Serotta School for Cycling Ergonomics

I read somewhere that apart from Cyclefit and Mosquito in London there is a bike shop or somewhere in Southampton with a bike fitter qualified from the Serotta School of Cycling Ergonomics.

I tried to Google it but gave up due to lack of success.

Anybody knows who/ where in Southampton?


  • Croc - searches on point towards Crabwood CC based in Southampton, Contact- Claire Newman 02380 667394, or John Sanchez-Bisson 01794 513940... when i delved further I got lost, but it looks like John S has trained in the technique...
  • <grabs Spans>



  • Serotta !? Did you win the Lotto ?

    Sorry - I've only seen London mentioned.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Bike fit is an in thing at the moment isn't it. Unless they stick you in a wind tunnel with a power meter attached like they do for Lance Armstrong I can't see how it's really the rocket science some people are making it out to be these days.

    Sorry Croc for sort using your thread to be cynical - can't help with the question I'm afraid.
  • Spans to the rescue.

    I think there is a need for bike fitting PS. I've never really been fitted properly - even when getting custom frames.
  • I am just curious about it at the moment.
    Not prepared to pay what Cyclefit charge.
    I am sure that I could benefit from an experts eye

    Nah Cougie, no such luck re ther lotto but I will keep on trying

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Fitting from someone experienced I agree with - I just don't think it's quite the science that Cyclefit and others are making it out to be.

    I'm probably old school but I reckon most good road bike shops or even experienced road cyclists can do the job as well as the hyped fitting systems you see advertised.
  • a "normal" fitter would not be able to analyse things like if I need weedges in my shoes for my knees and other stuff like that.

    I have knees problem when I cycle over 40 miles hence why I am wondering
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    I can see the attraction but when you look at how hit and miss podiatrists are in solving injuries with orthotics I just wonder how much a cycle fitter can hope to achieve that you couldn't figure out yourself. I am a self confessed luddite though ;)
  • Are you still in Scotland Croc?

    If yes then head to Bicycle Works' tri shop on South Clerk Street in Edinburgh (it's in the basement of health specialists Iso, bus route 7, 3, 49, 5 and more, from North Bridge, hit the bell when you see the bank of scotland on your left).

    They do a bike fitting service and know loads about bikes. They've recently set up a women's specific part of the shop too.

  • Thanks Ally

    Yeap still in Scotland with sister near Southampton
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Ally - they 'fitted' me for a bike that was too big though...!
  • LOL!!

    Aye that is why I am looking for somebody with a bit of technology even if Popsider thinks it is only a gismo
  • My local bike shop used to palm parents off with 25" frames for their kids - they'll grow into them he used to say. Does ANYONE know anyone riding a 25" frame ? Especially at the age of 13 ?

    I got banned from there for being awkward.
    Moi ????
  • tee hee hee
    no way Cougie...can nae be you ......awkward....pfffff..... tee hee hee
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    My fave local bike shop has a rig (or is it a jig? Never been good with terminology) with lots of moving bits and from that works out the frame size, stem size, crank size, handlebar height, saddle height .. takes about an hour.

    Oh, and there's no charge for it.

    Think it's worth being fitted if you're female and want a decent bike - since bikes are designed for men by default, and a lot of women's bikes are pretty low spec, it can be hard to get a bike that fits the bill on all counts

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    "Bicycle Works' tri shop "

    Ah but the clue you shouldn't have gone there is in the shop name !

    Seriously if you were round here I think if you went somewhere like Rourkies in Stoke on Trent or Mercians in Derby - they'd get you set up on a jig and they have enough experience of racing/touring/TTing/audaxing etc etc to fit you to a bike as well as any trained Serotta fitter. If I had knee pain that wasn't related to saddle height I think I'd be tempted to go to a physio or podiatrist with a specialism in cycling - they do exist - but if a Serotta fitter is cheaper then they might do the job.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    cross post with Lizzy but I agree - some shops have been fitting people to bikes for decades, and people doing the fitting have raced/audaxed/TTed etc etc.
  • Been to the specialised in sports physio and podo and that was almost useless.
    Saddle height has been checked and adjusted.

    so that is why I am now looking for other options
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Croc - knee pain could be due to crank length, the position of the cleats on your shoe, too little float on your pedal, your cycling style (do you always ride on a big ring and push, or do you spin?)... lots of things

    I'd first go to a specialist bike shop *without" the word "tri" in the name (my local tri shop doesn't even read Cycling Weekly and didn't know about the Shimano 'snapping' hub recall - how scary is that?) and ask their advice first. It could well be free (but it would be polite to buy something !)
  • I am more of a spiner than a masher...although I am learning to mash more as I am training for 10M TT.

    yeah could be position in shoe or crank length....not sure how to evaluate that. The problem is that I can not put my running insoles in my current cycling shoes since they are too snug a fit.
    Thing is I am reluctant to buy a new pair unless I know for sure that this is what i need to do.

    I don't like much float on my pedal as I feel like I am more likely to overpronate if I have too much room for movement.

    Not sure that the shops I know in Scotland will be able to advice me any further given my current bike settings.
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