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  • There's a theme with the London marathon I think this year. Triumph against adversity. Some amazing times considering the training volumes, well done selbs and JB. Seville sounds nice.

    SJ - Good to see you back running a little. We're building up gym equipment here and have been doing sessions with the other half. Does help to get through something that can be otherwise really dull! I was staying in the Northern Quarter at the weekend and the food options are great.
    TT - I don't think I have ever run at that early an hour. Nice one. Good to be getting back in the routine. Working on the next blog?
    OO / Wardi - good to see you both moving again from different positions.

    Just shy of 11 miles today. Felt like a proper midweek run and more like marathon training as my legs were tired. Two days in a row where i've pushed the HR just slightly too much so I think a complete rest day tomorrow is needed.
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    SJ  - good that you are doing a few short tuns, hopefully it loosens things up and you can make progress. My lad bought a rack and bench in lockdown, we already had a pull up bar, and parallettes, we recently bought a load more plates too. Ive been on it a few days a week, will hopefully help as i get older........defo motivated to go a bit quicker 30k to 40k was 2.52 pace and then sub 2.50 for the last 2k. I have Brighton in April, i need to go back and run well there, i had an awful day there in the wind when my dad was in hospital.

    Joe - you are easy to spot, so i wanted to thank you for the Brighton shouts mentioned above and obviously knew you'd run sub 3 sunday too. Well done, you have built a massive aerobic engine, but with no impact miles in your legs it was a big ask. Excellent. Good that its inspired you on to Seville too.
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    Nice report and a great result after the bike incident/trauma JoeB.  I see Katie had a decent run too.  I saw your race attire on FB and I fear that even my best velvet smoking jacket could not compete with your colourful mixture of flat cap and Hawaii patterned trunks.  I must investigate Seville as I like the Spanish marathons, tricky to fly to from up North though.
    Joe.. good to see you knocking out the MLR's.

    SJ.. sorry to hear the treadie is out of action (waiting parts?) but possibly a blessing in disguise if you are injured.  The S&C sounds like a good preventative measure for you.  BTW there's a few of the lads from my club are at Manchester this weekend, a few of them should be close to 3hrs I reckon.

    TT.. crikey that's an early start, did you overtake any milk floats? :| Hope you can get back into a steady training routine.

    Couldn't resist a run out today, nice conditions after yesterday's rain/wind.  Just an easy 4m shakeout but felt better for it.

  • Nice result and good to see you briefly afterwards JoeB.  If Tokyo in March doesn't happen for me (as is looking increasingly likely, they're going to let us know later this month) then Seville is the fall-back option for me again, so I might see you there.
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    CD.. having done both Barca & Valencia I do think the Spanish know how to put on a decent marathon experience.  I would guess it may be the same organisers for some of them.  I've heard good reports about Seville too.

    Speaking of which - OO.. what did you think of the Malaga marathon when you ran it?  Now I've binned  Barca due to flight difficulties I'm looking at Malaga as a possibility.  Flights are ok from my local airport and the SPO would be keen on a week out there as our first hol for a while.  Marathon is 12th Dec.

    5m today without any niggles or soreness.  Rest tomorrow as I'm heading to the NE to see my big Sis.  She lives close to the Rising Sun parkrun so I may be tempted for a Saturday blow out.
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    CD - you'll  be able to top the rankings again.

    Wardi - good for you, my legs feel ok apart from the sore spot in my quad from braking gard when i got cut up late on, but id already decided not to get going again until the weekend, im happy to have a cpuple of extra days off.
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    Wardi - Really like the race and the city and going back again this year. Its a very flat course, first quarter in the city/ promenade area, then along the seafront and back then the second half through the city. The marathon and half marathon go off together and split at 13m. The race coincided in 2018 & 2019 with the lighting of their Christmas lights, have a look on YouTube absolutely spectacular and the artisan and food Christmas Market. Fantastic local sherry bars, roman and morrish castles, a lot to like.
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    Pfft.  Sports masseuse was not impressed with my still tight calves after 2.5 weeks, so has (undoubtedly correctly) told me to ease off for a few days and then try only alternate days of easy running to let them really recover.  Heigh ho.
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    Crikey your calf muscles are being very stubborn Jools, hope the physio can get you sorted.

    OO.  thanks for the info, I think I'll get it booked.  Sherry bars are unusual, not too keen meself but as long as beer is available I'm easily pleased. :)

    I had a steady (7.30mm) trot around the Rising Sun Parkrun up in the Toon this morning, lovely off road/trail course and the sun was out.
  • All this talk of European marathons has got me thinking. my autumn marathon next year may have to be abroad. 

    Wardi - good to see you back in the game and glad the weather is nice. Enjoy the north east.
    Joolska - that's frustrating but as you say probably the right call.

    rest day Thursday. 7 miles yesterday and then parkrun this morning. It was my 50th and I hoped to run a decent time but could only clock an 18:15. Average HR was 6bpm higher than last week so wasn't for a lack of effort but it has been high all week so possibly fighting something off. The other half came down to watch and said my running form was terrible. No harm in working on that a bit.
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    OO - how are you doing? Did your body groan as you got back to it?

    Jools - i have a small roller (that is supposed to be for wallpaper seams) that is a good tool for calf massage.

    Wardi - any Newcy Brown tonight?

    Joe - that made me laugh, is hers any better?

    Back to it today after 5 zeros. 6m easy, made the schoolboy error of starting s and c again last night, so my legs were tight and achey. So no idea as to how recovered they are from Sunday.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR... a curry and a few beers in a converted railway carriage tonight up in the Toon.

    Joe.. some of the mega fast runners I've seen have very odd running styles.  If it works don't try to fix it. 🥴
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    TR - Good you are back at it from last Sunday, you must still be feeling great after that run.  I am getting there. Have run 4,4,8,5 this week all at a very easy pace this week, mostly feeling sluggish and expectedly crap.  But my taste, smell and appetite have retuned over the past day and felt much better this morning, so an easy scenic 4m with the pooch along the trail followed by a 2m blast on wet grass which came out surprisingly good @ 5.52, so really pleased with that.
    Wardi - Great news, see you in Malaga - I always run well when your in Spain racing too!  Plenty of wonderful bars selling ice cold lager too, but some very old sherry bars, like going back 100+ years.  Worth a short visit.

    Joe - Well done on the 50th PR, and that's still a very good time. You should do an overseas marathon, great fun.  

    Jools - You must have calves like concerete!.

    13m run tomorrow then taper time (again) with Newport marathon on Oct 24th and intend to make it a sub-3 effort.   My fitness levels should be largely intact just need to see what effect Covid will have - hopefully minimal but only one way to find out. Currently, maxing vitamins, minerals, superfoods and sleep!
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    OO - sounds like you are doing ok then. My body hurt to get moving again after CV but i was un jabbed, my fitness had also suffered a bit. hopefully the jabs have protected you............yes happy with last week, feel that i can go quicker......Funnily enough i came across a running calculator after my 10k race the other week, the 10k time predicted 2.52, i shrugged it off. I guess i should have paid attention as i didnt prepare for the 10k in any way and it wasnt the fastest course........i have Gosport 1/2 in 6 weeks, and still have one more deferred Goodwood mara entry for December although im not sure i want to do that, we'll see how the next week or 2 go.
  • Nice to see so many of you getting back to it already. I've not done much. I got my invisalign braces fitted on Thursday and my face has been in agony every since. I have extra attachments and elastic bands which are cutting into my lips and cheeks, which I suppose I just have to ride out until my skin gets used to it. So far they're an almighty faff and they hurt. I hope it gets better! I did a little run today. I think my legs were ok, but maybe they just hurt less than my mouth so I couldn't tell. 

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    TR - We always want more!! Good attitude to have though. I think you could have gone a few minutes quicker but similarly could have got a twinge/ pull and run slower. 

    16m done, glorious morning for it.  Ran with my running mate for a while who was downloading his London marathon. He ran 3.01.44 and was on for 2.58 until mile 24 and then his quad cramps got too much. He is dead keen on a sub-3 pre-christmas and also coming to Malaga in December. Saw a few other club mates who are also heading to Newport in 2 weeks time doing their final sessions. 

    The run went well the aim was to make sure I could cover 15m post-Covid and ideally pick it up the pace at the end.  So easy going for the first 11 and then picked-up the pace for the last 5.  Came out @ 6.26 which is a big plus and the breathing was OK, so that's reassuring.  43 for the first week back.   Look to do a fastish 10K mid week as the last session all being well.   Going to spend this afternoon now watching the feed from the Manchester marathon as my sister in law is running her first.  Late start time 11.50 am.  Bit different. 
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    OO - that was a good confidence booster then, that quick 5m finish shows that you have recovered, with 2 more weeks to go, thankfully the jabd did their job...........i wondered if id see that mate last week, shame he missed the sub3.

    Went walking with the spo this morning (good for brownie points), so had to do my aerobics this afternoon, stuck with the recent Sunday turbo.
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    TR - Sure was, looks like the jabs did work.   At London, you were running c200 metres behind Steve until you started to close from mile 15 and overtook him around mile 19.   

    My SIL debuted with 4.48 @ Manchester marathon so was suitably pleased.   

    Marathons 2021

    Oct - OO, Newport, 24th 
    Nov - OO, Gran Canaria,  21st
    Dec - Wardi, OO - Malaga, 12th
           - TR?

    Hoping Newport will end my run of 6 entered marathons and 6 DNS due to Covid.  3 of those are being carried over for 2022.
  • TR - her running let alone running form is pretty much non-existent. But she does have eyes...and had 4 teenagers in front of me to watch clocking sub 17s. She's going to video me next time so I can have a look. Good run/life balancing there. What sort of half time do you think you're capable of?
    CC2 - ouch. I remember the pain every time my braces were tightened as a kid. a few days each time struggling to eat.
    OO - excellent return. hopefully plain sailing to Newport. Manchester marathon coverage looked good. Looked like you'd catch a glimpse of anyone you knew running.

    Put up a new metal shed this weekend. Gave me the usual DIY aches and pains plus a few cuts to my hands. 6 miles on the treadmill last night. 11 miles today with 3 miles warm up and 8 miles progressing 10 secs a mile from 7:30 to 6:20 pace. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - i probably had my blinkers on by mile 19,  id have noticed if id seen his name on his back.

    Joe - fair enough, but dont try to change too much or it'll cause you issues. I would guess id be 81 or 82 min ish for Gosport, depends on training over the next month and wind speeds on the day.

    8m home, quads still feel a bit abused, although some of that could be ydays Turbo.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    5m for me today, my legs still feel a bit weary TR but they are freeing up gradually.

    Joe.. nice progressive run at decent paces.

    OO.. Malaga booked today.  The Mrs fancied a week of winter warmth and a hol so we're there 10th-17th Dec.  Got a package with Jet2 - we had a £100  voucher for them so it worked out at quite a reasonable price.  Nice to see you recovering quickly - and getting another Malaga recruit!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    After a complete break from running for 5 days, 3 miles this morning, and touch wood the calves finally feel ok.  I guess I'd ignored warning signs for a good week or so leading up to the half marathon and completely wrecked them.  My recovery from injury/muscle soreness is definitely much slower than it used to be, and I can't rebuild mileage at anything like the rate I could in the past, either, so I'll just have to be patient.  Annoyingly it means I probably won't get to bank a half marathon this year, so no London for me next year given the stupid qualifying closing date for championship places of 31.12.2021 despite the fact the race is in October 2022...  But given I'm not sure that I can really train for marathons anymore without getting broken, that may be a good thing!  I'm sure it's no coincidence that I had my best period of training since 2016 during the 15 months when I couldn't race or even aim for much by way of racing because of Covid.
  • Tokyo have come back with the options I now have.  I can choose to leave my entry in the March 2022 race (which is now called Tokyo 2021, confusingly), or transfer to the 2023 or 2024 events.  However, there'll be limited places at the 2022 race (they haven't said how many yet) and if it's oversubscribed there'll be a random draw, with the losers going straight to the 2024 event.  So, I can gamble on 2022 with the risk I end up in 2024 (just the 4 years after I was supposed to run it) or play it safe and go for 2023....
  • TR - hopefully you are feeling a little fresher now it's wednesday. Yeah not looking to change anything drastically, but if there's quick changes I can make or work on I will. 
    Wardi - congrats on the marathon booking. Nice to couple it with a holiday as well. What kind of warmth can you expect in December?
    Jools - that's frustrating but fairly inevitable I guess. I'm sure you'll be able to get yourself on the marathon start line again in good shape. Some patience required though, which i'm sure we all lack to some extent.
    CD - 2023 then? That sounds like an odd setup but i'm sure there's a method to the madness.

    Wasn't wholly convinced by my plan to run Dorney half in December so i've now decided on Aintree the week before xmas. Can couple it up with some visits to see people so works well at a busy time. Gives me an extra week of training as well. 7 miles this morning on legs that really appreciated yesterday's rest day.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. Malaga temps are around 10 in the morning & 13-18 in the afternoons.  I'm usually ok in that sort of warmth.  Aintree sounds like a good idea if you can combine it with social visits.

    CD... that all sounds very contrived!  The problem with shunting events forwards by a year or two (as I found with Barca) is that things can crop up, circumstances change etc.  Difficult choice if you're understandably keen on doing Tokyo!

    Jools.. when I first noticed slower recovery it was around age 50 onwards but I was a late starter to running (early 30's).  I agree re. that Champs closing date, the GFA was worse - it closed on the day of this year's London.  It's almost as if they are trying to cut the numbers.

    Managed a 4m + 8.5m double yesterday without any aches or strains.  7m today as conditions were pleasant.  
  • Looking forward to Newport after a couple of reasonable 20 milers the last 2 weekends. Hope to meet you before or after OO. I'll have my Forest of Dean AC vest on (Green with a white hoop) & lots of hair :D
    Same as myself then Wardi. I began running in 2004 aged 33 & have recently noticed the lengthier recovery aged 51/52.
    Speaking of which legs are really underpowered today after a double day on the track yesterday with 3x 3'/2'/1' off a minute at lunch & 2x1M/2x0.5M/4x0.25M off 2'/1'/30" with the club in the evening.

  • Wardi - it all seemed so simple when my clubmate & I were in a bar post Boston 2017 and decided to knock off the majors we hadn't done at that point: Chicago 2018, New York 2019 and Tokyo 2020.  It was going so well, right up to within 2 weeks of the last one...

    On the plus side, they've kept the entry live all this time while others have just cancelled their entrants (with or without refunds).  Good luck to anyone trying to get a fresh entry to Tokyo at any point in the next few years.
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    Jools - I wonder if running a series of half marathons will make your legs more marathon ready?
    Joe - Aintree sounds a good call, that will be the race course?
    Wardi - T shirt weather for the Brits, puffer jackets for the locals.
    CD - I was going to ask if Tokyo was your last one to do. Tough call. 
    Jooligan - Likewise looking forward to meeting you too. I've seen lots of pictures of you, so will recognise you, and your quite distinctive!  I will look like lots of other malnourished runners in black Newquay Road Runners vests (at least 5 of us are going and all with a good sub3 shout). Some good recent long runs are always good news.

    8m today with 4 easy and 4 a bit pacy @ 5.55, so one more session  to do on Sunday and then time to bring it on. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Id go for 2023 then CD? Gives you time to work out how to manage your back and let it heal.

    Joolska - interesting, maybe drop back to your lockdown miles again then, do your sessions on a turbo or cross trainer and see how it goes. Ive run marathons off that sort of easy runnjng plus bike andd swim. 

    Wardi - agreed, im thinking they want to restrict yr vlm time to only counting for 1 gfa year now, they are basically stoping the 2 year gfa qualifying time. I think its an ok way to 

    OO - thats a tasty 4m, if that equates to hmp then you're in good nick.

    5 yday, 8 today. Body is groaning to get going again, quads are still achey, need ti get back on the OP stretches and exercises too as thats been flared up as per usual.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    OuchOuch: I ran one half marathon in autumn 2019, and before that I'd last raced one in autumn 2017.  It's been a torrid few years...!  My tentative plan is to focus on the Bath Half in March 2022 and then take it from there.  I might try and enter a half in January and/or February to blow the cobwebs away ahead of Bath.
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