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  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - i heard someone mention a westher warning for tomorrow, i try not to look at the forecast too closely as it is what it is and my run times are the SPO would say "its your choice to do it"...........and then i get moaned at for making puddles when i get in, like yday.

    Toro - fair play to you, getting it done at the mo.

    OO - defo wise to be careful early on Sunday  post the cv19, f you feel ok later on you can press on, if you dont tjen ots s good job you went easier early, given all the maratjon cancellations, the injury and CV anything beginning with a 2 will be a good good to tick it off before we all get locked in again due to the rising infection rates.

    At the 3m point i decided to take the left turn this morning for the 9m minimum option, instead of going straight on for 5 or 6m. Regretted it soon after as it became a bit of a trudge.
  • Wardi - i'll only be doing 26.2k rather than miles but it'll still be a long run for me. Pleasantly warm out today especially once the wind died down.
    OO - that last long run isn't so long ago really. You'd hope at worst it would cost you a minute or two.
    TR - nice one. That trick worked for me as well. Ouch to 9 miles in the rain. Looks like you are mentally ready to go again but maybe not physically?

    Rest day yesterday but did some stretching in front of the football. Legs felt a million dollars today. 9 miles with 5x0.9 miles in avg 5 mins with 2 and a half minute recovery. Recoveries were quite long but guy I was running with didn't have his watch so I timed him and then set a 2 min recovery from that. Probably back to tired legs tomorrow but happy with that nonetheless.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - i bet the GNR  results were shortened too? Legs feeling  a miilion dollars doesnt happen often (if at all here), so lovely stuff........i got rained on this morning too........mentally ready to run more, but the body is defo still creaking, similar to springtime, not sure id be up for racing yet though.
  • TR - indeed. You just hope to get the same feeling on days that matter. Yes, only 6 pages of results for the GNR which fortunately I do fit onto. I was just curious what the depth of quality is like if you're running around 80 mins. Pretty good as it happens.
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    TR - well done on getting it done.
    Joe - Nice session and curious to see how you feel today.

    I did 37 minutes inc 6 x 15 sec sprints before I was shooed off the flight deck.
  • Toro - what do your colleagues think of your training? Presumably there's a number of active folk on board?

    Pleasingly the legs feel good today. The showers today have been heavy so I opted for 50 mins on the treadmill and an episode of Black mirror. I dodged some thunder and lightning in the process so I feel the treadmill is earning its keep.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Joe.. I haven't cranked up my treadie just yet. It is usually a winter thing for me to combat my Raynauds and particularly bad weather!  Nice session yesterday BTW.
    TR.. we converted our front doorstep/open porch last year to an enclosed porch which is very handy for hanging up wet running gear, leaving soggy shoes etc.  It was needed today!
    Toro.. good work squeezing that session in on deck.

    11.7m for me today, my longest effort since London.  Dry for about 6m then light rain started which gradually turned heavier.  Not cold enough for a rain jacket but I was glad of my gilet as the wind picked up too. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - vlm was 6 pages too,  just scraped in. Good rain avoidance.

    Wardi - i leave my wet dogging shoes in the front porch, running is a back gate activity !

    Creaky 10m home tonight, first non rainy run of the week, but it thumped it down pretty soon after.
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    TR - Ha ha! @Wardi comment!

    Wardi - Thanks and nice one.

    Joe - I am definitely in the top 1% of people training judging the times of day and hours I train to fit around work (either that or people have better working routines than me and can phys at normal hours - likely!) I have a close friend (now) who is my opposite watch stander and we are pretty similar in pace across the three tri disciplines. 
  • Wardi - you'll be cold enough today I think. beautiful in the sun though. gloves and jacket on for me. Decent run from you yesterday.
    TR - 6 is the magic number then. you did well keeping it dry.
    Toro - good for you! you must be burning a fair number of calories each week. Good to have a bit of friendly support / competition. 

    wind was banging next doors gate which woke us up at 5 this morning. didn't really get back to sleep so was fairly awake for 11 miles at 8am. Progressed the run with the last 6 miles quicker each mile from 7 min/mile down to 6:17. Off to Cambridge for a wedding for next few days so the body will probably appreciate the 2 days off.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TR - Yes, anything 2.5X would be great with the stretch target sub 2.55 as would like to enter and run Berlin again and they have the hardest time requirement of all the majors for GFA for V55+.  It a good while since I troubled Po10.  Shame you copped the rain.

    Wardi - Good to be getting back to it with your 11.7m.

    Joe - Your right Sept 12th wasn't that far away. A nice progressive 6m from, I do find them very satisfying when you've done them. and find the last mile generally doesnt feel that much harder than the 1st.

    A very easy week,  6m easy, 4m with 1m fast and 4m easy today. Had to make a hasty visit to the dentist over a problem tooth, which needs to be pulled, he did suggest tomorrow but thought not the best with a marathon on the way so next Tuesday it will be, and can tell him all about my Newport triumph (he is from the area). The carbo-loading now begins  -  :)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done Toro, good to have a training mate, even if you cant train together.

    Joe - enjoy the days off running

    OO - hope you go well then, enjoy the carb loading.

    6m easy today, shorter day as im still creaking well. Just done some s and c too, hopefully things will settle soon, feels similar to the spring post mara recovery, so hopefully will improve soon.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Just over 6m here too TR.  Much better day.. a bit breezy but sun and blue sky.  I think my legs are slowly recovering.
    Joe.. that's quite an early start, nice work getting 11m done.  Enjoy the wedding.
    OO.. hope the taper continues well.  Have you got pain killers for the tooth?
    Toro.. a shaggy dogging story.  A few miles from me a layby on the A19 near Selby became a popular dogging spot.  Complaints from the locals of 'sexual detritus' in that area became common.  One hapless lorry driver parked up there for a bit of sleep unaware of the layby's notoriety.  He was woken after a couple of hours with enthusiastic doggers banging on his cab door wondering if he'd like to join in.  :)
  • Snap on the tooth woes & easy week OO but not the target. I'll be setting off a minute a mile slower than you :D 
    Flat 4.3 milers each day this week. Threw 5x0.1M strides in yesterday & today. Amazing what a difference they make to the average pace.
    Green #1244 btw
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - Some dental gel, magic!  I heard they are like that in Selby. 
    Jooligan - I wouldnt be too surprised to see you surging past in the first few miles  ;)  I am in the White pen so maybe not #473.  What will be new for me is to try and restrain my first half gallop as in the past few years have been going through halfway 80-84 mins so Sunday a bit easier and hopefully c87mins and be more even-paced throughout the race. 
    Proper Welsh weather forecast for Sunday, a bit wet, a bit windy and 11C.  Kit packed, first outing for the Next% , travelling tomorrow, seeing some running club mates for supper, a decent snooze and then to the first marathon start-line for nearly 2 years and look forward to the finish lines.  Off then to see older son for a few beers - excitement mounting!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Hope that OO and Jooligan go well, anything can happen when jools runs a marathon !

    6m easy again today, trying to let the body catch up a bit. Bit of s shock with the first frost of the season.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    OO/Jooligan.. my last wet marathon (York a few years back) it was pretty peristent to heavy all day.  A poncho was useful to keep dry before the start, I wore a t-shirt & vest as it was a bit chilly.  Cap to keep the rain out of my eyes too.  I felt fine during the run but got cold very quickly after the race.  All the best to you both.

    Similar here TR, 5m for me today.  I will have a blast at Parkrun tomorrow (light winds in the morning) which will give me an indication of recovery so far.

    It also turns out that the delightful nature reserve where I often park before a longer run on the outskirts of York (Askham Bog) - is also a popular doggers rendevous point.  In future I will be extra careful stripping off grubby or wet running kit!  
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Cheers TR - had a good chuckle at your comment: so true.
    Wardi = my last wet one was IoW last October - didn't go well: the gales didn't help :s
    Used to park my car in a RSPB car park & bike/run the rest of my commute. 
    The car park was closed a few years ago as a family walked in on a couple of fellas at it in the RSPB hide. Always thought it odd how many chaps were sat around in their cars mid/late afternoon :D 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Good luck for Newport OO & Jooligan.  I had a place carried over from 2020 but I'm not planning to use it given London was only 3 weeks ago.  Hopefully the weather forecast improves but the Next% should work some magic for you.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    I run round the back of an old fort (palmerstons folly) at the top of the hill. I used to see chaps parked up and wandering about the bushes in their business clothes, including one of the friendly dads from school., none of them walking a dog. A cycling mate bumped into some action there, and ive seen all sorts of chaps in all sorts of outfits since. Saw a tall lady very well dressed for 7am and then realised t was a man.......theres signs up about refraining from anti social behaviour. There was a couple of coppers up there on patrol recently as i ran past, so i told them they need to be careful what they're looking for as they might see a thing or two, they said thats why they were on patrol, and told me to report any goings on. It must be happening all over the uk.
  • Cheers TR, Wardi and SBD.  Yes, Wardi have a few ex-race ponchos here, maybe Barcelona 2018, seems chance of rain is 50 50.   A mate asked me what number marathon this was,  surprised to find Newport will be my 34th. 
  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭
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    TR - I was impressed at your recent marathon time, as always solid consistency, they’re keeping the Mara next October too right?

    Wardi - hope you’re well, I’m conflicted with toon takeover. Awful human rights issues but a buzz in the city again with no doubt investment to come to the area. It’s difficult. The national outcry over Bruce I’ve found amusing though. Awful manager.

    I managed to get round my lakes fell race 4/52 ago but it was pretty grim😂 A mix of (well mainly) blatantly not very fit, no racing for 3.5yrs, muggy on the day and tale end of a cold bug. The aim was only ever to get round though but it was effing hard. Still great to be involved and last year with covid symptoms I was limited to 10-15 mins walking at one point. I ran a xc race two weeks ago which felt “slightly” better but I am lacking any speed even if the legs are strong but will use xc to improve fitness. I am also just starting to add some harder sessions in training, did some hills reps Thursday night. I have another xc race next weekend then a short fell race in the lakes the week after with a further xc end of November and hopefully an 11m fell race in Northumberland mid December. Hopefully be starting to feel fitter after that. Might look at a winter 10m race of half for fitness.

    I have a heel niggle so rower, spin bike hill work and stair master this morning which I’m planning as a weekly session anyway to build strength endurance for the fells.

    I see xc champs are down my old stomping ground at Parliament hill next Feb. Reminds me of my heathside days. Incidentally I still have my xempo t shirts, does DanA still pop by on here?

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend, RS👍
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Good to see you back to it RS, it took me a few months to get 100% fit after CV and i had very minor symptoms, i feel your pain though, ny wife is still not 100% yet and we had CV last November........yes, its next October........its a long time since i walked across Blackheath to the GFA start with you.

    16m today, 8 easy, 8 approx +10%, still creaking but nice to get rolling. Frothies later.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. nice LR even if the legs are still grumbling a bit.  Enjoy the well deserved frothies.

    RS.. congrats on toughing out those races and hopefully you're over the worst of the CV.  DanA had a long term injury, though I see he has done a few Parkruns recently.  I'm still in touch via what's app and duly congratulated him on 2nd place in Mastermind!
    Re. the Toon situation, finding a whiter than white owner seems almost impossible these days.  The guy who bought Bury for £1 then overspent to get them promoted - that went well!  Not to mention the bloke who bought Wigan and declared them bankrupt 4 weeks later. At least our lot have some proper funds!  Good point today, confidence booster.

    Parkrun test went well, nearly a minute quicker than last week's laboured effort.  Splits of 7.01, 7.02, 7.02, 5.49 for 21.49.  Rounded it up to 7.5m.  
  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭
    Wardi - well done on PR. I see plenty of Xempo stuff on Twitter. Facebook sim I’m guessing Dan is doing well with that. Agreed, today was a big point for toon as grim as it sounded. Wilson staying fit is vital and getting the new manager in ASAP.

    TR - walking across to the GFA start, blimey that was 10 years ago. That was my last marathon though never say never to doing another. I think the closest to one might be the Yorkshire 3 peaks which is a very runnable fell race between 3 massive climbs. Agreed it’s taken a while to develop fitness even tho I had no obvious lung issues from covid. I have been doing all easy stuff and then trying to increase the number of easy sessions in a week over the weeks. It’s only recently I’ve started to feel like I can add some harder stuff but I’m still taking it steady. I’m starting to get the feel for a weekly schedule of type. Essentially looking to do one hard session per week (hill reps, intervals etc, maybe club session as I’ve rejoined Heaton Harriers), one x-training session in gym working on leg strength (the bike is v good to train legs for climbing the fells) and a long run at the weekend primarily up in the local Northumberland hills or lakes. All other runs would be easy though I’ll throw in some park runs now and then. My closest park run is very hilly which suits.

    I wouldn’t say I’ve fully addressed the eating yet and I like a pint 😂 So still “plenty” weight to come off. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi- thats a big jump.

    RS - keep at it, hopefully you've more fitness and health to gain.......go find the footage of the mastermind final from earlier in the year, Dan is in it.

    That Newport tracker was decent, top run from OO, very well paced too.

    Turbo intervals for me today.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Thanks TR.

    Yes, after 2 years back in the sub 3 club, with a 2.51.41.  Probably my best paced marathon with the slowest mile the first one. Tried to keep to around 6.30 pace and ignore the desire to race people, a pace which felt like a fast jog. Half way in 1.25.35 and 82nd place, when ran behind a rarity  a fast big bugger who I religiously followed until mile 20 with a small group when he sped off. Kept the pace up and picked off the odd runner and kicked on the last mile (possibly my fastest I need to check) and picked off another half a dozen to give a second half of 1.26.06, my tightest positive split. Good enough for second V55 and 62nd place overall. Really pleased and relieved.

    In thecrace, felt good throughout though the Vaporflys did rub my right heal and gave a beautiful burst blister from mile 7. So now on 14 consecutive sub 3 in road race marathons. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    OO - fast jog sounds about right, defo a top pacing job, very wise after the recent CV. Great to be so close to sub250 after CV. Fair play to the vaccine scientists. Hope you enjoy a few beers tonight. Plenty of scope for going quicker.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Top running OO
    My lack of longer runs told today. Started conservatively as planned but the pace ramped up & caught the 3:15 pacer at halfway. Decided I’d sit in to 20M but the pace was slowing & I kept clashing with folk so pushed on around 18M but was caught by 20M & then the guts threw me a spanner so had a to jump a gate into a field at mile 21. The last 5 were a slog but at least I avoided walking. Unofficial time 3:25:03
    Timing mat at 15M was at 15.4 for sure.
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