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  • TR - That's my 10K pace. So still in good nick but not that gooder a nick. Fastest though in non carbon shoes. 

    Joolska - Sounds like a plan. I suggested it as it worked when I had a continuous knee problem a few years ago which stopped any marathon training. It went away after a year of running regular half marathons. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - you're not running 4m at 10k pace in training esp after being ill, defo close to hmp if not hmp.

    5m easy this morning, upping the exercises and rolling etc in a bid to get the niggles under control again.
  • Wardi - sounds ideal. certainly ideal running temps. you are getting miles back in the legs again.
    CD - you'll get there. Tokyo is the biggest logistical challenge I'm guessing?
    TR - no better time to get on the stretches? 
    Jooligan - double track day! legend.
    OO - I can see that being 10k pace if you have recovered lung wise. presume your legs are quite fresh? not exactly marathon training legs?

    8 miles today with 5x2x(200m on/off).
  • TR - Happy to agree with you that's hmp then.  :)
    Joe - Nice looking sess.

    Not sure where that leaves my 4m @ 6.12 this afternoon, definitely not mp,  but a good run out on a soft grassy field.  At the stage when this last run, might have some benefit on marathon day. !
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Nice pace OO, good to see you speeding up after after your covid episode.
    BTW the Saturday breakfast run in Malaga - do you know if it's a case of 'turn up on the day'?  The Mrs is keen and we had to pre book it in Barca.  I did note that the Expo is a fair distance out of town.

    TR.. Best of luck ridding yourself of those niggles!

    Joe.. a nippy session there, is that primarily aimed at getting your 5k time down?

    A steady 4m with the Mrs today - quite strong winds all day.
  • runjoerun91runjoerun91 ✭✭✭
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    OO - lots of speedy runs for you at the moment. Looking sharp and getting the benefit of those early miles.
    Wardi - I didn't notice the wind out today but it has been a breezy few weeks overall. Slightly misleading run from me probably. It's a down week in my plan so all aerobic stuff so they were strides for sharpness rather than all out 200s. Following P&Ds 31-47 half marathon plan.

    25 mins S&C this morning.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - I dont know, we've normally arrived at the Expo straight from the airport, just as the run is about to start. This time we hope to arrive on Friday, so we might also have a few takers for it too.
    Joe - Cheers.  It felt reasonably comfortable so helped work out the race plan. Currently thinking will look to run 5m @ 33 mins and try and maintain this all round rather than slowly fade in the last 10 miles like I've done in the past umpteen races.   
    Very easy run on the coast this morning.  Missed the sun, caught the rain, good practice for a Welsh marathon. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    No probs OO, I'm sure it will become clear once we are there.  Our flight is early Friday - 7am, though as it's our local airport LBA the 35 mins drive will be quiet at that time.  I am already trying to picture a post race beer amongst palm trees, Xmas lights & decorations, and hopefully a blue sky. 
    5.4m earlier - a bit chilly but a beautiful sunny day and very light winds. 
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Morning all, I've been steady with >50km/week and 8hrs total inc bike for the last couple of weeks. Had a fat caliper test - 22%, 81Kg, BMI 25.5 - Overweight. 

    Malaga sounds nice.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - 6.30s shouldn't be too aggressive for you, but puts you in a decent place to review after you've been going a while.

    Toro- was that a test with a fat pair of calipers, or a test with calipers of your body fat? That made me laugh.

    8m yday, creaky 15m today.

    Because im unattached harriers P of 10 and runbritain dont automatically allocate my race performances, i hsve to go to the results and manually claim them. But i cant open the results for vlm, anyone else get the same ? It gives a time out error.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Toro.. I'm guessing you must be a bit of a beefcake then ;) At 6ft 1in & 11St 4lbs my BMI is coming out at 20.9.  Mind you us oldsters tend to lose a bit of musle mass which may be affecting the reading!
    TR.. if you mean the VLM site I found your result no problem.  The main page has changed to 'TCS London'
    Nice recovery progress if you can crank out 15 miler.

    10m for me today which included a below par Parkrun (1 min slower than usual) which I half expected.  The miles feel ok but I guess it will take me another week or two for the speedier stuff to come back.
    I will have a trip out to the local York marathon tomorrow to support a few clubmates, Charlie W is running too.
    Managed to get a place in the Brass Monkey half this morning. My random place in the queue was close to the race limit plus there was a delay on the payment page - got in by the skin of my teeth!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - not surprised with the below par parkrun, my 15m was, i mean the results on the P of 10 or Runbritain listing so i can claim my result for P of 10 and Runbritain.........although the  P of 10 software has actually automatically claimed it for me anyway.
  • TR - I couldn't see the full list of results for the Great North Run which i've assumed is because of the sheer number of people. Seems it's the same for the London marathon. Could just be a coincidence but i've been able to view all other results on runbritain.
    Wardi - good news on the race entry. Why is that race so popular?
    OO- Shame on the rain. It's been quite a pleasant week weather wise for me out running. 

    9 miles yesterday at 7:15 pace. Hopefully get out today for something similar to round off a decent week.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    S&C yesterday morning and then 1 hour in the gym in the afternoon (20 minutes bike, 20 minutes erg and 20 minutes cross-trainer).  I learned the hard way that my cunning plan to take advantage of a Spotify Premium 1 month free trial to listen to music and at least reduce the tedium was foiled by the lack of 4G/5G reception in the gym.  Oops.  Next time I will download a playlist or an audiobook!

    6 miles @ 7.50s this morning.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - that seems to back up the theory that those two result files are too big to open in time then, so the error occurs.

    Jools - good commitment on the XT, it should help the fitness.

    XT for me today too, turbo inc 14x3min efforts, was nice to turn the wick up a bit.
  • Cross country racing was back for me yesterday. 1st of the North Mids league in Derby. Sadly we didn't have enough vets for a team so I had to count as a senior, but we got 1st team on the day with a healthy lead, and I'm comfortably 1st V40 as well. The next one won't suit me so well as my strength is the hills, and there aren't any of those in Kettering. Flat as a lopsided pancake that one is. Not that my lungs enjoyed the hills yesterday. My legs were fine, but my lungs have forgotten how to do short race burn! They need some intervals to remind them, but I'm still not allowed to do any of those this week. Another week of short plods awaits. 

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Nicely done on the team prize CC2. 

    Good work on the XT TR/Jools.  Get an old  Sony Walkman cassette player Jools, much more reliable.   :D

    Joe.. good to see you racking up decent miles again.  The York BM race has been going since the early 90's.  It is flat, fast and very well organised.  Runners seem to want a Jan half, possibly as the start of marathon prep so it has become increasingly popular over the years.  About 2500-3000 runners chasing 1700 places.

    Saw CharlieW out on the York marathon course a few times today.  2.51 was only 2 mins adrift of his London time so a good day for him.  The forecast rain cleared up just after the start so kind conditions.
    5.5m for me after watching the marathon heroics.

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Interesting Toro, not many "overweight" on here. Surprised at that.
    Speedy - Congrats on the win.
    TR - 15m is jumping in at the deep end. 
    Wardi - So warmy and sunny Malaga followed by the Brass Monkey. 
    Joe - 9m @ 7.15 is a pretty decent run.

    Last proper run before the marathon, so always like to do a 10m with 6m fastish, which came out @ 6.25, felt good and it was a beautiful morning for a run which was an out and back to Padstow on the trail.  Followed up by seeing my sons football team win 3-1 so double bubble.  Hopefully I am in near pre-VLM shape, will find out around 11.30 next Sunday, race starts 9.30.  35m for the week plus around 40 bike miles. 
  • No team prize or win, that was only race 1 of 4. But we have made a good start!

    8 miles of plodding today, but with friends I haven't seen for ages so it was great to catch up, even if it was at 9 min mile pace. I'm chomping at the bit to get back to proper training, but no, must recover properly.... 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - good that conditions were decent for Yorks mara, this autumn has been pretty good, been a few weeks of light winds. By this time last yr I'd run Goodwood in a gale, and jooligan copped a named storm at IoW.

    OO - nice, you've bounced back quickly.

    CC - the plodding will do you good, although you raced yday at the xc?
  • I got round to watching the Chicago & Boston marathons at the weekend.  Great races if you want something other than the conventional format of the pack being led by pacemakers that just gets whittled down.  CJ Albertson is my new running hero!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Another hour in the gym this morning, but with some cheesy soul classics downloaded on Spotify and the headphones on it went much more quickly than the last one!

    Good work on the XC, Speedy.  Our league started on Saturday, too, but for fairly obvious reasons I wasn't there.  
  • TR - yes but frustrating nonetheless. Results pages seem to be getting worse even on official sites. Had a few cases recently where you can't simply browse the results, you have to do a search or can only easily look at the times for elite runners.
    CC2 - any advice for the cross country season. I'm not able to make any pre-xmas races but doing a couple post xmas and it has been an awfully long time for me since i did cross-country. A decent pair of spikes probably a start?
    OO - boom. what a day! looking very positive for next week. You must be pinching yourself a little after how you felt a few weeks ago. Still got to do the business though I suppose!
    Jools - the cheesy soul classics sound great. I've set up our projector and my big speakers in the room with the gym equipment and i'm really appreciating the youtube videos, netflix or pumping tunes. Just about makes it all bearable.
    CD - that was an absolutely crackers run. He was 2 mins up at half way I think? I wonder if he truly felt he was in that shape or just hoped the local crowd would cheer him round?

    Managed 7 miles yesterday on the treadmill. Keeping myself around 40 miles a week at the moment. Got a wedding friday so going to take friday and saturday off from running and then i may do a metric marathon on Sunday. Should have been the Liverpool marathon and tbh if it was easier logistically I may still have gone and tried to get round. But instead I think i'll come up with a nice new local route for myself and run 26.2km. Hopefully then i'll feel like i've achieved something but that i've also been quite sensible.
  • RJR - I read an interview with him where he said he knew he runs well downhill so just went to get the benefit of that, thinking they'd catch him after a mile or two.  He never knew how far up he was - over 2 minutes at halfway which in a major is just nuts.  He looked completely gone when the pack caught him but he dug in and stayed with the back end of that group and he had a cracking sprint finish.  Even the commentators, who'd spent 21 miles basically saying he's an idiot, cheered him home.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Joe - Too right, 3 weeks today I felt the worst I have ever felt.  So yes really pleased how things have gone since and as you say still have to do the business.  My doubts are whether I have 100% recovered and my last long run was September 12th, not ideal but neither was catching Covid.   In this marathon if things do go wrong then so be it, I will still finish. I will try and mitigate the risks by starting off more conservatively than normal. I did notice the Liverpool marathon is on the same day. 40m a week is a decent place to be at the moment, gives you a good platform to kick on when you need to.
    CD - It was some run. Very ballsy.   
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    CD - he was pretty gung ho, copped some stick from the commentators.

    Joe - i asked runbritain. They said to login on the result and ranking page and then open the result file, which worked but its only includes limited results, i just scraped in.

    OO - a bit more conservative early on is a good idea, but will require a bit of hand brake early on.

    12m home toinght, it only rained for the first 9m.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    CD.. vaguely similar, around the turn of 2000 El Mouaziz tried running away from the pack earlyish in the race a couple of times.  He did succeed once with Pinto in hot pursuit.  He jointly holds the record of most sub 2.10 marathons - 13.

    TR.  good miles there, it looks an unsettled week so wettings may be frequent!

    OO. Best of luck with the last week of taper, hope the weather gods are in your favour.

    Joe.. running the marathon distance on your own will be tough but a good test of mental strength.

    I spotted a V60 well up the field at York yesterday - 2.47 isn't too shabby for an old codger!
    6m here, got back about 20 mins before the afternoon rain.
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    CC2 - great XC.

    TR - Welcome to autumn! Not looking forward to the cold shock! Still 30 degrees plus round these parts. Hopefully it'll shave minutes off my time too!

    OO - I guess I'm not really in sub 3 shape physically right now. (19:40 5km back in Jul - Cyprus, hot/41:30 10km Aug Guam, hot and humid). I'm very much trying to survive day by day and I can worry about eating less when I get home. 50km/week with some biking. Over 6hrs a week. I think I hovered around 75kg when I did my 2:55s and closer to 72 when I did 2:41. 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Toro - The sunshine and temperature is great but not for sub3 training, your doing well to do what you are doing. I was looking at a time/ weight calculator which estimates roughly 3 mins of time gain over a marathon per kg which is more than borne out by you 2.41 (pacy!). Massively important.  I feel tiny in comparison, normally around 66kg.
    TR - Quite looking forward to a gentler first few miles. Think I will position myself a few places in front of the sub3 pacer.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Toro.. I always think the times here in GB when it gets hot it is often a very sticky/humid kind of heat.  The European heat seems a lot drier to me somehow.

    OO.. no palm trees in Newport to prepare you for Malaga? 😄

    7.3m today, after a very wet morning  it was 17 degrees out there this afternoon.  Got quite sweaty in t-shirt and shorts.

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