a solid April. Good to see the Spring sunshine banished the blues.
    That’s a hardcore weekend Joolska.
    OO I’d’ve thought you’d be a bit quicker on the bike on a flat course tbh.
    It was the South Wales Traverse Alun finished in 19:54. I did the same legs at the end of September with Helen Brown as she set a new Women’s record.
    Beautifully sunny day here so I got out on the bike for an undulating 52K then jogged a flat 10K alongside the Wye which took around 3hrs all in. Transition was a lengthy affair involving a refuelling trip to a supermarket though 🤣
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    Wardi - Its this Saturday, the Beyond Cotswold Triathlon.  I am doing the Olympic. 
    Jooligan - Wow, thanks I saw the pictures on another thread, looked fantastic.  That is some run from Alun and yourself so soon after your race.  I ride infrequently so have no yardstick.  Y'day I rode 32m @ 16.1 mph climbing 1,800 feet so in a flat road race with an elevation of 750 feet will hopefully go 1-2 mph faster? Another nice day of training from yourself.  Steely. 
    Joe - Good call to stop and walk.  3-4 weeks out is always such a risky time as your body has been through a lot.  17 good miles banked in the legs from that run.   
    Jools - Some speedy k reps to go along with the long run, your on a good upward path.
    SJ - That sounds like a good Sunday and great that April turned out so well. I like the call on Proper Job being our official beer, and a rare brew in being better in a bottle (5.5% ABV) than on draught (4.5% ABV). The swim will be a strange affair as normally you have chance to go in the water or start in the water and get acclimatised but due to Covid, straight from a warm car into the 8-9C water.  Bit of a shock coming. 
    8m easy run this morning before the gales arrive. 
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    SJ - nice run and month, you are defo building back up nicely. Nice to have some lobg run company, i have to enter a race to get some of that........i like a Proper Job or 2 (no surprise there), or  ghost ship.

    Wardi - does that run count as a qualifier?

    Jools - crackers

    Good stuff OO - cheerful and myself did the NF Swashbuckler a few times, which is a few weeks after vlm with a swim in the estuary at 6am, always a shock !

    Took the "how far should i try to run on tired legs today" out of it, and embraced my inner Steph Davis with 60mins on the turbo instead.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR. my pacee Sally told me it's a bit like GFA.. I'll ask her but on the site it says they take the first 20 LV60's according to fastest first.  I have tried to read the T&C but as usual with covid it seems very complicated!  Good effort on the turbo, not nice outside anyway.
    Jooligan.. a good mix of exercise yesterday.   
    OO.. good luck for the weekend then, hope the conditions are good.
    After 25m+ in 2 days I decided on a steady 5 miler today.  Tried to get out this morning before the weather turned bad, even then in the last 2 miles it was starting to get wet & windy.  Blowing a hooley and heavy rain here now, might get a bit soggy collecting tonight's Indian treat. :p
  • Can you not get it delivered Wardi? The weather is disgusting today! Saturday was freezing, Sunday was decent, today is just grim. Typical British Bank Holiday I suppose. 

    I actually got to train with my coach and some of his other athletes on Sunday. Thank god it was the nicest day of the weekend! Monster continuous hill session. Samantha Harrison obviously left the rest of us eating her dust, but it was a fairly close group otherwise, until the last couple of lap when there were only 3 of us left. 12 miles in total. I was fairly fresh because the bathroom work meant I couldn't get out to run on Thursday or Friday. And just when I thought I was over, I realised they've installed the wrong loo. I ordered rimless. The one I have is not rimless. I'm so over having workmen in my house, but I don't want to spend the next 20 years + of my life cleaning under the rim of a loo that shouldn't have a rim!
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    Hi there sub-3 folks - good to see some familiar names.
    Been training up slowly following a nasty bout of COVID last year, but getting back into it. Finding it astonishingly useful to use a Garmin (a forerunner 35), so been dragging myself into the 2000s. Generally it makes me push myself harder, and it's interesting to see how my pace varies depending on gradient, wind, and sometimes simply for no apparent reason.
    Will read back a bit to catch up on the stories.
  • runjoerun91runjoerun91 ✭✭✭
    SJ - You seem to be on a pretty great path and motivation is half the battle. Nice one.
    OO - Hope the weather settles before the weekend. None of the tri activities would have been much fun yesterday.
    Wardi - very sensible. Hope the curry was tasty.
    CC2 - Sounds like a cracking session and good to be in such esteemed company. Can sympathise ALOT with workman issues. They've pretty much just left after 15 months and everyone we've dealt with has failed in some way or another. Hope you can get sorted quickly.

    Disappointingly my achilles is still sore so it's slight panic stations at the moment with 3 weeks to go. First step I think is to get the bike back from the in laws and use that to keep my cardio fitness up this week and then see if I can do some soft running if soreness subsides. Any rules of thumb out there for how to use the bike to replicate running training benefits as closely as possible? At this stage the runs are not supposed to be taxing so run time x 1.5 on the bike might be reasonable?
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    Tmap - Good to see you.  Are you training for anything specific? Your ahead of me with your technology I am on the Forerunner 25!
    CC2 - Good mileage for a session.  I've had tiling woes when the tilers put the tiles on vertically not horizontally but getting the rims wrong on a loo is a new one. 
    Joe - First, stay in the seat when cycling not to aggravate the achilles further. I remember speaking to Crab, once of this parish who ran 2.58 in 2007 VLM more or less entirely on cycle training. Can't advise on what to do.  Personally, I've found using a bike at the local gym more of a workout than road-biking as you can play around with effort levels etc. Even better if they have these modern set-ups. Worth considering? 

    The weather is currently looking awful for Saturdays triathlon "Gusty winds and heavy rain" gusts up-to 40 mph and 2 raindrops.  My brother has already dropped down from the oly to the sprint.  The plan is get the oly done and spend sometime with my brother who I've seen for 1 hour since Feb 2020.    
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    Welcome back, Tmap.

    Joe: I can't give cycling advice, as the only cycling I do is a few miles to and from the office (as and when even that is required these days).  In terms of the Achilles itself, if you can get to a physio or at least a decent sports masseur to give you some idea of the cause that would be helpful.

    Nothing very exciting here: 5 miles steady in rather breezy conditions, although it had at least dried out compared to yesterday afternoon and evening!
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Nasty cycling conditions there OO
    Bad luck RJR. No idea but if you can get the HR to the same BpM the aerobic benefit should be identical surely.
    SJ think I’m more of a mule than an ox 🤣
    Snap on the distance & conditions Joolska. Mine were easy/recovery rather than steady though. Quads are still shredded 😆
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    Jooligan.. battered quads are a painful badge of honour. :)
    OO.. much sympathy.. Saturday looks wet & windy up here too, Sunday a bit less windy but not wet.
    Tmap.. good to see you dropping in again, must be a relief to be over the virus.
    Joe.. the formula I was told was that in terms of calories/effort you had to ride 3-4 times the run distance to get the same benefit.  When I was in the same injury pickle as you a few years back I put in rides of 30-60m while I was injured.  This was 4-2 weeks out from a marathon and I did ok on the day, positive the bike training kept up my fitness.
    CC2.. fortunately by the time I went to collect the curry (7-8 minute walk) the rain had stopped and the sun was out so I had a dry run.  Sorry to hear you are errrr, bogged down in toilet problems - quite a bad error.  Similarly we recently had a wood/glass balustrade built/fitted by a very talented joiner.  He ordered a 16mm piece of glass for an end section and they tried to supply him 116mm.  :/
    The weather was even worse in some ways today, very windy and almost constant heavy showers.  Gave up and knocked out 10k on the treadie.  Tomorrow looks much calmer and sunnier thank god.
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    Tmap - sorry to hear you had CV, we had it in our house, my wife is still struggling now.

    Joe - you can afford a bit of time off. You need to get to a physio asap and see what they say. Once you know if its 1, 2, 3 or 4 wks then you start looking at the bike. At the mo it might make the achilles worse, or give you new aches if you're not used to it. Might only need a bit of treatment and exercises, biggest problem will be if you have to stop for a while and then ease back into it........however sounds like you caught it early by stopping immediately.

    OO - youd think i was competing given that forecast.
  • runjoerun91runjoerun91 ✭✭✭
    OO - Jeez that sounds grim. Hope it doesn't materialise that way. Sympathise on the brother front, I'm in a pretty similar position except mine doesn't exercise so less excuses to meet up!
    Jooligan - I was thinking that way but it's quite a hard thing to achieve outside of a gym or spin class. I did managed 40 mins today at around about recovery HR.
    Wardi - Nice treadmill work. Wouldn't be surprised if you needed it today as well, we've had hail on/off since 11am.
    TR - Not too worried if it's a week or so of very light/little exercise but beyond that the damage will start getting done. Already conscious the amount i'm eating is great in 60 mile weeks but will start to pile on the weight without it.

    Physios round here currently rammed so initially couldn't get an appointment til next Monday but a covid related cancellation has got me in today at 5:15. Covid finally good for something. So we'll see what he says.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    What was the verdict Joe?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Aye best of luck with the physio Joe, hopefully he can give you a recovery plan/timescale.
    TR.. more competition in your A/G now I see, Ode is 50 today!
    Nice morning so had a pleasant run - 12.2m in the sun.  We did get a few showers late afternoon but nothing much.  Thurs & Friday look ok so might cram a few miles in if I can!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - no, boy wonder is only a lad.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Joe - Hope its positive news.
    My brother has bailed for Saturday so I've joined him as a DNS. Relieved tbh as the triathlon on Saturday looks like its going to be grim and also now avoids a 7 hour round journey. So a satisfying long run planned instead for the weekend and a cycle and run get together planned with my brother for June.
  • runjoerun91runjoerun91 ✭✭✭
    Wardi - its real shower dodging atm. Almost a sport. Nice 12.
    OO - sounds sensible on balance. Shame though that a race goes ahead without you.

    Physio said I'm an injury waiting to happen. Everything important for running is tight. Glutes, hamstrings etc and I need to get a lot more flexible. Its not new news but he did a really good job of convincing me if I don't I'll get nowhere. He can't say that any of that has caused the achilles, it could be something as simple as my trainers. Whether I do peterboro is up to me (naturally) but I have some stretches to do and need to ice a lot. Cycling is fine for me to do so thats my route to minimising fitness loss but I think the marathon is touch and go. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Show me any runner in marathon training that isnt a physios nightmare, tight as a drum in all sorts of places. Well you're still in it for now. Did he do any massage etc on it ? Have you changed shoes lately?
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    That's quite a dilemma and decision you have to make.  
    TR - Spot on.  
  • runjoerun91runjoerun91 ✭✭✭
    TR - true but he's a 55 yo cyclist with his own tightness issues and he was twice as flexible as me. But yeah, we could all do better. He did a little massage but I don't think he was prepared for all the issues I have so even with an hour 15 session we couldn't do too much. It is feeling better today. I haven't changed shoes but I have been rotating a little and I think I probably did it in the shoes with 450 miles in them rather than 250...which was a mistake.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    OO - That's a shame on both fronts re the weekend you had planned and meeting your sibling. It does sound a solid move though considering the temperatures currently and the forecast. I haven't seen any of my lot since Jan 2020 so its tricky sorting that side of things out. Glad you have something penciled in.

    Joe - Hmm. Tricky one. Only you will know how you would fair in a race a few weeks from now. Fingers crossed the achilles tightness eases off. The flexibility issue plagues us all for sure. 

    Tmap - Good to see you and glad you are back doing a bit after covid. Are you using your new gadget with a HR monitor? 

    Jooligan - Hehe. I reckon you're definitely stronger than a mule ! 

    Jools - nothing exciting is precisely the order of the day I reckon. Ticking the boxes and stringing the weeks together. 

    Standard week so far this end. A bit wet on Tuesday's grass session at the club. Still playing it safe so headed the C group around 4' 30" efforts x 5. Ran to HR which was topping out at 5k effort I think. Quite slow paces but not bothered about that right now. 17km last night in 4 degrees but more like 2 degrees in the wind. Gloves and long sleeves in MAY! Felt strong so backing up the faster stuff on a Tuesday is ok currently. 

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Yes it does seem a bit chilly for May SJ, at least when the sun is out it does seem a bit warmer.
    OO.. Good call on the Tri, biking is quite treachorous in the wet apart from being a miserable experience.
    Joe.. yoga teachers always reckon runners are a bit stiff, goes with the territory :| .  Certainly worth stretching the calf muscles in case tightness there is pulling on the achilles.  Good luck with it.
    2 x 4m today, first one in this morning's sun, second on the treadie as we had heavy hail showers this afternoon.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Fair play re the tri OO, sounded miserable to me. Might be too cold for a lake swim anyway, so it might get changed.

    Joe - defo use the newer shoes for bigger days, i dont run long or hard in older shoes. What do you plan to do now ?

    SJ - good man, you are going along nicely now.

    12m home, body is still groaning a bit, dawned on me that it reminds me of trying to get going again after CV.  And similar to after the jab, might just be old age though.
  • What month are we in? Pretty sure the weather thinks it's March. Another tempo run in a howling gale, and another soaking. I did hit the pace, but only because the miles into the wind were downhill. This is TR racing weather, isn't it?
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