Headsweats - IMDE '06 order



  • My hats arrived today and they are cool! Thanks very much Rosey x
  • Nick hat came in today - i think i look great - spans just smirked at me
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Mine arrived too. I think the sherpa will be wearing the lawrence of arabia one!
  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    When I put mine on, I feel as if I've got ears like a spanial, or Deputy Dawg.
  • Cheers IR!

    I've got quite a big head. Has anybody figured out how to loosen them or shall I just shave my head instead?
  • I really struggle to get the laurence of arabia one over my head DTs. They don't seem to have accounted for the larger headed gentleman! I shall continue trying to stretch it!
  • Mine arrived too IR...

    used it on this mornings run, great stuff.. works a treat, it was soaking wet by the end.
  • Yep, got mine thanks Rosey.
  • Mine arrived ta.
  • It's true Mr Rose!
  • sorry some of them are slightly tight, 2 weeks of stretching will sort that out I hope ;-) and no problem, Gumps, just sorting the xlab piccies out, sorry for the delay, been training lol !!
  • gumps, pictures 8-11 here


    can't be arsed to mess up another linky
  • Rosey - this was great. I got one and just need to unbend it a bit and I will be sorted.

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