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  • Hendo..............Very very good. I do beleive you are right!!

    Hey Pixie!

    KB - Methinks I am mearly one of the princess as surely you are the queen of Fetch. xx
  • Pixie - what is this 'train' that you speak of?
  • I really must stop typing with a fake foreign accent........
  • At the risk of sounding like a parrot changed the way I run. There is much more to it than simply being a running log, but even if that is all it did, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. You can keep years of records that are easily accessible. If you like stats and records this is the place to be. Me I put the 'anal' in analysis.

    Oh and Hendo is right about the stallions.
  • Hendo, you are spot on there!
  • I put the lion into stallion.

  • My only complaint about FE is that someone pinched my nickname (and i went on there real early) and what's more he/she has never blimmin logged anything!!

    *tsk* :)
  • I am a perfect running stallion who uses the fetch logs they do keep you on schedule better than a simple written plan
  • Hollywood that's interesting what you say about the download page - do you know if it's upload too? If it is, then 2800 miles will soon be hitting it!
  • Well, I just sent a note asking if I could have the FETCH "Blackers" acct and hey presto - it happened in less than 5 minutes!!! I'm gobsmacked! If only all tech support worked like that....
  • LOL hendo @ "the females all lithe beauties who bound like gazelles with a grace and beauty known to no others."

    I wish I was a lithe beauty!!!!!!
  • Hmmm, I must try the Lithe beauty that bounds like a gezelle thing tomorrow!

    I had not realised that being a Fetchite makes you like that. If having PB achieving shirts isn't enough :-)
  • On a serious note: When I started running I decided I needed some sort of log to keep track on what I did because of a back problem I have. I wanted to monitor the effect of training for a marathon on it.

    I used the Nike facility on for quite a few months and was satisfied with it.

    Then I discovered Fetch and was hooked. Not only is it the most universal log I have found, Fetch also responds almost immediately to its users requests for extra features and possibilities!

    It is therefore continuously getting better!

    And free... which appeals to a Dutch person :-)

    Oh, and then there are the Fetchites... and the forum and the PB betting... and... and... and...
  • ...and the Nike thing is going to be interesting again soon when the ipod toy comes out...
  • lol Hoose.

    I wondered if anyone would mention that on this thread.

  • another good thing about is that you can enter your training and race information from anywhere in the world ... well, anywhere with an internet cafe. I like the ability to add notes, and keep a track of how many mile you've done in each pair of shoes. The benchmarks feature shows you how you are progressing/regressing, and it seems pretty adapatable with a webmaster who can't be faulted.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    i'm a fetcher
  • Sorry, was that I'll just go and look it up.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
  • Is there really no one out there who uses other on line training logs?

  • once you've found fetch there are no others.....
  • So there's nearly 300 000 users of RW and only 1% of them use a running log.....i find that very hard to believe.

    Bunch of weirdos
  • lol, bit harsh Max
  • Maybe there isn't much to say about other training log sites?
  • I do believe you are right KB.

    Nah santa, nothing more than they deserve.
  • Max, which ones are the wierdos? The 1%?
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