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  • Max, we're having a Barbie, can i have some for my burger please|?
  • I like Stilton.

  • Hmm stilton and brocolli soup....lovely.

    Santababy, I've got somerset goats cheese, or canadian extra mature......couple of bits of each? Although if you are having the goats cheese with your burgers, you also need sweet chilli chutney.

  • i've got sweet chilli sauce

    my brocolli & stilton is masterful

    (i'm a catering manager)
  • you've got .... too much time on your hands, that's what you've got :)
  • ...that from the man who's just spent the afternoon (apasrt from one "conference call") typing his pre '01 races into FE.....
  • lol Blackers.

    BUt i do have too much time on my hands...
  • Santa baby, in that case when are we all coming round for supper?

    I hate cooking, it's only because of Childline and NSPCC that I do it at all.

    KB - have you given up work for ever?
  • Okay, I'm intrigued. I've recently started using Sport Tracks to download and edit my training runs from the Garmin, but let's see if this FE lark is all it's cracked up to be...
  • NO, just til September I think Max. Littlest goes to big school then, so I'll have to do something.

    i will get bored or spend way to much time doing this.
  • I don't like it - based on today's 'comfortable' run it reckons I'll just about manage a sub-5 marathon, and I'm aiming for sub-4...

  • Do an uncomfortable run tomorrow SVT and see what it says after that.

  • SVT I'm also using Sporttracks and FE - as well as my trusted old Excel workbook, and of course Traning Centre.

    I was also trying MotionBased, but it's crap, even when the service is working, it's crap! It makes me wonder why Garmin ever purchased MotionBased - why didn't they go straight for Sporttracks?? Even with Garmins money, it'll take at least 2 years for motion based to catch up.

    The only one I haven't tried is Memory Map - I saw it demo'd at the FLM expo and the mapping (it's OS maps) is reeeeeeeealy sexy, but it's 50 quid for one UK region, and the Sport tracks map is sufficient for road running.

    I still use Excel for the graphs. Someone on this thread said that soon FE will do an XML or CSV download feature so that you'll only have to enter stuff once...

    Until then I'm going to use the 4 products until they, one by one, prove themselves no longer useful.
  • Blackers - I've realised I could live without my trusty 'runlog.xls' but I can see that I'll be using Fetch alongside Sport Tracks.

    My evening will be spent entering details of past races to try and move me up the rankings...
  • LOL - I was in the top ten in some races but that was a long time ago before people like Mike Gratton started logging their times!!! Damn them. Now I'm nowhere in sight!
  • Have you sorted them by age....and by buddies? I like doing that, especially with buddies. Course you have to chose your buddies carefully.

  • And you're in the top 10 for this years times, Blackers.
  • (for 10k)
  • Yesssssss! That's what I like - top ten from thousands!! (never mind that it was only 72nd in real life)
  • I love the fact that I'm 211th out of over 1000 in the race rankings - I think I've only come in the top half two or three times in a race!
  • There's alot to love, and if you do chose your buddies carefully you can be top of your buddies league. Not that I've done that. No...that would be sad....ahem.
  • yeah, that lightfoot bloke is coming no where near my buddies list, that's for sure.
  • you have hyped the damn thing up so much, I registered, and now the page won't load! frustrating.. such a tease!
  • She-ra,

    The Fetch website seems to load quite quickly for me. Glad I came on here and saw Katieb talking about Fetch. Still sort of finding my way around it but like it so far...
  • Did you get on in the end She-ra?
  • Quiet on here today, huh?
  • Everyone's on FE katie ;)
  • Someone on there said it kicks RW's @rse.

  • That thread is really interesting.

    The one on FE.

    About arse kicking.

    Must be a very bad man who started it.
  • what? in terms of chat forums? FE is unuseable for chat. In terms of logging? RW doesn't compete!
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