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  • Oops I thnk the Fetcheveryone site is down... Can't get on...
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    nah, its fine.I just logged on to check.
  • Cheers Dan Dan. I can get on now too :-)
  • I thought this was going to be another Happy Crappers thread ;o)

    I've just received my running log from

    It took a few weeks, but they personalise it for you with your name and a photo, starting from the month of your choice. They cost $15 including postage (about £8.30) - seems a fair bit for just a thin little book, but it's worth it if you're a stationery fiend like me. Online ones just aren't the same as those lovely pages...
  • I too have just entered all my training for this year so far - as I'm a triathlete mine looks a bit different from most of you, I entered the swim and bike sessions as well as my running for each week. My blog's filed under IW
  • I've never done a real paper running diary, MadameO....but I do love seeing my training on FE. Plus FE is free and I can't lose it, which I would very likely do if it was a small book. :-)
  • Hi Ironwolf, there are a fair few triathletes on FE...the famous or infamous Hollywood for one.
  • I've been using but this Fetch lark looks better. Anyone know if you can upload a spreadsheet to it, rather than copy all my data from my old log into Fetch?
  • ooooooooooh
    I have been playing with Fetch and I se you can enter cross training

    I still have my book though-I like writing it all down too
  •'ll have to ask Fetch himself.

  • oh yeah katie, hollywood posts on our triathlon threads sometimes. Most of the other names I don't recall seeing over on tri.
  • oh yeah katie, hollywood posts on our triathlon threads sometimes. Most of the other names I don't recall seeing over on tri.

    Hippo, I use a paper log too, I have a small diary that I keep in my handbag. I'd be lost without it, need it to know what training I'm supposed to do on any given day, otherwise I'd forget!
  • If I had to keep a paper record too, I'd never have time to run. ;-)
  • I use Fetcheveryone too - I love that's it's simple to use & online. By being online I can use any computer to update my log from anywhere. This is an area that my techinacally superiour excel spreadsheet running logs from Serpentine & David hays let me down.

    The online route is the best. It would be nice, if at sometime in teh future one could download a spreadheet (excel or open document format) so we could have a hard copy of our progress from Fetch
  • I signed up with Fetch and emailed them to ask about uploading my data from my old log at Cool Running. Lovely people said to send over the spreadsheet and they'd have a look. I am definitely a Fetch convert.
  • That's great Richard. Are you Richard Sudworth on FE or do you have another nickname?
  • I am my alter-ego soapyFez on FE.

    I tend to veer wildly between boring and stupid internet names when I register with sites.
  • <goes to look up soapyfez>

    Great name by the way. :-)
  • LOL, Richard - "Sudworth" has gotta be one of the better ones!

    What do you mean, "that's your real name"? Oops.....
  • lol, Blackers..

  • Another option would be to use an existing spreadsheet with the new google spreadsheets server. You could then still access it from anywhere.
  • But, Foo Bar, you don't get hugs from a spreadsheet. Or messages of support.

  • A supercool running tool is It not only allows you to log all your runs, compute your pace, and caclulate the efficiency of your shoes (miles per pound)etc,etc,etc but it also has a really nice tool for mapping out runs to get the distance covered and the elevation of the run.
  • Miles per pound? I'm not sure i want to know that,lol, it does sound good tho' Steve.

    Have you tried FetchEveryone? Just to compare...
  • How excellent Foo Bar :)

    I was going to be really blonde & ask for a link but that would have been too too silly
  • Arrgghhh - tool overload!!

    Steve - runningahead looks very nice - good graphing but it wouldn't do what I want it too. Also, not quite sure about the benefits of having to draw your own route - why not upload like motionbased?
  • Here is my wishlist (to all the tool developers out there):

    1. Garmin/Timex/etc upload of training history (like Sporttracks, MotionBased, TrainingCentre)

    2. Ability to edit training history, like Sporttracks.

    3. On-line community like FetchEveryone, runningahead, motionbased. With racing leagues, blogs, chat, racing history and planning, buddies, locator, clubs etc..

    4. mapping with google or OS maps, like Sport tracks, memorymap (not TrainingCentre or Motionbased - eugh!)

    5. logging of shoe use like, erm, most of them actually

    6. flexible graphing like runningahead (only better) or Excel

    7. recognition of laps like TrainingCentre (for some reason Sporttracks gets this wrong all the time)

    8. ability to add notes like most already have

    9. ability to save a training run as a "course" that I can repeat - like TrainingCentre
  • ..... nice one katieb - member of the month!! :)
  • Flip that was ages ago, Blackers.

    Was lovely tho'.

  • Blackers have you sent your list to fetch? He's always asking for ideas...I never have any, so you could make up for my lack of gumption.

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