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  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good news on the achilles joe, i thought you had a mara place for later this year?

    Bit early for beetroot OO ? Never tried it, thought of itt as snake oil, but maybe I'll give it a go sometime.

    You're certainly getting back there TT

    13m home last night, rare 5+5 double today, to ensure my bike is at the right end of the commute to be able to run in tomorrow. Put a few strides in to try to get the hip freed up a bit, feels like it needs some freeing up.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. if you need any mechanical tips for the treadie let me know.. I've had mine in bits to fit a new belt not too long ago so I have an idea how they're put together.

    TR.. having the right clothes/transport sorted was always a bit of a challenge when I used to do it.  Good double today!

    2 x 4.2m today, warm again.

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TR - Some studies say start using it 3 weeks before, some 1 week before, some a shot on the day.  Its a bit of a superfood, so good anyways.  Give it a go.

    Final 10K TT tonight, bit bushed as went to see Snow Patrol in concert last night.  Trying the Next%2 again and also - new for me - a caffeine minty chew, called caffeine bullets. Anyone tried them before? Marginal gains for the marathon. 
  • TR - well remembered. Was supposed to do Liverpool end of October but I've no chance of getting ready for it so letting it fall by the wayside. I might have gone up and done the half but no refunds, deferrals or switches between distances. Just money down the drain. Nice work on the double. Hope the hip behaves.
    Wardi - cheers will bear that in mind. took a while but seems fine. only annoyance was one of the screw holes (out of 4) was misaligned for the console but should be sturdy enough anyways.
    OO - good luck with the TT. Will be exciting to see the result.

    9 miles today including 14 mins @ 6:15, 4 min jog, 12 mins @ 6:15. Should have been lactate threshold but legs were heavy. Happy to have it done.
  • You need a  heck of a lot of beetroot for a significant effect - the only way to get enough is the Beet-it shots as they're so concentrated, although the Nitrate gels are a new one on me.
    I've tried those caffeine bullets OO. I liked them but they're no use in a race as the wrappers get stuck to the sweets.
    Easy 4.3 today at lunch brings me to 41 since Monday which has included a couple of track sessions to get the legs turning over quicker & a couple of lumpy runs.
    Well done to the GNR racers: great PB CC2 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    OO - i guess i could do a few of the shots in the last week, 3 weeks out any benefit would probably be washed away by beer, hope the 10k goes well, you'll be doing well if you can beat last weeks effort without a number on.......retired my first pair of fly flynits, got about 850m out of them though, luckily i have another pair stashed.

    Good to see you jools

    6m inc a few strides this morning.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Jooligan - Interesting point, I can see how that might happen.  Good going so far for the week. 
    Joe - That is a bugger with Liverpool, you'd think they would allow runners to switch, so many others do.  GNR still in your legs?
    TR - Good work on the Flyknits, still 450 to go on my first pair then.  Rationing my beer consumption to 4 units a week until VMLM.

    The 10K TT went better than planned.  After 5 hours sleep last night felt a bit fatigued, took the caffeine bullet which was fine.  Same course as previous, and the fast miles just kept coming, seeing 5.45 mm when last week seeing 5.50.  I did give it nearly max effort this week.  A faster time and a new 5K PB (17.43) and 10K PB (35.58) so an average of 5.47 mm vs 5.52 last, and 6.02 the week before.  Buzzing with that.  Was planning a 10m tempo on Sunday but will take an extra easier day and do it Monday. Still no London marathon wave start email!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SBD - wow, you're on it at the mo. Amazing solo running. You need to do a 10k race sometime. If youve got the strength then you could be sub 250 again, nice place to be..........i think that wanda AG email inferred we'd go off in AG waves, but not sure seeing as they asked us to submit times recently........that wanda stuff is a load of BS its like having a baseball world champs, its hardly likely that folks can travel round the world for this years vlm.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - ive had some races defer and some just cancel. Abo offered me a refund (i told em to donate it) when i asked for a place in 2022, they said 2022 might not happen due to the amount of October maras next year.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Uptown top solo ranking OO, you're in very goog nick!
    Joe.. shame about Liverpool, plus no options to defer etc.
    Jooligan.. identical total to my miles for this week so far!
    TR.. I did intend to keep an eye on comments in running circles re. carbon shoe longevity.  That doesn't sound bad for the flynits.

    Despite today's travel news Barca in Nov is looking unlikely for me - no flights at all from Leeds and the Manchester flight days aren't practical.  Might have to write off the entry fee.
    5.4m today, a blast at Parkrun planned tomorrow with a few miles added on.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - bad news re barca, that shoe was a training shoe but still decent. Bit like yr TC.

    OO .........been thinking.......4 units ? No wonder you are smashing the 10ks, 4 units is less that 2 tinnies, thats not even enough to go on my daily cornflakes.
  • TR - Yep, 2 pints so choosing when very sparingly.  It is an odd beast the age related world championships, can't see any enthusiasm for this but to gain another medal!.

    Wardi - Thats a shame. For me opens up an overseas marathon as my fear was testing positive pre departure and being stuck overseas.

    I see London now confirmed a 9 30 start, a FGFA area as previous, and we will get an email from Mon to Weds to access our wave start times. So good news. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    I didnt see a mention of GFA, too busy getting the hump with the removal of car parking at the start. Says to use public transport, i cant fckn get there on public transport at that time on a sunday.  Arse.
  • Just read the email and I'm wondering if that little yellow assembly area is either champs or this age group thing. 

    TR, can you park a few stations out, preferably away from London. I used to stay at Barnehurst and there's a car park there. It's about 5 stops on the train to Blackheath. You'll be an early wave so parking should be ok. I noted at GNR that the park n rides were almost empty at the far end of the metro line as I made my way to town.

    I'm working on the assumption it will be a 9am start for Champs. I wonder what time the poor elite women, wheelchairs and IPC athletes have to start.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Just checked with team TR bus passengers and we are all parking near waterloo east (needs a congestion charge too) and getting the train from there......i almost prefer parking next to the airfield and running laps of the motor circuit.
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Week 1 in Guam is nearly over. Just moved to a hotel for a few nights' rest. Best sleep in ages. My body is in that happy tired state after a full multisport week. 

    Grrr - Public transport. That's a pain.
  • OO - yes I think so and my run on Thursday was probably slightly too intense. thats an immense 10k. must be a great feeling. Good that it gives you extra confidence.
    Wardi - that's a shame but you knew the risks. I'd like to get a foreign marathon in if travel improves. feels like there's a lot still needs to happen there though.
    TR - bummer on the parking. Again, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. seems a faff going to Waterloo East but I'm sure you've picked the best route for you.
    Toro - you'll have needed that sleep. Congrats on putting a big week in.
  • (I mean likely 9.30am for Champs start, just re-read it)

    Was going to do my session in a parkrun this morning. Got there, not many folks around. Weird. No high viz anywhere. Weird. Cancelled due to a fun fair apparently. Ah well, I just ran around the park instead. We weren't the only ones who hadn't thought to check first.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Bad luck CC2!  I tend to know when my local is off but if travelling I do check the 'Parkrun cancellations' web page.  Glad you got a run in anyway.

    Joe.. I love the foreign marathons.  Barca has been shunted forwards from March to October 2020 then again to Nov 21.  Just one of those things.  One week earlier I could've got a flight.

    TR.. I have another pair of the NB TC arriving for my birthday soon so that will keep me going for a while!

    That yellow section looks like it's where FGFA was, wonder what they are up to?

    Legs quite heavy at Parkrun so an ok/par 21:46 scored.  7.5m in total.  Gorgeous morning up here.
    Gave my clubmate a firm pat on the back.  He's run a couple of 5k's recently around 17.30.  After a 77 min half marathon last week he clocked 16.29 today and came 1st!  

  • Cheers Joe, I've never really seen myself as a 10k runner (far too much of a diesel engine) so really pleased and surprised how they went. In July when I sketched out my training plan, I hoped to do 4 10ks ideally around/under 40 minutes so to do 5 under that has been great. Yes now thinking London could be 2.50 to 2.55.

    Wardi - nice PR. Well done to your very swift clubmate, quite an improvement.

    Speedy - Hopefully not too many changes then for Champs or FGFA runners.

    TR - That seems a lot of faff. You are bringing passengers, Crab by chance?

    5&4m easy today. Hopefully same tomorrow if I successfully overcome domestic obstacles.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Enjoy the rest Toro

    Wardi - yes, looks like yellow is what was gfa

    OO - all 3 musketeers(plus a couple of others), ode is running too, he is threatening to be his last. Hoping we are all on the same start. You can start in later waves but not earlier waves, so we should be able to run together.

    I came up with the none too sensible plan of using the surprise deferred Lordshill 10k place today to try to force my hip/glute thing into life, although i didnt think it too much of a risk and i have a physio freeing up booked in for Weds.
    So social distanced running round Goodwood seemed to be over, and more normal racing back as i stood on a start line with a few hundred others, normality was defo reinforced by the rain that kicked in with 5minutes to the off.
    Last 10k in feb 2020 was 36.3X , so i thought itd be reasonable to go sub 37, but ended up with 37.18 which was a bit of a shock, so fairly disappointing, but off no 10k relative work and av 6mm should make av 6.4Xs feel comfy. Issue didnt feel too bad so thats a positive. 30th place, 2nd m50..........we'll see how my legs feel tomorrow but i seem to be someone that the shoes have no speed magic for (although if my legs pull up well after racing then thats a benefit). SPO was highly amused by all the "Ali Baba' shoes on display.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    In the early days of carbon shoes I remember the Chicago marathon was riddled with the red Nike variant.
    TR.. I wouldn't take too much heed of a 10k race now - I always find this cycle of a marathon training schedule difficult to gauge.  My legs have felt quite tired the last couple of days whereas they were quite fluid at times this week.  Still, a good workout for you and a decent time.
    BTW I do enjoy a chinwag with Ode & Crab, DanA, CD, Njord and other luminaries outside the Red Lion, shame it's been so long since the last one.  I always reckon the first beer after after a Marathon is the best you'll ever taste.🍺

    OO.. good London target, definitely achievable I'd  say.  

    13 5m done this morning, legs a bit weary but got it done.  62m for the week.
    My favoured course was invaded by an organised charity dog walk today so I had to run on the grass occasionally to avoid the crufts contingent.

  • OO - very tidy 10k to go along with the other training runs you've done. Your target looks on point. 

    Wardi - shame about Barca. Plenty more to go for in the future. Nice par at parkrun. Going along very nicely indeed. Agree about the post race beer, goes down so well. 

    TR - vlm logistics sounds a mare. Glad you've found a solution. I chuckled when you said you almost preferred the anomaly that is closed circuit racing. The 10k isn't the A race. Legs turned over quicker than MP. Draw a line under it. 

    CC2 - I once won at my local parkrun. Sadly parkrun was cancelled that week too :smile:

    Thanks all for asking but nothing to report. No running, not even test runs. A few tentative jogs whilst out walking the pooch but ankle still not right. I've even jarred it once or twice whilst doing DIY. My test now is jogging on the spot, a la Zatopek. After 30 seconds the ankle weakens significantly. 

    Treadmill has been out of action for a while now awaiting a new belt and running board. So I have got a smart trainer and have been doing some sessions in the shed on my bike. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - good doggie slaloming, not sure re Dan. No doubt a few others will show up too.

    SJ - blimey thats slow going i was hoping youd be running again by now. Yep, ive moved on now, last weeks 1/2 TT bodes well. Todays 6mm av should make 6.4Xs feel easy.

    Should probably make a better effort to do a few more shorter races as you can bounce back quickly from them and they would be good training esp as i don't Parkrun.
  • A tough day at the Bristol Half for me today: my calves had been tight for about 10 days, but yesterday they seemed a bit better so I decided to give things ago.  I had to DNF at 7.5 miles and am currently icing a sore achilles.  Hopefully a few days' swimming and I can get back to at least easy running, but I'm not convinced the Newport marathon will be happening.  I thought I was due some good luck, but maybe not just yet  p

    Sorry to hear that, SJ.  I think I need to focus on the S&C a bit more, as there's clearly still some weakness left from my July sprain despite my hopes to the contrary.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TR - A 37.18 10k in the midst of a heavy marathon training with no 10K specific training, great going well done,  I would take that.  Interesting about the shoes. 
    Jools - You could do with a bit slice of luck and hopefully the swimming does the trick.  Don't give up on Newport just yet, you've plenty of training under your belt.
    Wardi - Great mileage for the week and a good 13.5m.
    SJ - Great to hear from you, hopefully just a matter of time.  How's the biking doing?

    9m easy yesterday, 56m week. 12m with 8 @ MP (6.3X) today as my last longer pacy session. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Jools.. sorry you had to drop out.  Is the calf a long term problem or just a recent thing?  
    SJ.. good luck with the treadie maintainence, is the board broken or just showing signs of wear?  I'm still using the original but I guess it will go eventually. Sorry to hear your injury is a stubborn one.
    OO.. hope the MP session went well.
    An easy 4m recovery run today to try and get a bit more spring in my legs.  Lovely day up here.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Sorry to read that jools, hopefully you can get it sorted in time for Newport to be a go-er.

    OO - well done on the mp run, id normally do that tomorrow, but commute logistics and ydays 10k rolls it to wednesday.

    Ydays 10k monkey business left me with no weekend long run, so 16m run home tonight, wasnt sure how far to go, id normally do 20 Saturday, but my legs were moaning a bit in the last few miles so hopefully 16m is enough...........the self physio gamble of the 10k did help free the hip/glute up a bit, the fizz will hopefully do the rest.......the moral of the story is its good for your body to run fast at times which forces it to work functionally.
  • Cheers Wardi and TR, 13m done with 9 @ av. 6.20 mm, between 6.12 and 6.34. Felt comfortably hard.  Nearly missed it as got changed around 4 ish and fell promptly asleep so the first few miles a bit fuzzy head. 

    A fast 4m fastish on Sunday, a few fast kms next week and then time for the big bang.

    TR - Good the 10k freed up the body somewhat. 16m today is tasty. A good few days training, just in time to give you fitness gains for London.

    Wardi - talking about weather have you cast your eye on the London forecast yet? 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - oh i see, i thought youd run it this morning. Very quick. You've come a long way after that stress interest in vlm weather, its got to be an improvement on running round a windy airfield.
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