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  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done CC good to see you on the up again

    Toro - no zwift, i just do standard rep type sessions. Are you getting any swim done?

    Jools - thats a good couple of days,  do you have a Newport entry yet?

    Wardi - sounds like you had a good day. Normal racing again will be a shock first time. Vlm is going to feel really busy after socially distanced efforts round airfields.

    From what i saw of the Brighton stream lots of quicker folks must have defferred as there werent many sub3 and the winner was 2.3X. Hopefully they get back to the usual course with the usual fast start for April.
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Jools, good mileage and well done on the reps all the same.

    Wardi, all good training, hopefully breathing is just a blip and not a sign of other issues.

    Spent an hour making a training plan and accepted that I need to eat my swimming frog!
  • CC2 - I did look out for you but you'd have been ahead of me all the way. I started in the orange wave. sounds like you covered close to marathon distance in total today but congrats on the pb. well deserved.
    TR - that's a shocker. ollie is a former clubmate and I follow him on strava. he doesn't seem too disappointed. but then again he wins plenty. there will be some frustrated people if they were using that for a qualifier. 
    Joolska- big week. not surprised the legs complained a little.
    Wardi - well recovered. Good to finish strong so you come away with more positive feelings. some effort to get out and do 4 more as well.

    Great North Run

    Good start Saturday with a 1-0 win at the football. Out for a few drinks on Saturday night (me on the lemonades). My auntie and my other half stay up til 3am talking family history so probably only 4 hours sleep. So already not expecting much I expected even less. Took the pre booked parking in city centre option for something like 3 pound with a 15 minute walk to the start. all super smooth (lots of toilets is a big plus) and I was in the starting pens for 9 with a 9:50 start. no organisation to the pens. when I joined it was 6 waves combined (1 quicker than mine and 4 slower). I had a decent number of runners in front of me but I figured that would get sorted out pretty quickly. however the first couple of miles were a nightmare. this year they'd set some NHS staff off first and so there was all sorts to wade through (guide runners, walkers, 10 minute milers). from experience I know not to panic when dodging people but it was possible to come to pretty much a complete stop if you took the wrong line. I'd have been pretty peeved if I was chasing a time.

    anyway target was to go out at 1:28 pace and see how I got on. first mile was 7 mins, second was 6:33 and I stuck with that kind of pace to 10km (40:37). Incidentally, despite my weaving my watch was pretty much bang on with their markers up to this point. Heart rate looked high on the watch but didn't feel high so I pushed on from there, felt pretty strong and clocked 38:38 for the next 10k. As CC2 said it got hard in the latter stages and I did lose a bit of speed but really happy to come in with a 1:24:29. In the end it was enjoyable. And although the starting waves did annoy me it was nice then to be constantly chasing people down and running through them. So I'd recommend and I'll definitely be there again. Seeing the red arrows come over twice and the crowds out there really did make me feel like I was in a big race. Also I clung to the inside barrier in the middle section so with an out and back course saw all the big names from the elite field, including a large number of marathon talk interviewees. 

    I drove all the way back with a stop off for a roast near Wetherby. That's got the muscles and everything else feeling a bit tired. Early night I think and no cider but ill be sure to dedicate one to my run at a wedding in Cornwall next week :)
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    TR - I haven't been on Zwift since March. Swimming - only in port. I'm rubbish (2:30/100m?) - going to do a test on Tuesday. Then I have 2 weeks of multisport. We have one watt bike that has power meter so sessions are fairly basic on bike. 
  • Speedy - Fantastic, great time and a PB and a visit to the Start Fitness store, what a day.

    Joe - to go sub 1.24.30 is a great result, especially with the on course traffic.  Nice work.

    Wardi - A good run and decent time and work out nonetheless. Good work. 

    TR - Yes the group always tends to run too fast, but it did feel easy today. But good advice and going to have an easy week before the key session for next weekend, 10m or by @ mp. 

    Brighton, you did well to dodge this. S eems someone put the turnaround cone 250 metres too far up the road!!! Shame for everyone. 
  • Toro - one watt bike is better than a one watt bike. Hadn't heard of this frog business...quite apt given then swimming.

    Apparently the Brighton winner had some illegal pacing this morning as well. quite the morning of controversy 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. top bombing considering all the early bobbing and weaving, not to mention the hilly sections.  Where did you go for nosh near Wetherby?  I only live a few miles from there.

    Toro.. Best of luck with the swimming practice!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done joe, thats quicker than you were rumouring, i thought youd be quucker than 1.30ish. Gives you a mark in the sand and incentive to push on. Any reaction from the injury?

    Toro - fair play for keeping at it  but i guess it helps you get through the days.

    OO - that turaround is uphill too, so extending it wouldnt be fun.

    Tim Hutchings was on the live stream telling folks to come to Brighton in April as theres no vlm, i bet it gets accurately measured next time.
  • Wardi - Scott's Arms in Sicklinghall. Was nice and incredibly quick.
    TR - cheers. You all had more faith than me. I just hadn't had the training run to suggest i was going to keep that up for 13 miles. No achilles issues during the run. It did start to ache a bit on the way home but not far off 4 hours of driving so I don't think that's a huge surprise. 
  • Oh yes, that first mile was awful Joe. The three giant inflatable pig costumes were in front of me and very much in my way. Plus all of the Ruby membership runners who were in wave 1 despite being slower. One was stood next to me and an Orange Wave 5 just behind me. Also no loos at the start and no gates so you had to climb the barrier and run up the hill to the bushes to pee. The security chappie was actually helping the shorter runners get over it. I could *just* manage it. They could so easily have had a long row of portaloos and gates on the pen. I even saw a policeman nipping up the bank for a pee. Also that weird chicane thing before the start line was a serious trip hazard. Lessons to be learned there for sure.
  • CC2 - as you came down the steps to the road the pens were left and there was a warm up area right. randomly there were a number of portaloos up there...but not great if you're already in the pen I guess. wonder if someone put them in the wrong place.
  • joe/CC2 - good runs both; well done!
    TR - 90 is what I've set as my theoretical max for now, though stuff got in the way yesterday and I didn't run, so 83 was the end result for last week. I'm kinda making the quality bits up as I go along. I'm intending to do track more often but I'm letting fibro dictate what I do when in that regards.
    OO - good long run and good week. Fingers crossed you avoid any complications and get a reward for the shape you've put yourself in.
    Jools - the paces will come. Good week.
    Wardi - sorry you didn't have the result you wanted but it sounds like a decent day out all the same.
    Brighton was a joke. Even if they give 2nd place the winning prize money he still didn't get to break the tape. Between yesterday and my previous issues with the organisers I'd imagine it's on the highly unlikely list for spring marathons, though I can't imagine them make the same mistakes come April.....

  • Long run here to kickstart the week. 25mins easy up, 2 x 20mins on grass (~8mins between - 5mins running plus sorting shoe issues), then 50mins easy down, to bring up 17.5m in 2hrs.
    Aimed for Mara effort for the first (came in at 6:03), and a touch quicker for the 2nd (came in at 5:56). Felt decent.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Nice long run TT, some good paces in there.  Agree re. Brighton, Manchester had a few problems in the early years with course distance and bag collection queues, though it does receive a lot of praise now the problems have been sorted.  Hopefully Brighton will learn from their mistakes similary.

    5m recovery run this morning, lovely temps out there.
  • Great to be back racing Joe and even better no issues with the achilles. Well toughed out Wardi during the dodgy spell and good to finish well. Congrats CC2 on the new PB back on your old home turf. I did reminisce a little when I saw some tv coverage thinking back to our VIP experience at the GNR. Good to see you going well again. 

    Argghhh mismeasured courses are a pain. Manchester 2015 was short and cost me another sub 3 for the history books. 

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Rest day yesterday and day 1 of taper which was 4m & 5.5m easy.  Have started drinking beetroot juice. 

    First Covid narrow escape, I was in the car to see a client yesterday.  He calls to say his son been sent home from school, as showing Covid symptoms so can he call the meeting off as he wanted to go for a PCR test.  He told me today he tested positive.  Few more hopefully near misses to come next week. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Hows the achilles joe?

    TT - good one on the long run session.

    Wardi - they never remeasured or checked the course once theyd put the turnarounds out, schoolboy error in its 11th yr. You.d have thought they were marked on the road. The GSR mile markers are painted on the road and i see them year round.

    Hows things SJ ?

    OO - lots more CV cases about since school went back, mates nipper went back last mon and had CV by friday. Bit early for beetroot.

    10m home last night, 10m back this morning inc 14x3min session, av pace was a bit slow probably due to saturdays mp run. Going to put a few strides in most runs now to try to free up my hip/bum-cake which feels like it needs to get moving. Thinking of using tge deferred 10k number i have for sunday, might be a good idea to do a normalish race as vlm is going to be a shock numbers wise after airfield time trialling. Depends upon if i can get moving better by then.
  • Lucky escape OO. I had one too, the guy I paced around parkrun last weekend tested positive during the week. My lateral flow was negative, but you imagine my panic just before GNR!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    The train, two tubes and a dlr each direction to collect my number in 2 weeks are a big CV risk for me. Pisses me off when they could have posted it with the bag drop bag, and kept an outdoor on the dsy bsg drop.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    SJ.. hope you are gradually on the mend.

    OO.. good covid dodging.  BTW cheese and beetroot sandwiches are a long time favourite of mine - I liked beetroot before it was fashionable.🙂

    TR.. nice work getting 2 x 10 miles in - decent 3 min session this morning mixed in.

    I  had a haircut last year where one of the 'hands on' salon girls tested positive the day after.  I got away with that one.
    Last week of big miles for me so got in a 4m + 7.7m double today.  Out with the club tonight and hi-viz season is back!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good oh wardi.......talking haircuts, i usually clipper my own hair, havnt done it all year. So i currently squash my bushy barnet down under a cap to run, reckon i have gains to claim (in terms of cooling, weight and aerodynamics) with a good shearing in 2 weeks. Train hot and heavy and race light !
  • TT - Tasty paces on grass. Presumably will slow during the winter?
    OO - Congrats on the great escape. I remember all the chat about beetroot juice from way back.
    TR - Good thanks. No issues so far this week, but still playing it cautious. Forgot to say that I probably can't do Manchester now as I'm at a wedding the following Saturday in Barbados and we likely fly out on the Monday. Bit of a hit out 10k sounds like a good idea. I didn't think much about GNR before it cropped up on me and I forgot how to deal with those crowds again. I think you're quite right to be annoyed by the expo situation. It just doesn't stack up.
    Wardi - mornings are getting darker and nights are drawing in. Makes those club sessions a little less enjoyable but at least they are still running. That's a pretty good mileage double.

    Rest day Monday. 6.5 miles very easy yesterday (8:30 mileing) and round of golf this morning. My kind of race recovery. Planning to get back to normality tomorrow. Have around 11.5 weeks to run the best half I can. Plan is to follow Pfitz faster road running 31-47 mile half marathon plan with probably an easy extra run in there each week to boost the mileage a little. Increased focus on stretching/form/strides in there as well.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Thought worth trying something new with the beetroot juice, the science for its benefits seems solid.  Felt very new age this morning using it to wash down my CBD tablet.  Quite like the taste!   Will have to try the cheese and beetroot combo Wardi - what cheese works best?. 
    TT - Swift!
    Joe - Good no issues with the achilles and Barbados sounds mega.  What half are you targeting?
    SJ - Hope the road to recovery is shortening?
    TR - 2 good sessions banked, you do seem to recover very well.   Toying with the idea of a late Friday at a quieter Expo if I can get away from Cornwall early enough.
    Covid - Yes, on heightened alert too much around at the mo. I have a few unavoidable meetings next week (one a company meeting with the 1st time all staff together with 80+ people to mingle - well I sure wont be!) but saying that my 11 year old is mixing with hundreds of little germ carriers every day, so!

    5m on grass so far with 3m tempo, av 6.20.  5 m easy a bit later.
  • I hear you on Covid near-misses.  The upside of doing my first concert in 18 months on Saturday was that it was amazing, wonderful, and a chance to get back a huge piece of me which had been missing.  The downside was the email the next morning saying the soloist had just had a positive LFT test.  Thankfully the PCR was negative (as was my own LFT).

    Rest day on Monday and 6M easy yesterday.  Off for a gentle run later as I had an 8.30 meeting today and didn't fancy a stupid o'clock run.
  • Less of a near miss and more a doh moment. I got contact traced before Christmas after going for a test at a walk-in centre and had to isolate for 10 days. Since then I've stuck to drive-thru test centres!
    Wardi - tbh after their attitude on the prize money side of things I'd be loathe to do Brighton anyway. Though in theory it would offset the cost of a British citizenship application if I were to go that route. What's the weekly mileage target for you this week?
    sj - how're you getting on?
    OO - I've yet to try beetroot juice but like the taste of beetroot anyway so may try it out.
    TR - nice training. 10k would be a nice sharpener.
    joe - I'll probably keep a mix of tempo, and LT efforts in year round and just bulk up the volume/pace of efforts closer to target races. I'm glad to read you're recovering well.
    9m easy yesterday (last mile with the kids). 10m today with 2 x 1.25m @ 5m-10k effort + 1 x 0.5m @ 3km effort, on grass. 0.25m recoveries between. 1.25m' were at 5:43 and 5:41 pace, with the 0.5m @ 5:24 pace.
    Had the pleasure of an altercation with a 'delightful' woman who took offence at being asked to pick up after her dogs instead of leaving it right where kids play. After several attempts to step in front of me as I lapped her she tried to deliberately block me with her dog/lead across a narrow section at the last minute. I just about managed to swerve to avoid strangling the poor dog only to almost run into the back of her as she tried to block the other side to try force me into overgrowth. That went down about as well as you can imagine....... I really don't get people who go out of their way to be so confrontational!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Some people TT!  I know of few Parkruns where awkward folk have deliberately obstructed the course.  Fortunately the main ones I go to don't have this problem as the usual parade of walkers, dog walkers, buggy pushers etc find alternative pastures on a Saturday morning.  It's only one hour a week FFS.
    My mileage this week will be similar, 60+ probably  - I prefer a 2 week taper pre marathon.  Charlie W often does a full 26m training run 2 weeks out but I won't be trying that!

    TR.. I will probably get the barnet cut pre London, superstition probably  ;)

    Joe.. good to hear you're making decent progress without too many niggles.  A wedding in Barbados sounds posh!

    OO.. wensleydale is my favourite with beetroot though most cheeses work ok.  A local restaurant does a beetroot and goats cheese starter which is very  pleasant.

    Just over 10m this morning.  After yesterday's grey and damp day the sun was out again and the temps were back up.  The alfresco trumpet player was out practicing today in the racecourse environs which is always a highlight.
  • I'm not a fan of the taste of beetroot, nor of the colour of my pee after a few days on the stuff. Luckily SIS have invented a nitrate shot that is distinctly more palatable and doesn't make you look like you're peeing blood. I'm a fan of the strawberry flavour. The downside is you need two per day, compared to one Beet it shot, so more expensive. Worth it for those of us who detest beetroot though!
  • Our local Italian deli does fresh filled pasta, and their range now includes beetroot and ricotta tortellini.  Very tasty, although the filling is a slightly unpalatable colour...!
  • Seems I'm missing out on the beetroot front. Love the idea of fresh filled pasta. That would be great for race week.
    Wardi - it's a wedding for my friend who is from barbados and its at a rum distillery so it'll be fun to see how that goes. Good to see the trumpet player out, enjoying the temps I'm sure.
    TT - you showed some patience there. I'd have run straight into her after a few times. Good pace work.
    OO - tasty pace there as well. Dorney Lake I think it'll have to be. Run a risk with the wind etc but otherwise fairly standard.

    All go here. Got a bench and weights off gumtree for free (for the other half but I'll make use of it) and a treadmill. some effort to get it upstairs and set up but I think it's good to go. Also bought a proper HRM. 9 miles out in the sunshine today. felt a little heavy legged but focused on keeping HR down in the aerobic zone. Session tomorrow then off to Cornwall and Devon for a week. Hills on the menu I think.
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