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  • Gumption?

    Is that a word?
    suggests that it is: Guts, spunk {Scots} apparently?
  • Thanks BW.

  • Gumption was also some sort of toilet cleaner i think
  • My dad always calls Cif (formerly Jif) cream cleaner gumption. I think it is because it's rubbish compared to modern foamy spray grease dissolving things so you need to 'apply some gumption', i.e. work hard when you use it.

    On the topic of running logs - am really missing having a list of favourite routes in Fetch. My old log let you pick a favourite and filled out the distance automatically, plus you could see your personal bests for each route.
  • Wasn't that a Squeze hit in the late 70's or early 80's? "Up the gumption"

    katieb - I'm just getting into the FE site as you can see (hit 10 posts this morning - wey hey)

    I'm also guessing that Fetch looks at this thread (as you suggested b4) as it was precisely 3 days after I said that categories would make the chat useable that they appeared!! Unless it was coincidence.

    I'm betting that writing a Garmin/Timex/etc.. agent to upload lods may take a little longer

    A week at least....!!
  • Rather usefully, my dad just came round and informs me that gumption really was a cleaning product back in the 1950s. He thinks the cleaner gave us the word, sort of like Hoovers and how we now say hoovering instead of vacuuming.
  • So, my next question is....was the cleaning product named because of the word Gumption..or was it the other way round?

    I expect he does read this thread Blackers. :-)

    Hi Fetch. :-)
  • Ey up ;-)

    Tons of improvements going live in the near future... all requests duly noted.

    I'd better shut up now, before I get accused of promoting:

    on this site :-)
  • I don't think anyone would accuse you of that, MrE.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I have kept a training log for the last 5 years which was when I started Half Ironman Training.

    Last year I ran my own log and used Fetch just in case it did not last. This year I am logging almost exclusively in Fetch.
  • That's quite an endorsement, Gobi.

  • Quiet on here, innit?
  • jumps in
  • Are you clothed or not today, Santa?
  • at work so yes, fully
  • oooh just realised, I haven't posted last week's training. I'll go do it now.
  • Blimey.

    200 posts on this subject and virtually all of them singing the praises of fetcheveryone

    Tells a tale does that.
  • It certainly does 360. Oh that reminds me I must update my log on...

    Hello everyone :-)

  • Oh, come on Ian, that's just toooo blatant.

    I thought I'd post a picture of what my Excel Graph looks like, using the EXCELLENT photo posting feature on Fetcheveryone... here

    just in case Mr Fetch is looking and wants some graphing ideas.....
  • I like Blatant.
  • aaagh
  • no promotions please!
  • even if it's fundraising for your dear old gran running her first marathon!
  • vaguely seriously - we'd say the same about a thread for any site, so please have a teeny bit of respect
  • I'm sorry but I thought this forum thread was a discussion on if people use running logs and if so what they use?

    I use Motionbased, FetchEveryone both of which are web based and also Sporttracks and Training Centre which is free with the Garmin 305.

    I certainly didn't intend promoting any particular product or site. However, I fail to see how anyone can discuss any of them except in the vaguest sense without mentioning them by name...

    Anyway, I think running logs are a great idea but the web based ones have the edge due to the community portal aspect where people encourage each other by sharing ideas etc...

  • Sorry Sean. It's just that when something is really good, you want to let others know about it. Maybe if RW featured FE I'd stop feeling the need? And, I really did want to know if there was anything else out there.

    Much respect for RW. :-)
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