July Edition of RW

I hesitate to ask this question as I have had problems with my RW for several months, but given that WH Smiths have had the July copy on sale for several days, has anyone received their copy through the post yet?

Please say No!


  • Only just subscribed - but no.
  • Yes

    At least it says July on it.
  • yes had one through my door a while back
  • Oh joy - here we go again!

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow, or failing that Monday, but I don't really want to have to phone or email again. Is it only me who feels like I'm in the wrong when I phone up to complain even though I know for a fact I'm right?
  • Millsy- I got mine a while ago. You may recall we had problems with the previous issue (June) at the same time, I finally got that last week after emailing them!
  • I got mine out of Asda at the end of the week before last...
  • Millsy - mine came yesterday - did yours?
  • Boos - NO! However if yours came on Saturday then this must mean that some are still on the way. I will wait with eager anticipation for the post today.
  • As my copy failed to arrive on Monday, I phoned to ask why. (Bear with me, this is good).

    'No, sorry it doesn't appear to have been sent'

    'Oh, well I have a letter dated 18 May which says that my subscription has been renewed, and payment will be collected on 01 June'

    'That's right, but you missed the distribution run on 02 June. Would you like me to order you a July copy?'

    <Slight pause whilst I pick the phone up, having dropped it on the floor, and consider saying 'Do you mean the copy that I have already paid for?!'

    'Yes, please, how long will this take to arrive?'

    'Around 7 to 10 days'

    'Thank you - goodbye!'

    As Terry Wogan would say - "Is it me?"
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