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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the ones that dont use you-know-who
  • The other logs (if they exist) can't be much cop, otherwise you'd think people would be singing their praises here.

    Maybe they've seen fetcheveryone and are now embarrassed to be using other logs.
  • I'm shocked and disappointed in you, 360. Putting up such a shameless link.

  • Just being helpful.
  • Am I the only one who keeps thinking this thread is related to an article about dairy products? We know that Fetch is the big cheese of running logs, who are the running yoghurts?
  • I'm more of a strong mature type.....I go well with red wine
  • The problem lies in their sense of humour, Max, or rather, lack thereof...

    Fetchies certainly don't lack it...
  • Also, on nothing but positive vibes... unlike some threads on here :-(
  • Hello people, Ive been running competetively(? i can never spell that!!) for 3 years now and have never considered using a training log. Do you reckon it would benefit me, my times for 5k 10k etc are pretty much the same everytime I run, so will a log help me reach the next level or is it more of a beginners thing? :)

    (n.b. Im always interested to hear what a girl with pig tails thinks!! katieB :P lol)
  • eh eh eh fresh blood.............

    BE - It's for all levels, from Ultra runners to those on a run x 1 , walk x 1.

    Running log's can not only be a place for you to log your runs, but also your races, your thoughts and feelings about your performance. You can at the click of a button compare this year to last etc.

    without a running log I would not be where I am today............

    ......oh hang on

    yes, there are loads of different ones out there to choose from.

    (he said he didn't want us plugging ok?)
  • Yes, I am with Max, there are loads of different ways to log your runs. You can use pen and paper or a spreadsheet on your computer. Then there are custom made ones of all flavours...

    And then there is....

  • Well, you get it!
  • why cant I get onto fetch?

    anyone else having problems
  • I'm on, Max.
  • wont let me...........i'm trying to avoid revision
  • ... ah, that will be the reason. Fetch just wants the best for you.
  • dag nammit...............instead I've spent the last hour looking at Tri's for autumn
  • Oh dear Max...
  • I've just seen fetch, and I would love to use it, but I daren't because the notes come up publicly.

    Does anybody else find this scarey - if I record my training runs in detail, a stalker or worse could work out where I'm going to be and follow me?

    It's not much use recording a run without recording where you went, either, is it?

    I just tried, and it keeps giving me errors when I try to register, so that's no good either. Think I'll buy a notebook.
  • Katharine- you don't have to put too much detail in the public training on Fetch. I sometimes put my route and sometimes just ramble about the weather, my music or my mood.

    I would also suggest you speak to Fetch himself if you are worried he may be able to find a way round your worries. You can keep most of your details as private as you want....put your detials in your blog and keep that private too if you like.

    We'll help and support you on FE don't worry. :-)
  • "you don't have to put too much detail in the public training on Fetch. "

    No of course you don't, but in that case it's pretty useless! My intent was to record my exact route and how I felt, so I could repeat it if necessary and so on.

    I've downloaded a spreadsheet from Serpentine runners, though this of course isn't interactive at all.

    I think Fetch needs a secret area which is never shown to anybody else, where you can do a blow by blow account of where you went.
  • Katharine, that's a great idea, have you put it to Fetch? I'm sure there are lots of people who would like to keep route details private, but still want them in detail. It's worth asking him.


    Good luck with finding what you want.
  • Hey Kathrine

    I agree with KB, Fetch is in the middle of updating Fetch and has asked for suggestions. I think having a privacy button would be useful on the notes section would be a great suggestion for those that want to use it.

    It's got to be worth asking right?
  • With regard to private areas; motionbased give you the option to publish to the general web or keep your run details private. I think it's a good idea. However, I do think it's rather sad that people are so scared in today's society...
    I understand the worry and it is sensible to think about these things but we should't have to should we? In a perfect world...

    You know, I haven't seen Fetch, have registered now, looks good...
  • That's great, Ian.

  • fetcheveryone is great. Why has the man behind this site not been featured in runners world?
  • And why do I read the title of this article as dairy products every time I look at it?
  • as do I SG, as do I.......cheese anyone?
  • <passes slow going a pint of milk>
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