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Wilkommen !



  • Hello.
  • Bongiorno!
  • thought we should have somewhere to talk about THE Wold Cup instead of R*****y and I**-***-***d!
  • 2-1!!!

    go Germany!!
  • although B*ll*ckgate sounds as bad

    ok its now 2-1!

    at least theres some goals !
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Feasgar math
  • Hope the whole World Cup is like this :)
  • hope Jens doesnt have a 'mare this time

  • MooMoo- you in Germania or Ing-er-lund ?
  • woohooo!

    if the rest is as god as this!
  • Mind you.....tis fortunate they are the worst two defences in the world...

    "diabolical" defending.
  • true

    but "open attacking play "

  •'s grrrr8.

    For some reason, all day I have been thinking France are going to win this world cup.

    Pressure's off, nobody tipping them.

    Might be wrong, just a premonition.
  • could be anybody from 6-8 teams ?
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Well, Germany arent a patch on the teams they once were, but its about getting the points on the tabel, and that they did.Poor defensively, but nice linking play in midfield.
  • GO the square heads!

    If you can't defend, attack.
  • :))))
    (Virtual) biers to all of the Forum!

    Buney- still in Brittania :(
    Earl- whaddya mean, can't defend? :o
  • Not badddd link play in midfield, but without Ballack nobody able to play the killer ball..

    And they won't play Costa Rica every day.

    Still a good win though, ken.
  • Any half decent side will plough through the German defence if they don't sort themselves out. Good entertainment though.

  • They shall persevere through luck, as usual, plus with the home crowd at all times. Penalties all around! :)
  • well done moo!
  • Felt sorry for Lehmann....he was tearing his hair out at times.
  • Dude- I don't- he gets paid too much to do so!

  • Wot they get paid to pay football?

    kewl :)
  • tonight's prediction:

    Poland 2 Ecuador 1
  • Round of applause for moomoo.

    I found out today, via the office sweepstake, that I shall be supporting Argentina and the Czech Republic in addition to England.

    And I found a download that puts all the matches into my Outlook calendar at work, so I'll never miss an important match.

    Come on, Ecuador (just because they're the underdog).
  • Anyone else think it odd that Poland should be in Germany's group?
  • ....don't mention the War.
  • Er- random is as random does!
    OK, I won't mention the Falklands! :)
  • Australia and Japan in the same group as well. And Portugal and Angola.

    Bet they don't mention the war. Or imperialism.
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