Prescription goggles

Got a work colleague who I have persuaded to start going for lunch time swims with, she probable could do with some prescription goggles, are they phenomonally expensive? Bearing in mind she isn't a triathlete who thinks nothing of spending 150 quid on two pedals.


  • I got mine off eBay from a company in the US and cost about £20 inc shipping!
  • Cheers I will look back
  • Batemans's (about £30?)

    They make up pairs with a different strength in each eye of you need it.

    Speedo do them as well
  • for about £20 and very good they are too
  • Yep - hubby's a bit challenged in the eyeball department, but he got some fabbydoo ones from our local opticians for £30.
  • Boots for about £30 as well I think
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Boots, boots and more boots with you, innit, Melds?

    Vision express, thirty quid, great things.
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