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  • Wardi: I think I overdid it with the hills in Cornwall and then doing hilly 14 milers midweek once I was back, and the calves have been tight ever since.
  • TR - top bombing with that 10k and useful long run after that. any price for 2nd mv50?
    SJ - sorry to hear that. I hope it just clicks back into place at some point. glad you've found an outlet with the smart trainer.
    OO - all runs looking good. you deserve your naps.
    Jools - thought I might have spied you on footage taken by the FOD runner on YouTube. shame you had to drop out but no doubt the sensible decision.

    No running on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I felt pretty tired on Friday so happy for a mini break. Did a surfing lesson yesterday which was pretty tiring and have done a bit of walking as well so not a complete rest. 5.2 miles this morning.
  • TR - Yes, training has gone better than expected as I was going to pull out 4/5 weeks ago as my runs were too sluggish but thankfully have sped-up with the fitness gains kicking through and having a far more positive mindset.  
    Cheers Joe - surfing, you in Devon or Cornwall?

    Rest day and a big dodge Covid day.  Earlier went to my employers get together and mingle day with some 50-60 colleagues. Now in Port Talbot to see my siblings, in what is the UK's current Covid hot-spot, then back to Cornwall where my son has just returned from his 2 day residential with 200 other little germ carriers. Pray for me! 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Sounds like you need either a gas mask or a hermetically sealed bubble to live in OO!  London weather.. with no bag drop I'm just hoping it's not a wet morning.  I had to stand in the rain at the start of the York marathon a few years back (rained 7am - 3pm) and it isn't ideal.  Current estimate of 13-17 degrees is fine by me.
    Joe.. hope you enjoy your surfing skills!
    Jools.. that would explain it.  On my favoured climbing/trekkking hols it takes my calf muscles a few days to settle down.  Hope your physio can sort it anyway.

    7.2m this morning, another cracking day.  My legs are slowly freshening up now I've eased up on the doubles & longer runs. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - no prize for 2nd, nice one on the surfing. Ive a board in the garage, taught my kids when they were young my eldests still surfs regularly now, he is decent.

    OO - agreed you've got yourself in good shape. I hear you re CV lots of folks around who have it in their household at the mo, but are allowed to carry on as they are double jabbed.

    4m and 4m double today to make sure the bike is in the right place for an mp run in tomorrow.
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    My Registration email says Red start wave 1, start time 09:34-09:37.
    Hope the MP run went well TR, a bit breezy up here mid morning.  Similar to you I once finished 3rd V45 in a 20 mile race but only 2 prizes!
    Just over 10m earlier, nice day for it yet again.
  • Getting a bit serious now|

    Yellow Assembly area,   Wave 1,    9.30 - 9.33.  

    My train arrives @ Blackfriars @ 8.42 so a 15 minute canter to the start, queue for the loo, queue for the loo, queue for the loo, some essential pre-race faffing and off we go. 

    Normally the FGFA lot go charging off in a speedy phalanx before being hotly pursued by the red start so interesting to see how this works in practice, though suspect it will look very similar for the FGFA runners as in previous years. 

    TR - How did it go?
    Wardi - Cracking weather here too.  Bit bushed from yesterdays and todays driving, so 2*4m doubles in the sun.  
  • No email for me yet. But I did get a little trophy thing in the post today for 1st V40 at that 20 miler I did as a training run a few weeks back. 

  • OO - Went to a wedding in Cornwall over the weekend but i'm in Devon now with the surfing. Solid pre-race plan that for London. Hope the trains are all ok. It is getting close now.
    Wardi - nice 10 miler. If it's anything like it is here it's very pleasing temperatures.
    TR - They have some skill those surfers. Can see how it keeps you pretty trim as well. Top 2 is a little stingey. Have to celebrate those podium places.

    I've had a mini disaster. Before I'd even got in the water yesterday I think I managed to pull a muscle somewhere around my ribs on the left side. I actually managed to get through the surfing lesson anyway (with a lot of surfing improvement) but then it hurt to do pretty much everything in the afternoon (including deep breaths). With ibuprofen today it has been ok and have managed to walk 12 miles around the coast. On that basis I'm hopeful it won't be an extended break from running. I don't know what it's going to be worth but I have an appointment with an online GP this evening.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - minimal prizes is common, ive won my AG at races like Worthing 1/2 and no prizes (same st the goodwood stuff).

    Joe - standard surf injury, no treatment, just have to give it time.

    Im yellow 9.30, arrival of 8.06 might not happen. Starts appear to be done by AG.

    2m easy, 7m av 6.55 early doors. Aim was to hover 6.50ish and early miles are lumpy so about right. Legs were tired after sundays 10k, but effort was comfy, didnt want to see how fast i could run 7m, but hover around an easy mp effort.

    Physio stuck his elbow in my hip/bumcake tonight, fckn excruciating, tomorrow might be a zero.
  • <adds surfing to my list of things never to try, seeing as most things injure me>

    Hope you recover soon, Joe

    A rest day sounds like it might be sensible, TR.  Let those muscles adjust to being realigned and loosened off!

    3.5 miles today with a clubmate who is also on the post-injury comeback trail.  Progress after yesterday's 2.5 miles :)

  • TR - Good session 10 days out, a rest day would be the best for you today.  Resist the urge to get your shoes on.  Taper time. 
    Good news Jools.

    Looks like Yellow is for GFA v50+ and interesting observation from SBD on the 315 forum that in 2019 less than 80 V50+ went under 3 hours. No way will I be to resist a clear road, so new race plan,  5.30s for first few miles and then hang-on. :-) 
  • Just go for 4.30s OO, make the most of it ;)

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    OuchOuch said:

    Looks like Yellow is for GFA v50+ and interesting observation from SBD on the 315 forum that in 2019 less than 80 V50+ went under 3 hours. No way will I be to resist a clear road, so new race plan,  5.30s for first few miles and then hang-on. :-) 

    Given the TV coverage, definitely worth going for glory in the first mile - I'm sure there will be plenty of V50s thinking the same.  As a V55, I will be sensible and use the space to lock in the scheduled early pace!
  • I'll be driving to my Air B&B, via ExCel on Thursday. Just saved myself £15 by booking to park on somebody's driveway rather than actually at the ExCel centre. I'm avoiding public transport like the proverbial plague!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good planning Cath!
    Nice to see you out running again Jools.
    Sounds like handbrakes may be required at this V50 start.👍

    10k today keep the legs turning over.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Hope it settlessoon jools 

    Bear in mjnd that anyone really sharp will be off the champs start even as an m50, so not all the fast guys will be on the yellow.

    I'll be having an easy first mile or so, im like an oil tanker takes time to get moving.

    Didnt bother running today in the end.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    SBD/ Speedy - Very tempting! Could be a re-run of Paris 2019, 5.38 first mile, leading my wave down the Champs d Ellyse - absolutely loved it.

    6.5m with some 1km efforts today.

    Inevitably, my pre-marathon / Autumn cold has arrived, sweaty  sore throat, sneezing & sniffles. Not a bad time to get it! So a few rest days coming my way and a bit of raw garlic crunching. 😮 
  • TR -Unfortunately so. I've been told it could get a little worse before it gets better but shouldn't be a big issue for too long. Physio should have done you good in the long term. Hopefully you're back at it today.
    OO - Your marathon plan sounds like Omar Ahmed's unintended approach to the half in Bristol last week. Hoping the cold passes quickly. As you say it's actually decent timing.

    I think this is the first London Marathon since I started posting on the thread. I'm feeling the buzz.

    No running from me.
  • Hopefully Ahmed's club will give him very detailed instructions ahead of the relays this weekend: actually, seeing as his club is competing against mine, maybe...

    30 minutes on the cross trainer last night (Bristol cases have finally dropped enough that being in the gym doesn't feel like inviting Covid into my lungs), and then 5 miles this morning.  Still a bit of tightness in the calf, so I don't want to take the handbrake off and go wild, but it feels manageable.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - hows the lurgy?

    Joe - i think i was able to run slow and bike om damaged ribs, took a while to be able to run quicker and swim.

    Jools - hopefully you're on the mend. I found self massage and hot water bottled helped when i used to get calf strains. Now i dont swim and bike i dont get them (touch wood).

    5m easy today, hip still a bit sore.

    Went early on the haircut today as i was about to trip over it, first one of the year, in a train hot and heavy, race light stylie.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Haircut booked for next Tuesday here TR!
    OO.. hope the sniffles & sweats are short lived.
    Jools.. must be a relief to be able to do a bit rather than be properly benched.
    Steady 4m today, Parkrun tomorrow which I may make up to a MLR to get it done.  I'm marshalling at a race in Bramham Park Sunday morning so will be pushed for time then.

  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Morning, hotel was amazing (hot tub on balcony, teppanaki, infinity pool). Bike serviced by an Olympian and is now ready for Sa Calobra (hopefully). Did 30km run on Monday and just did 2x 16 min threshold on treadmill (back at sea for a day). We had to bail on our round island ride as we were riding in a tropical depression - pedals underwater! New kind of tri!

    Joe - Reading back I was thinking the same although I'm not sure I can be bothered with the virtual and will just build on my fitness ready for our return.

    Good luck with the tapir!

  • TR/ Wardi - Thanks for asking, lurgilicious  feeling a bit worse  Took a LFT   thankfully negative though they can be hit and miss. 

    Sounds fantastic Toro. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Sounds a bit wet Toro

    OO - good to get it out the system now.

    14m inc 6m mp today, wore the Next% so my legs get a bit of time  in them. Horrible to wear for the easy miles (all sorts of achey places) so i wont be doing that again, I'll just race the odd 1/2 in them before a marathon when things are more normal.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. that's a good final MLR with MP, just ticking over from now?

    Managed to point my Parkrun graph upwards again.  The legs were a bit fresher today after a reduced taper week so I set off fast & hung on.  21.32 scored, thankfully the windy stuff of the last few days disappeared overnight so good conditions again.  2.5m w/d.
    My legs were like jelly after that so I postponed the MLR - I'll run home from the marshalling stint tomorrow.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good stuff Wardi, tuning up nicely. Im all done, just a couple of 2m mp sections in some short runs.......biggest worry is running the CV19 gauntlet on the public transport expo trip on Wednesday.

    LMH - are you on the yellow start? If you are running that is.
  • TR - good luck at the Expo. and good luck with the taper into the race. interesting on the shoes. hadn't heard of them being so uncomfortable at slower paces.
    Wardi - good result. fresher legs are great. hopefully the jelly legs are temporary.
    Jools - I thought he was midlands based? Good to hear you are making some improvements.
    Toro - sounds great. I found Sa Calobra more fun up than down although that could be the goal that ran across in front of me going down.

    4 miles on the new treadmill today. Quite uncomfortable with my ribs as they are but happy with the setup. I don't think it'll have made anything worse so I'll do what I can as it heals.
  • CC2 - Speedy GothCC2 - Speedy Goth ✭✭✭
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    TR, I also find my Adios Pro 2 feel odd at slower paces. Too squishy. But when you pick up the pace it's a different ballgame.

    Midlands Road Relays for me today. 16.20 for 2.72 miles on the watch, which isn't quite a PB assuming the 2014 Nationals were on the same course (16.14 that time). First time ever on 1st leg. Not sure I liked it. I got boxed in early on, then once I got past the slower runners I was pretty much in no-man's land for the last 2 miles. Better than last leg though, then you're on your own for the whole thing.

    My kit bag for London arrived today. Same size as it has been the past few years, in case anyone doesn't have theirs yet and was wondering how much they could fit in it!
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Sat here nervously, my wife, son and myself went for PCR tests yesterday, my son had his first and we went back for ours a few hours later.  My sons' came back 30 minutes ago positive - he had the classic symptoms.  We are awaiting ours.  Hoping they send out messages for the positive cases first and hoping to use that kitbag next week!  Still not feeling 100% but feeling much better.
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