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  • Why is FE unuseable for chat, Blackers?
  • Can i ask something about the site
  • go Hippo...........
  • It sounds a bit stupid
  • you've already had a mention on one of the threads...someone said "I wonder if we can tempt a Hippo over here"

    Your place is already set woman!!
  • oh, i dont go on the threads
    well, i have been a mamber since 2005, but lost password, and then got put off with the rankings and
    well anyway

    Im on there now

    Ive logged all my races since Jan 2005, which is when i joined
    my question is
    do people log ALL races ever?

    Or is it just since one joined fetch
    dont know what the etiquette is

    (who wanted me on there)
  • I'd like you to be on there P Hippo. :-) You would be great on the Abingdon thread.

    I think people do put all of there races on, even ones before they had joined. I had only done 3 before joining....I think it's up to you really.
  • there=their

  • youve bloody DONE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive posted on the forum
  • oh
    maybe i will do my 2004/2003 races
  • My life is bbloody over
    i will have no more time

  • I have only posted races since I joined but then I have 25 years of running off and on so could not be bothered to dig through all that info.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha PH you are snookered! What are you gonna do?!

    I posted there this morning and it branded me a posting virgin! blimmin cheek!

    katieb - if it had rooms like this form it would work better. Actually, I've always prefered the tree type structure though, e.g. dpreview - then your threads can deal with splinters
  • Blackers you are speaking in tongues
    whadya onabout
  • The phrase is "first time poster" ;-)
  • So not exactly "unuseable" then Blackers. As you've managed to use it. ;-)

  • LOL! perhaps "unuseable" is a little strong! Perhaps I was subconciously trying to disuade myself from lurking in yet another forum - this one is ruining my life as it is, don't need yet more!!

    Mind if I add you as a buddy?
  • Go for it. I'll put you on my list then you can see my training...
  • This thread has provoked quite a few changes on FE...

    It's getting even more useable and lovely.

  • Ive just logged in all my years training
  • How long did that take Hipps?

    And is that why FE has gone down? ;-)
  • As you were, I'm back in.

  • I might have agreed with you if it had benn the races i was entering
    but i did those yesterdsay
  • I'm trying to look Hipps...
  • That's impressive amounts to about what i did for the whole year last year. I'm a bit further along this year, and after my abingdon training I should be well on target for the 1000 miles i'm hoping for.

  • funny though
    you are much faster than me
  • You've done 6 marathons this year already!! And 2 ultras?

    Flip....are you constantly recovering? Or is your body used to it?
  • body is a bit tired tbh
  • ah
    race time
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